Love Is In The Air at Necessary Clothing!

On February 8, 2017, in News, by Couponology

With Valentine’s Day just a short week away, it’s only fitting that the trendy website Necessary Clothing has a section designated to some of the cutest V-Day outfits out there. As soon as you click on the tab, your computer screen gets flooded with pink and red styles that will undoubtedly make you the best dressed Valentine out there! The collection contains great options for both night time and day time looks, which is great if you’re anything like me, because shopping online and browsing every style can sometimes be overwhelming. Essentially, the tabs are like having your own personal stylist for the occasion!


I did some searching through the Valentine’s Day tab, and found some cute outfits that can work for either a casual dinner or a fancier night out.  Of course, the choices stick to the love holiday’s color scheme so naturally, they’re mostly pink and red. Both sleeveless options are elegant, and can be dressed up or down with a little creativity. The best part is not that they are versatile, but probably that they’re both on SALE! I love the ruffle detail in the pink satin shirt that creates a peplum-like effect. Both fabrics are light weight, and the shirt and romper would each pair well with your highest heels. There are many more styles under the tab where I found these two pieces, but I’ve already added these to my order and can’t wait to get them in the mail! There’s also a great selection of shoes that would be appropriate to wear for this occasion.

And for my velvet lovers, the shop included tons of pieces that fit the trend, from skirts and shoes to shirts! Take a look for yourselves, and be sure to also explore outside the Valentine’s Day shop, because their spring collection was recently released and it is absolutely to die for!

Where ever there’s a reason for a new outfit, treat yourself, and make sure to do it with our 10% off promo code! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️


Discover the Benefits of Manuka Honey

On February 8, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Someone once told me that skincare routines should begin as early as your twenties, and be tweaked with every decade that follows. This makes perfect sense, considering the fact that if you’re trying to defy aging or combat wrinkles, it should be happening before they actually start to appear. I’m a huge advocate for skincare, so I have a routine I now follow religiously, but I wasn’t always this good about taking care of my skin.

One day after going in for my routine facial, I mentioned to my tech that I wasn’t using an eye cream. Let’s just say she definitely set me straight when she told me that it was one of the most essential parts of any beauty/skincare regimen. From that day on, I vowed to make some major changes to my skincare routine as a whole, and pay more attention to the products I was using. Needless to say, I felt it was time for a change, and wanted to switch things up completely. I went home and began doing my homework, which is when I discovered Manuka Doctor and immediately fell in love. One particular product I’ve become obsessed with is their Drops of Crystal Cashmere Cream. It feels so silky and soft when applying it to the face that the name ‘Drops of Crystal Cashmere’ is completely fitting. The fact that there’s Manuka Honey and Argan Oil in the cream got me excited, because the honey adds a subtle sweet smell and the oil adds that light, easy to spread feel of the cream. After using it for a few months, I felt a huge difference in my skin. Not only is it delicate on your face, but it also gets the job done by making my normally dry skin feel super hydrated.


A pea size amount of this product goes a long way. After your normal cleansing routine, apply the cream over your face and neck area twice a day. The website claims that it is clinically proven to increase skin firmness and elasticity in 28 days, which is not hard to believe once you try it for the first time. I’m telling you, this product is a little pot of gold! I gave a few of these as Christmas gifts, and it was a big hit amongst my friends. Unlike many other high end moisturizers, this one isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, which is always a good thing.

If you’re still not convinced, use our 20% Manuka Doctor promo code to save some green on your purchase. Now go ahead and give this powerful cream a try; me and all my gal pals swear by it, and I know you will, too!


Your Dog Deserves a Good Night’s Sleep

On February 2, 2017, in News, by Couponology

This is my dog, Rusty. He is a 10 year old Jack Russell, and the fur child of my household. Super cute nugget, and super spoiled. ( Yes, he is wearing a bow tie.) In the middle photo, Rusty is crying because he knows that eLuxury makes this really cool Gel/ Foam orthopedic doggy bed and he isn’t sleeping on it. The last photo is what every dog looks like after a night’s sleep on eLuxury’s Orthopedic Dog bed!


People love their pets and would do just about anything for them – I know I would for Rusty, and the dogs I see walking the streets of New York are also no exception! In fact, most of the dogs in NYC seem to live such luxurious lifestyles with their little outfits and booties when it snows, so I’m thinking that all these fancy pooches must be sleeping on eLuxury’s Comfort Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed! Look for yourself, as these dog beds are fit for a king!



The bed is equipped with 2 different kinds of foam. On one side there is a firmer foam, and on the reverse side is a soft foam, making this bed a 2 in 1 and giving you more bang for your buck. The company sells these beds in 3 different sizes, fitting small, medium, and large dogs. Since the beds are made with foam and not stuffed with your typical cotton filling, they hold their shape much better. I’ve actually found that traditional dog beds start to fall apart after a few washes, and constantly have to be replaced. After reading the reviews, everyone who owns one raves about the quality and durability of this bed, and I can see why. Each one comes equipped with a 100% cotton cover that is machine washable, and comes in several different colors and eye-catching patterns that would be suited for just about any home. These beds can also be used both indoors and outdoors, which is another added bonus.

Who doesn’t love spoiling their furry friend? I know I do! So do yourself a favor and grab one of these Memory Foam Dog Beds from eLuxury – you’re going to love it, and so will your four-legged friend. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes their new favorite hangout spot! Don’t forget to use our exclusive 15% off mattress pads & toppers promo code, and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep, too!


Safety Made Smarter with iSmart Alarm

On January 25, 2017, in News, by Couponology

If there’s anything that I can take away from taking marketing courses in college, it’s how much professors had stressed Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Basically, it’s a triangle that’s read from the bottom and as needs are completed you work your way up. Why am I giving you a mini marketing lesson in Maslow’s needs model? Easy- the second most pressing need is safety, which brings us to today’s featured product!


People want to feel safe, and many find that satisfaction in alarm systems. Since times are changing and technology is rapidly advancing, it’s no surprise that basic alarm systems are also advancing! Ismart is an at home security system controlled by the homeowner’s smartphone. This product connects to your Wi-Fi, and is quick and easy to install. If you’re constantly on the go and forget to arm your home, there’s no need to worry, because iSmart will have you covered! Constantly away from home and just want to check in to make sure everything is still okay? Again, iSmart has you covered!


This alarm system is designed to be installed easily and conveniently. The best thing about this system is that it’s not only super easy to install, but that there is no monthly fee and no contract! Honestly, there are so many great things about iSmart Alarm that it’s hard to pick just one; the whole system is just amazing!! If for any reason your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a call, text, or email. You can choose to receive all three notifications, or decide which of the three alerts is most convenient for you.

Interested in getting your hands on one of these systems, but not ready to fully commit to every item? The company is mindful that everyone will not need the same amount of equipment, so they sell different packages to suit your individual needs. The website is very easy to navigate, and even provides suggestions for each package’s use. They sell about eight different packages in total, but if you receive your package and feel that you need a few more pieces, they also sell individual sensors and extra cameras that can be placed throughout your home. For those of you who are fans of the alarm yard signs, iSmart has them, along with a set of stickers to show your home is armed with the best!

Go on now, fulfill your safety needs with iSmart Alarm, and fulfill your money-saving needs with up to $115 off select iSmart packages!


Nourish Your Skin With H2O Plus

On January 4, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Ladies, let’s talk about skincare… With so many products to choose from, how does one really know what’s right for them? Half the time when reading labels, I think to myself that I have no idea what some of these ingredients are! If you also find yourselves wondering the same things, fear no more – I’ve discovered this great company called H2O+. They offer an array of all natural products, but what really caught my eye was how they divide their products. There are 4 skincare lines to identify with: the first one is Oasis, which helps hydrate the skin, then comes the Infinity+ line for anti-aging, followed by Waterbright, which, just as the name says, brightens the skin. Lastly, we have the Elements line for cleansing. As you can probably already tell, whatever your specific skincare needs are, you’re sure to find it here! If you’re a little apprehensive about purchasing something without first testing it out, the company offers a trial kit you can purchase before you commit to buying the whole line (which you probably will end up doing, because the products are just that good!!)


I chose to try the cleansing line, because I felt it was the line that my skin could benefit the most from. My skin isn’t very problematic, but I do get the occasional blemish. I also wear a full face of make up on the daily, which at times can be a hassle to take off at the end of my day. That being said, I can’t stress how important it is to cleanse your skin every day, especially if you love to wear a full face of makeup. Fresh, cleansed skin creates a good foundation for makeup application, and also helps when it comes time to remove your makeup. My skin feels clean and looks so much healthier after using the Elements face cleanser, and the fact that it’s made with water lily adds a subtle fragrance that I’m a huge fan of. The second part of this routine that I’ve adopted is the Element’s toner, which I love because it’s gentle enough to use every day. I’ve noticed that with some other toners I’ve used in the past, my skin would be left feeling dry and flaky, but this toner does the opposite! It finishes the job and takes off what the cleaner didn’t completely wash away, plus it reduces the appearance of my pores (AHHHMAZING!!) I’m so happy I found this product, and I’m definitely hooked on H2O+ beauty because of it – I know you will be, too!