DevaCurl’s Lifesaving Liter Kits

On August 28, 2019, in News, by Bella Rapakousiou

It’s very liberating and cool to embrace your own natural strands, but seems a very challenging task to achieve. After so many efforts, usually you end up with a downright frizz instead of gorgeous curly hair! Trust me, I’ve been there! The simple truth I discovered, after many tests and research, is that our curls can only be as good as the products we use. Only if you have healthy and hydrated strands, you can create dazzling curly looks! At last, I found salvation with the amazing DevaCurl products that my hairdresser suggested the other day. I had to test them out, so I bought them all! Here are the best DevaCurl hair products for curly hair that I have for you!

The great thing with DevaCurl is that you get to create your own custom liter kits! You can even buy the products in an exclusive travel case. Here is the amazing Wavy Routine Kit that includes a cleanser, conditioner, ultra-defining gel, cleansing serum and moisturizing treatment. This kit has you and your curls covered! All products have natural ingredients such us wheat, grapeseed, peppermint, jojoba, tapioca, and give you shiny, bouncy curls full of health and moisture! The Low-Poo Delight cleanser moisturizes without stripping the natural oils of your hair. One Condition Delight conditioner with olive oil and Wave Maker cream help control frizz and make your curls so soft. The Ultra Defining Gel shapes hair and tames frizz, while nourishing Buildup Buster serum helps remove product and hard water buildup. Melt into Moisture treatment with matcha butter and beet root extract nourishes curls, and your hair feels so soft! Plus, it smells amazing! The ultimate kit for all curly haired women.

WAVY ROUTINE KITfile10_330x480

Also, for those girls that need something extra, I would propose B′Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper, with lemongrass and chamomile that adds instant shine, volume and plumpness to curls as well as High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil with a mix of 5 botanical oils that smooths and nourishes split ends. You’ll be obsessed with that one! By the way, we all want to delay wash-day sometimes. Devafresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer mist reshapes and moistures next-day curls, fights frizz and odors. Finally, curls back in formation and fresh for 24 hours!


So, why spend time battling nature when you can flaunt what you’ve got with these wonderful products? DevaCurl line always hits it out of the park because it successfully wards off frizz, fights humidity, retains shape, and gives locks great body and movement.

file7_330x480 file2-1_330x480

Make sure to stop by DevaCurl at and take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to take advantage of the $92 Custom Liter Kits + Free Gift Coupon to save even more on your purchase.


Scarves: Year-Round Must-Have Accessories

On July 24, 2019, in News, by Bella Rapakousiou

Undoubtedly, scarves are an accessory that you can find in everyone’s wardrobe. They are versatile because they transcend seasons, dress occasions and you can wear them in so many different ways. They keep us warm during the cold winter days, add some cheerful color to our outfits in the spring and makes us look chic in the fall and summer. For all these reasons, they have become my must-have accessories. That’s why I’m presenting you some beautiful scarves that I recently discovered from a wide selection of VIDA which you will adore too!

This scarf creates a casual yet elegant look during the winter. The amazing print captures your attention. Its luxuriously soft botanic silk fabric is made of beechwood. Ideal for all your clothes, since both, blue and grey are quite neutral colors. Open it wide and wrap it around your body for a soft, snug feel or create a triangle by folding the square scarf diagonally and wrap it around your neck. Your casual winter looks will never be plain again.


Color and bold patterns will cheer you up during the spring. What’s more cheerful than this colorful silk scarf? It reminds me a painted canvas! Just wrap it around your neck to achieve a stylish look. It can be matched with a one color jacket, coat, T-shirt or a dress. A cheerful, modern touch to any classic outfit.


A scarf is the perfect accessory for summer parties. This luxurious silk square scarf made with 100% natural Charmeuse Silk is very complimentary for a range of outfits and looks stunning, styled in different ways. A bold statement that keeps you warm on those summer cooler nights. Trust me, you will look fabulous!


Autumn is the season of pale and neutral colors. I think this exquisite scarf matches brilliantly with other common colors so, it’s easy to style it with your autumn outfits. Looks like a work of art! Wear it with a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers to add an elegant touch to a casual look. You can also tie your scarf round the handle of a bag as a bow and create a truly unique look.


In the end, all that matters is the attitude. Wear your clothes with confidence and don’t be afraid to match different colors. Turn your scarves into a statement accessory and grab the spotlight!

Make sure to stop by VIDA at and take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to take advantage of the 20% off sitewide code to save even more on your purchase.


Show your Love with The Bouqs!

On February 5, 2019, in News, by Bella Rapakousiou

Valentine’s Day is on its way. The most romantic day of the year! You really want to make an impression whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or just because! What would be more thoughtful gift than a fresh flower arrangement?

If you ask me, the ideal place is The Bouqs! I recently received a bouquet from this store and was amazed by the long-lasting freshness and wonderful aroma of their flowers. Their florals ship fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms, so they last.

Your bouquet will be even more meaningful when arrives personalized in some way. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different flowers to create a lovely arrangement that matches your valentine’s style. Go against the grain and don’t choose roses! Other flowers are very impressive as well!

Show your valentine affection with ‘My Girl’ bouquet from The Bouqs, that includes pink and white tulips, plus Sugarfina candy. Tulips are a fan favorite for Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift full of bright romantic colors and chocolate pleasure!

My girl

A bolder statement of love and appreciation would be ‘All of my heart’ bundle. These flowers include pink, white & purple alstroemerias, also known as ‘Peruvian lilies’. These delicate blooms create the most romantic atmosphere! A real blast of vibrant colors.

All of my heart

Many other occasions apart from Valentine’s Day require thankful gifts such as flowers! Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is also approaching and all mothers in the world deserve tons of love! The perfect florals for mothers are good old-fashioned roses. Pick the color they prefer, and they’ll be always grateful! It’s the least you can offer them, so make sure that you’ll order a big pinkish purple arrangement, a special symbol of admiration. Both ‘Above & Beyond’ and ‘Splendor’ bouquets from The Bouqs are perfect choices for every mother!

Above & Beyond Splendor

No matter which flowers you decide to offer, the kind gesture of giving is all that counts. Purchase your flowers online at The Bouqs and schedule your order in advance, so it is delivered to your loved one in time! Don’t forget to visit and use our 20% off exclusive Valentine’s Day code!




Coffee Lovers, Say Good Morning to Your New Best Friend!

On January 16, 2019, in News, by Bella Rapakousiou

The Hamilton Beach® FlexBrew® 2-Way Coffee Maker has nestled its way into my kitchen and I could not be happier for its arrival. If you are a coffee lover like me than your morning cup is not only necessary but an integral almost sacred way to start your day. Whether I am enjoying a cup alone or communing with others, coffee finds a way to amplify and adds a charmed warmth to the moment.


My mornings have been made simple where I can brew a single fresh cup of my favorite ground coffee within minutes or pop in a flavored K-cup to mix things up. With the holidays upon us, this brew system has also already fully equipped me to brew a pot for 12 of my favorite folks all at once. It has been a dream machine not only for me but for those near and dear to me as well.


I absolutely love how easy it is to remove and clean the detachable compartments so I can swiftly keep the machine ready for my next batch. If I am ever in a hurry or simply want to plan out my daily dose of caffeine, I have the option of programming my next cup and keeping it warm for up to 2 hours without even having to think twice about it. The automatic shut off feature also delivers such sweet peace of mind as I never have to wonder if I left the pot on.


Trust me when I say that The Hamilton Beach® FlexBrew® 2-Way Coffee Maker will make your life easy and warm up your heart fulfilling all your caffeinated needs. Your mornings will be made simple and coffee will always feel like home.

Make sure to stop by Hamilton Beach at and take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to take advantage of our 10% off promo code to save even more on your purchase.



Join The Milk Makeup Experience!

On January 15, 2019, in News, by Bella Rapakousiou

Chances are, if you’ve stepped foot into an Urban Outfitters or Sephora lately, you’ve heard of Milk Makeup. Every time I walk into Urban and see that inciting packaging, it makes me want to buy their products just to look at them all day. Not to mention, they’re a cruelty-free company so it gives me even more butterflies inside. So finally, after “oo-ing” and “aw-ing” for far too long, I got their “Meet The Fam Set”. It comes with some of Milk’s best sellers like Kush Mascara, Cooling Water Under-Eye De-Puffer (hallelujah, the bag’s under my eyes are crazy), Watermelon Brightening Serum, the ever coveted Blur Stick, a Lip + Cheek tint, and two highlighters. Not to mention it comes in this super cute see-through makeup bag (to show off that delicious packaging).


First off, I was really excited to try the Cooling Water Under-Eye De-Puffer. I have the worst under eye bags when I wake up (especially if I eat something salty the night before). I’ve been on a hunt for years to find a quick fix for my bad habits. I think I’ve found her. Not only did it get my bags down within a few minutes, the cooling sensation is so nice and refreshing in the morning. It really wakes you up and that blue color is so visually satisfying, I was a happy girl. I paired that with the Watermelon Brightening Serum to help my dry New York winter skin look a little more alive. Again, the cooling sensation was to die for and after a couple of minutes, my skin came back from the dead! I let those two products sit for a while before picking up the ever talked about Blur Stick primer. I was SO excited to try it and it didn’t disappoint, the product went on like butter. It didn’t hide my pimples or cover scars, but it smoothed out my skin and gave me a perfect base to start my makeup on without being cakey or thick.

This is what my skin looked like after using those three products.

26a 26b 26c


Next up, the Lip + Cheek tint in “Werk”. I am SUCH a sucker for two in one products. Seriously, I’ll use cream blush as eyeshadow and lip tint any day of the week. So, when you have a product actually designed for those things, I’m all in. The color “Werk” is a dusty rose with a bit of shine to it. As soon as you put it on your skin, it feels so hydrating. At this point, I’m sensing a recurring theme with Milk products, they like to make your skin feel quenched and refreshed. It’s a quality that is already standing out to me. This product contains mango butter and avocado oil so it was no wonder I was feeling ultra-hydrated. Not only was the feeling amazing, but the color went smooth and was easy to move. I dotted each cheek twice and used my fingers to create a natural looking flush and only had to swipe my lips once to give them color.


Even though the Lip + Cheek tint had a bit of a shine to it, I was really looking forward to using their Highlighter in “Lit”. Highlighter has become one of my favorite products and I already have a few top favorites, so I was curious to see how this one would do in the running. Within one swipe, I was hooked. A lot of times with cream highlighters, either it takes some time to get the exact highlight you want because the product is a bit stubborn or it’s way too much. “Lit” hit the perfect middle ground for me. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing highlighter, I want to look like my skin is dewey and glowing and that’s exactly what this product did for me. Not to mention, the champagne tones of this is so complimentary along with the “Werk” tint underneath and just like “Werk”, this is also multipurpose. You can use it on your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Lastly, this is a great build up product so if you’re going out and want that highlight just use a couple more swipes or opt for Milk’s holographic highlighters.

29 30

Speaking of holographic highlighters (see what I did there? Segway.) I was PUMPED to try out the holographic highlighter in “Supernova”. But, since I was getting ready for a family road trip I thought I’d just swatch the product. Let me tell you, I will be wearing this highlighter for every event from now until the end of time. It is a lavender toned highlighter and it really has that wow factor. Goes on just a smooth as “Lit” but packs a bigger punch. If you wear this out, be prepared for everyone to be asking you about it. “Supernova” was my absolute favorite product of the “Meet the Fam Set”. It was also my favorite packaged product, look at the holographic “Milk” lettering- so cute!

31 32

To finish the look, I used Milk’s Kush Mascara. On their website, Milk promises a clump free eyelash, and clumps are my absolute biggest pet peeve in makeup. With the mascara I usually use, I get clumps a lot but usually excuse it because I like the mascara itself so much. After today, that mascara will be thrown away. As you can see in the picture, not only are my lashes looking full, long and practically curled after two swipes of the wand, there really were no clumps. I’ll just let the picture speak for itself on this one.

33 34

Overall, I was so happy to learn that Milk is not just about presentation. Their impeccable packaging matches the quality of their products and to speak even more on that, my makeup survived an entire road trip (even the lip tint survived me eating a chicken sandwich on a bagel!) And for almost every product, one or two swipes were more than enough to work with meaning these products (even in their cute mini stature) will last a long time! My top picks are for sure the Under-Eye De-Puffer, Watermelon Brightening Serum, and Holographic Highlighter in “Supernova”. Make sure to visit Milk Makeup and make a quick stop at to use our 10% off code!