Bring the Sea to the City with Summer Jewelry

On July 21, 2015, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

As we get closer to the end of July, I’m sure there’s nothing you’d love more than to have a few extra vacation days for a seaside escape complete with long summer nights on the boardwalk.  Luckily, all isn’t lost, because there’s an easy way to infuse some summer into your life even when you’re cooped up at the office – just spice up your outfit with summer-inspired jewelry from BaubleBar, and you’ll be able to get a taste of summer no matter where you are!

Summer means cool dips in the sea, and BaubleBar’s ocean-inspired charm pendants are perfect for getting you back into the season’s spirit. Super cute mermaid, palm tree, ice cream and octopus charms are just some of what you’ll find on the site that’ll give any outfit a whimsical touch. If you tend to prefer jewelry that’s a little edgier, you’ll absolutely love the Jaws and bee charms. And don’t worry about whether that chain necklace will compliment your top or blouse’s neckline – they come in various lengths and styles to suit everything from an office-appropriate scoop top, to a plunging neckline for your night on the town.


With all of that being said, the best part about summer style is that it’s so carefree, which means you can fearlessly mix and match different materials and colors – and that definitely extends to the jewelry you choose to wear on any given day as well!  Be bold and rock the trend of beaded fringe tassels with unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets in bright colors and designs that’ll give your professional, party and casual styles that fun summer touch.  And if you’re a true fashion trendsetter, there’s no doubt you’ll go for statement necklaces that fuse crystals, beads, textiles and tassels in fresh designs and patterns.

Of course, there’s nothing that puts you in a summer mood faster than ice cream, yet we all know it can be hard on your hips to go for unlimited scoops – lucky for us, you can put that same freshness in your jewelry without putting on the pounds. BaubleBar’s ‘Sherbet Shades’ line grabs the vibrant colors and playfulness of your favorite ice cream flavors and puts them in elegant amulets, collars, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It’s a perfect color to pair with white summer outfits, so you’re sure to stand out wherever you go!

Keep summer with you no matter how far from the beach you are, now that’s exclusive 25% off promo code gives you the perfect opportunity to splurge on fresh, trendy and very affordable jewelry when you shop online at!


Trees are budding, birds are singing, and we don’t have to trudge through slush to get, well, EVERYWHERE, which means spring is finally here! It’s time to throw our dark winter clothes to the back of the closet and revamp our look with bright colors and flowy styles to celebrate the warmer weather. Of course, as the nights become balmier, our social schedule fills up faster – and if there’s one thing we’d all like to do, it’s to be able to leave the office and go straight to our date or a fun night out with friends without having to stop home and change beforehand. Luckily, with the right basic look and dressy accessories it’s easy to achieve, and will not only save you time, but will also brighten your mood to match the season throughout the day!
Choosing brighter dresses or separates is always your best bet if you want to stand out during the day and in the evenings as well. A great option is to pair a pastel colored shift dress, like the ‘Ever So Sweet’ dress in lilac, with a professional-looking white ‘Adair Blazer’, which you can swap for a black ‘Beachside Kimono’ wrap once 5:00 hits to seamlessly transition your outfit to an evening style. If you prefer to wear separates at work, opt for something like a pastel-colored sleeveless blouse and flowy, dark-colored pants that will give off a more serious tone, yet won’t cramp your fun night-out look! Simply throw on a bright patterned kimono before you head out for the night to instantly jazz up your outfit and add a pop of color.


And of course, don’t forget that the right accessories can take any outfit to the next level. Choose statement jewelry, like turquoise earrings and jade colored pendants, to give your style a more exotic feel, or simple gold bangles that will match virtually any pattern or color and add the finishing touches to your fun, flirty look. If you’re a shoe addict, stick to strappy sandals in pastel or sand tones that will easily complement both your office and evening styles.
It’s never been easier to create bright, spring-appropriate looks that can take you from dawn to dusk while still being both professional and fun – all it takes is a little planning, and the right clothes and accessories! So go on and get started on your new spring look with a coupon that gives you 20% off your site wide order when you shop online at, and revamp your style just in time for spring!


New Spring Fashion Finds At A’GACI!

On April 7, 2015, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

Spring has (finally) officially sprung, which only means one thing to a true fashionista – new spring fashions are finally hitting our favorite online boutiques! Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already started to load up that shopping cart and purchase pieces that you know you won’t be able to wear for another couple of months. In my opinion, regardless of whether or not the weather has decided to follow suit with the new season, it’s never too early to start scooping up everyday Spring & Summer staples like maxi dresses, denim cutoffs, rompers and breezy tanks & tees.  Unfortunately, these types of ‘wardrobe refreshers’ that come around every few months with each changing season can inevitably take a toll on your wallet. Lucky for us trendy gals, that’s where our frugalista savior comes & helps us protect our hard-earned bucks – say hello to your new best friend, A’GACI.

I’m sure many of you already know about this amazing online boutique, but for those of you who have been living under a rock haven’t, allow me to make the introduction. A’GACI’s online clothing boutique has some of the hottest and most affordable styles of clothes and accessories out there today – and believe me when I tell you, I have seen and tried just about ALL of them! And while their price points are obviously one of the greatest things about them (aside from the styles themselves, of course), the quality of the pieces you’ll find while browsing through their immense selection is what really makes them a standout among their community of affordable and trendy fashion sites – and who doesn’t love something that they can actually get more than a few uses out of? Whether you’re looking for a new outfit for the weekend, a dress for an upcoming event, or even some everyday essentials and items that are suitable for work, you are sure to find it here. Seriously, is there anything better than a one-stop-shop where you get both quality AND affordability? I think not!

Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about some Spring & Summer trends. I actually take great pride in the fact that I’ve been rocking rompers religiously for the past 4 or so years, so nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite style finally get the recognition it deserves. And if it’s rompers you’re after, you can bet A’GACI will deliver. Now we all know that nothing screams Spring quite like floral-printed anything, but thankfully A’GACI has given us a fresh take on the classic pattern with some crop tops and skater dresses that make it feel brand new again. Already started planning your outdoor brunch schedule for the month? Look no further than A’GACI for the perfect outfit, dressy or casual, that will really get the party started.

If you’ve somehow managed to resist the urge to head over to the site already (kudos to you!), I’ve of course come bearing the gift of savings that will give you a push in the right direction. When you use the A’GACI promo code ‘CPNLGY10’ at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your purchase – that code even works on sale items, and believe me when I tell you they’ve got one of the best sale sections around! What are you waiting for? Head on over to A’GACI and start filling up that cart before the other fashionistas beat you to the punch!


We’re living through the winter that Just. Won’t. Die. And as hard as it is for us to trudge through piles of snow each morning, it’s even harder to keep our four-legged kids creatively entertained when it’s too cold for long walks or agility class. But you can keep destructive indoor behavior at bay while stimulating their intellect and getting rid of pent up energy – all in the comfort of your living room.  And yes, your couch/pillows/rug will survive in one piece.


High-energy dogs will love the mental stimulation and challenge the Starmark Fun Ball provides.  Just fill it with treats and watch your little one spend hours chewing on it (and not a chair leg) as he tries to shake yummy-smelling tidbits out of the ball. Made from durable puncture-resistant material that’s great for chewing, it’s safe and designed to promote dental health. And don’t forget to choose healthy treats like Wellness Pure Rewards All-Natural Trea


ts because a high-quality, well-balanced diet keeps both the body and mind in balance. If dietary restrictions mean treats are limited, opt for Nylabone toys which satisfy your dog’s chewing habits while keeping their teeth clean.

And all the time you’re spending cooped up indoors presents the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your pet-parent bond. Use a clicker to reinforce good behavior like sit or stay and reward her with an assortment of healthy treats. Or you can hide snacks like Nature’s Recipe Training Dog Treats around the house and watch your fur baby sniff her way to her snacks. Reinforce the wait command with each yummy discovery.

Just shop today using our 10% discount code to make snow days more productive and less destructive in ways you’ll both love!


Amplify Your Life with the Boston Acoustics Radio

On December 10, 2014, in Reviews, by Couponology


It’s that magical time of year again, folks! No, I’m not talking about the holidays, or the gift-giving, or even the fact that we’re probably spending way too much time with our families. Specifically, I’m referring to the season. Now, whether or not you’re actually experiencing the full effect of the season is dependent on your whereabouts, but for those of us enduring shorter, cooler days and longer, chillier nights with the sun appearing for what feels like only seconds throughout the day, I think we can all agree on one thing: we want more sleep! Unfortunately, even though we can’t really implement work days that begin at 11 am, we can make sure we savor every last moment of our precious slumber with the help of our trusty old friend, the snooze button.

That’s where the Boston Acoustics Solo II AM/FM radio comes in; this baby makes it virtually impossible to miss the snooze button, as it features a sort of ‘360 design’. In other words, you can smack your hand anywhere on the aluminum outer trim while you’re still half asleep to activate the snooze – no energy or brain-power required!  What’s even more amazing is the LCD display, which will automatically adjust its brightness depending on whether the lights are on or off so as not to disturb you.

The functionality of this radio doesn’t end there – it has lots of great features that you’ll love while you’re awake, too. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the speaker on the Solo II, which can easily fill up a decent sized room with whatever your musical preference may be. Long gone are the days of static, fuzzy stations thanks to the high-precision tuner, especially when listening to those seemingly impossible-to-tune AM stations when you’re trying to catch the last minutes of the big game. And if the typical FM radio isn’t your thing anymore, the Solo II also comes equipped with an auxiliary port so you can connect your smart phone or music player and blast your own tunes for a little impromptu dance party!

I know what you’re thinking: how could this possibly get any better? With a giveaway, of course! Couponology has teamed up with PC Richard to give one lucky follower their very own Boston Acoustics Solo II – all you have to do is tweet at @Couponology using the hashtag #PCRichardGiveaway, and the winner will be picked at random and announced on 12/18. Good luck!

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