My Favorite Summer Looks at Missguided!

On July 6, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Summer vacation is the golden jewel within our annual calendars; It’s the perfect time to escape to a world of relaxation, explore new cultures, gain new culinary experiences and most importantly, soak up all that vitamin D! Of course, in order to fully enjoy your vacation, holiday wardrobe essentials are necessary. However, the idea of shopping for the perfect swimwear can be quite intimidating. Many women lack body confidence, and because of the overwhelming societal pressure and beauty stereotypes, it can be easy to feel lost.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the above, then I have some great news: while I was shopping online at Missguided, I found the most glamorous and feminine summer vacation styles to flatter each and every body type! After taking one look, I guarantee you will be feeling so confident this summer that you won’t want to stop showing off your new swimwear! So, without further ado, here are some trendy looks that caught my eye.

One piece swimsuits from the glamorous 80s are back and sexier than ever. When it comes to making a statement on any beach, this hot red bandage lattice side swimsuit will not let you down. Red is suitable for just about every skin type, and the side straps accentuate your curves perfectly. The high cut is such a flattering style for all body shapes, and gives a leg-lengthening illusion.  If you don’t have any one pieces in your swim collection for 2017, you really need to start shopping!


On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the ’80s-esque styling, then I suggest going with something like this girly and playful blue tile print frill bandeau bikini. The bottoms makes your waist look thinner in a very clever way, and the top highlights your neck and décolletage for a stunning, effortless effect. The blue pattern screams summer, and is the perfect match for a trip to an exotic island with crystal clear blue water beaches!


If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, this black mesh insert bikini set is what you need to scoop up. Remember the rule of the little black dress? All women need to have one in their wardrobe, and the same applies for a chic, little black bikini – it never goes out of style! You can adjust the side ties on the bottom according to your body shape, while the transparent detail on the top adds feminine yet sexy charm to the whole look.


Going back to the season’s trendy styles, this year is all about off-the-shoulder and flutter tops, and this pink, tie-dye pattern flare sleeve bardot romper does the job perfectly. You can wear it on top of your bikini as a coverup while drinking cocktails and gazing at the sunset, or to dinner on a warm summer night on the beach! This type of romper flatters all body types and is comfortable and airy, which is a must-have for the summer heat. Also, the pink pattern will brighten your complexion and highlight your tan!


Moving along to accessories and footwear, make sure you don’t leave home without these rose gold platform gladiator sandals! The gladiator platform is the latest trend in summer footwear, and these are very easy to walk in since the platform isn’t too high. You’ll add some height and lengthen your silhouette with these recherche sandals, which are basically an Amazonian jewel for your legs. Lastly, top it all off with these gorgeous gold cat eye contrast sunglasses, the perfect finishing touch to your holiday ensemble. The shape of these particular sunnies brings the chic, Hollywood diva out of you and emphasizes your cheek bones in the most wonderful way.


The most important part of feeling good in your swimwear is feeling comfortable with yourself, and in your own skin. Everyone is beautiful no matter what your height, size or style is, so go explore new fits and styles, slip into your swimwear, and enjoy your time in the sun this summer! Don’t forget to check out Missguided’s huge up to 50% off summer sale first, happening now  - thank me later!


Aging Gracefully & Organically with Juice Beauty

On June 23, 2017, in News, by Couponology

In 2 months, I will be turning 28 years old. It’s difficult for me to say, think, or write that without flinching, but I am slowly coming to terms with it. Yes, I do realize that 28 is still quite young, but the hardest part about the aging process if noticing the changes in my skin; specifically, my face, and the subtle but still obvious (to me, anyway) differences that have been appearing over the last few years. All the days spent baking in the sun and under the UV bulbs in the tanning bed are slowly but surely starting to show themselves, and I can’t say I don’t regret taking better care of my skin and implementing a skincare regimen earlier.

These days, however, I’ve turned into a full-blown skincare junkie. I believe it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin and finding a regimen that works for you, so that is exactly what I’ve done over the last few years, tweaking it as I find new problem areas I want to address. After reading about Juice Beauty a few years ago and the rave reviews from devoted users, I couldn’t resist trying some out for myself and seeing if they were worth the hype. I already love their Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser, but since I’m now focused on finding new anti-aging products, I stumbled upon their Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Collection and decided to give it a go.

Starting with a fresh, cleansed face, I applied the Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum, seen below. The label says to apply generously, however I usually like to only apply 2 or 3 pumps whenever I use a serum as they can tend to get sticky if you use too much. After pumping out the product, I noticed it had a gel-like consistency, yet was still firm where it didn’t immediately start breaking up and running down my hand. I applied it carefully in circular motions to my entire face and neck area (we sometimes forget how important it is to apply skincare products to our neck, since this is one of the main areas that show signs of aging the most!), and let it sink in for a minute. I loved that it did not leave a sticky residue or film on my face, rather it left my skin feeling smooth and firm.


Next up was the Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, the second step in the Stem-Cellular collection process. It smelled absolutely divine, with just a hint of green apple that wasn’t too overpowering where it would turn you off from future use. It was a bit thicker than I was expecting, but I didn’t mind it since I knew I wasn’t going to be out in the heat all day. I used about a quarter sized amount (maybe more, I tend to go overboard with moisturizer) and applied it gently in the same circular motion on my forehead, t-zone, cheek and neck area. Again, it was not sticky, which is a huge plus for me, and it seemed to sink into my skin right away.


Last but not least, the most important step in the whole process: the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. I’ll admit I’ve only started using an eye cream within the past 2 years, but I would never go without one ever again. This was definitely my favorite product of the 3 just based on the applicator alone. Instead of dispensing the product on to your fingers and applying it, the appropriately shaped nozzle is designed to dispense the product right underneath the eye area. You are then instructed to use the nozzle as a sort of ‘massager’, starting with the inner corner and working your way out and up to the brow bone. The treatment had a gel consistency, and provided an instant cooling relief once it was dispensed. I noticed a slight tingling sensation as I was massaged the product around my eyes, but I actually enjoyed it as part of the process. I then carefully tapped the excess product into my skin using my ring finger, and took a peek in the mirror to see the result.


As you can see, I was left with glowing, fresh looking skin. I have to say, I am truly impressed with the quality of these products, and I will definitely continue to use them to see what kind of results I get long term. If you’re looking for something that’s both organic AND anti-aging, it doesn’t get much better than Juice Beauty. They do have different collections depending on your specific skin concerns/issues, as well as a whole line of makeup, so be sure to check it out for yourself – promise, you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and be sure to take advantage of our 20% Juice Beauty promo code to save some extra $$.


Event Decor Direct & My Dream Wedding

On June 20, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for a bride, but it’s easy to get caught up in planning the centerpieces, the details of the ceremony, the decoration and everything in between. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about all these things anymore, because we have the ultimate solution for you. If you haven’t heard of Event Décor Direct, you may be surprised to learn that you can find an abundance of professional event decor products and equipment for all tastes at very reasonable prices. I will present you with some of my favorite and ideal wedding themes, which have plenty of romantic and nostalgic elements that are perfectly suitable for any couple celebrating the beginning of their lifetime journey!

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle on their wedding day? If you fall into this category, I would recommend this Fairy Light Head Table Decoration Kit to add a sense of luxury to your special day. Your honorable guests will all be astonished by the beauty and elegance of the head table where the bride and groom will be seated and admired.


Keeping with the sparkle theme, a perfect match for the head table would be the Starlight Lighting Kit. The combination of the wonderful dim lighting that mimics fireflies, the fabric ceiling and the magnificent crystal chandelier will surely transform your wedding night into a romantic fairy tale that makes the perfect backdrop for an evening to remember.


What better way to further your magical theme than with ivory fabric covers for the guest tables and chairs? The beautiful bow detail on the back of the chair covers adds a very stylish and playful touch, and your guests will feel like royalty without you spending a fortune.


All of the bigger elements aside, the small details are the ones that will really make the difference on your wedding night. Filling the room with these Crystal beaded tree tops that can be hung from the ceiling will not only make for bright and stunning decorations of unparalleled beauty, but will create a very warm, welcoming and impressive atmosphere that your guests will be talking about long after the evening ends.


Finally, you could also opt for some candelabras and lanterns on the tables as centerpieces, or scatter them in different area around the event room to create a quiet, cozy and romantic candlelit dinner for your guests. I guarantee you they will have the best time of their lives!


These dreamy wedding decorations will create the perfect setting to celebrate your union with your significant other, all while transporting you to an era of romance and elegance. You deserve to feel like royalty on your special day, and you can do it without breaking the bank with Event Décor Direct. Be sure to stop by the site for your own wedding inspiration, and use our 10% promo code to save on your purchase!


The Perfect Pre-Summer Outfit at Superdry!

On May 31, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Okay, I think I have finally found it: the best outfit to wear on days like this! Superdry has helped me find it, so let’s get started.

I love the fact that jeans are always in fashion; not just the modern fit of the 00s, but full-on, flared 90s-style jeans. To put it simply, denim is always in style. I chose this pair of jeans, the ‘Cassie Skinny Jeans’, in white of course because it’s my favorite color.


But what shoes to match with it? It can sometimes be a nightmare to choose to right pair (or rather, it’s so easy to choose the wrong one).

I usually wear my jeans with sneakers, heeled boots or ankle boots during the cooler months, but it’s the summer that places a problem. Flat sandals are fine (you end up with a bit of a boho vibe) but sometimes you want more of a shoe than just a simple sandal.

Here’s my go-to theory: always style your denim with an ankle strap shoe. As soon as you put on a pair of these with your jeans, skinny or flared, it starts giving you that early feel, which is a bit dated now. So, in my pursuit to come up with a suitable summery shoe, I found these fabulous espadrille wedges sandals.


To be honest, I haven’t bought any footwear from Superdry for about four years now (give or take a couple of years – the point being that it was a long time ago), but I was immediately sold on this pair.

The wedge and the low ankle strap adds length to your legs rather than cutting them off and making them look shorter, so they’re so flattering to wear with skirts as well. I was probably drawn to them because I have always been a big fan of espadrilles my whole life, plus I can’t ignore the fact they’re THE summer shoe of 2017. There are so many variations that the choices are endless; believe me!

Shoes and denim aside, I decided to complete my look with some extra items from Superdry’s women’s collection. I played with patterns and mixed the ‘Shiffley Lace Sleeveless Shirt’ and the ‘Nautical Jersey Blazer Jacket’.


The quality is quite impressive; the shirt is soft, and the jacket is so well made (the fabric, button, and inner lining) while the design itself remains very classic. This piece may have to wait for next season to be worn, as the weather is predicted to get hotter in New York over the next two weeks.

Summer is by far my favorite time of year, and the new Summer 2017 Collection was a fantastic excuse to visit Superdry again. Head on over to the site to take a look for yourself, and remember…if you buy two items, you get the 3rd free! Happy Shopping!


My Karmaloop Fashion Trip

On May 30, 2017, in News, by Couponology

Summer is approaching, which means all of us have the unbeatable urge to shop new clothes and enrich our existing wardrobe! I’ll admit it; as a former shopaholic (I am still working on it) I always thought this was a necessary part of the changing seasons. But experience (and my low budget in times of financial crisis) has taught me that you don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes to make yourself more stylish. The trick is to find some great value basic items that you can wear in a variety of ways, and get a lot of use out of.

I was browsing through the Karmaloop site the other day, and keeping all that in mind, I said to myself, “Less is more! Keep it to together, and do not spend much!” And guess what? I actually took my own advice, and didn’t throw away all of my hard-earned cash! So, proudly, I am presenting you with the timeless, comfy, elegant and quite affordable choices that would suit just about every young, modern girl.

Personally, I am the girl that loves a more relaxed, casual style. Truthfully, don’t we all love to wear comfortable, yet playful apparel for all occasions? If your answer is yes, then you’ll understand why I chose this cute open shoulder top featuring a geometrical pattern. It is loose-fitting and easy to wear every day. Plus, you don’t need to wear any jewelry because it is already an impressive piece by itself.


The best part about this next item I picked up, these super seductive skinny jeans, is that they make my legs look AMAZING! They are also surprisingly comfortable since they are so stretchy, and the high waist enhances my curves beautifully – to put it simply, these jeans make me feel irresistible!


Seriously, this site has everything. I found these all-time classic Converse sneakers that I simply couldn’t resist; they were yelling my name, so, naturally, I bought them! White is always a great choice for the summer, and you can wear these casual sneakers with both athletic clothes, or with an aerial flounce short dress for a more casual-chic appearance. I put them on, and instantly felt like I was walking on the clouds…


I didn’t stop there – I also picked up this fashionable leather jacket which I immediately fell in love with! The jacket features a relaxed fit, which is super on-trend right now, and it is perfect to wear on those chilly summer nights, making it a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Both chic and edgy, this jacket is a win-win! You can throw it on top of a white tee, denim cut-offs and a pair of Converse, or over a flounce dress during a breezy night. I really love this apricot/salmon color because it is both neutral and girly, so it goes with just about anything you already have in your closet.


If you’re getting ready for a night out, then you want to look your best, and you can do that with these next pieces I picked up. This Coachella teal dress features an off-the-shoulder design, and is so pretty and romantic. To make it more party/night-out appropriate, you can opt for a pair of black heeled sandals like this pair that I also found on the site. Don’t let the height on these scare you – they are really comfortable because of their thick platform, which makes them a perfect pick even if you’re a high heel newbie. Their boho-chic style is again a global trend (trust me!), and you won’t want to take them off after all of the compliments you will inevitably be receiving.



If you feel good in your clothes, you become invincible, and outfits like these will surely make you feel like a million bucks! And girls, remember… you don’t need to buy lots of clothes, you just have to find ways to make smart combinations that work for you and your budget! Take a trip over to and try it out for yourself, and remember to use code 25KLAF at checkout for an extra 25% off your order!