Find The Season’s Hottest Halloween Costumes!

On October 19, 2016, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

Halloween 2016 is approaching us quickly and if you’re anything like me, you spend more time than we want to admit thinking about that perfect costume… Let Hot Topic cut that time in half! They have hundreds of the season’s most wanted costumes all listed on their website in easy to navigate categories, from Villains & Superheroes, Group and Couple’s Costumes, and my personal favorite, the Classic Costumes.

With the release of a superhero movie for what seems like every month this year, It’s no surprise that superhero and villain costumes are a top choice this Halloween season. One costume I’m sure is going to be a hit are the Harley Quinn costumes! With the fun, multi-colored hairstyle and the bright red lipstick, I’ve already seen a few YouTube beauty gurus recreate the look. Luckily, both the traditional Harley Quinn costume and the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costumes are available on the Hot Topic website, along with all the accessories to complete the look.

hottopicblog1The great thing about the Harley Quinn costume is that not only does it make a great solo costume, but if you grab a group of your closest friends, you could recreate the whole Suicide Squad and end up with one of the best group costumes of the night! Other Suicide squad character costumes available at Hot Topic include The Joker, Katana, and Deadshot! These costumes are so great that it’ll look like you just stepped out of the movie. Just like with the Harley Quinn costume, Hot Topic also has all the accessories to complete your Suicide Squad look. The Joker in your group can purchase the Iconic Green Hairspray, and Katan’s mask is the perfect addition to the costume. If you wear the mask, try adding a pair of false lashes for a pop of drama to the costume!



If superheros and villains aren’t your thing, not to worry – Hot Topic has something for you, too! The classic costumes section has all the classic Halloween costumes that never go out of style, and can be used year after year!  Last year, I dressed up as a sailor and wore a navy dress, but It wasn’t as cute as this sailor costume from Hot Topic! A 50’s inspired halter dress adds the perfect vintage look to this classic costume! Add a pair of heels and little red lipstick, and you have a quick and easy costume that is sure to make some sea-rious waves. Or, take a step back in time with this classic gold and black Flapper costume! The fun fringe hem adds an extra flair to the costume, and the sequin embellishments in the dress will be sure to get you noticed. Add a strand of beads for the perfect finishing touch to this sassy costume!



Shop Hot Topic Online for these and many more of the season’s most wanted Halloween costumes, and receive free shipping to store on your purchase!

Happy costume hunting!!


The Perfect Halloween Party!

On October 12, 2016, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

October is in full swing and with that comes the excitement of preparing for Halloween festivities! Every year I plan a fun Halloween party for me and my friends. This year, I’m planning my party with the help of Shindingz! They are any Halloween party host’s one stop shop for decorating and party supplies.

The first items on my party supply list are always plates and silverware. Shindingz’s Skull Terror Party supplies are sure to make anyone’s party extra spooky! Decorated with skulls and cobwebs, this theme has all the basics from cups and plates, to a cute coffin to keep all your utensils in one place for your party guests to use!


While you transform the inside of your house for the spooky themed party, don’t forget that the outside should also be included in the fun. Lucky for you, Shindigz can also help with those outdoor decorations! My favorite outdoor Halloween decorations have always been the cobwebs and spiders. Not only is it an easy decoration to use, but they’re reusable and add a heightened sense of spookiness to any house. Use them to decorate bushes, your front door, and windows. You could even use them inside your home to decorate for the party!! Get all your decorating needs delivered to your house free when you spend $45 using our Shindigz coupon at


Halloween treats are a must for this spooky themed party! The New York based Dylan’s candy bar has all that under control – and don’t worry, you won’t have to fly to New York to enjoy these fun treats. Specializing in candy and all things sweet, you can count on Dylan’s candy bar to deliver delicious cake pops, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and even chocolate covered Twinkies that are sure to be a hit at your party. These cake pops are made fresh daily and are dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate. And because they’re Halloween themed, you can save with our Dylan’s Candy 20% off coupon code.


Now that the party is all planned, what’s a Halloween party without a costume?! Turn to Spirit Halloween to help pick up this year’s must have Halloween costumes for the whole family! The top three most popular costumes for Adults in 2016 are predicted to be superheroes, witches, and animals. It’ll be easy to be the best dressed witch with this Classic Witch Costume embellished with silver buckles and a classic witches hat.  If you live in a place with cooler Halloweens, this costume is great because it’s not only cute, but will also keep you warm with the floor length skirt and long sleeves.


If you spend your Halloween in warmer weather, no need to fear! There’s also this Darling Spellcaster Costume, available with a shorter skirt and short sleeves, that comes with glitter embellishments and a belt to match your spellcasting witches hat! No matter which costume you chose using Spirit Halloween, there’s a good chance of winning best dressed at any Halloween party! By using this Spirit Halloween 25% off coupon for any one costume, you won’t have to break the bank picking up this year’s costume either!


So what are you waiting for? Head over to Shindigz, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Spirit Halloween for all of your spooky party & costume necessities before it’s too late!


Fall Essential: A Cute & Cozy Shawl

On November 9, 2015, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

Here in New York, Fall is a beautiful thing. After enjoying and getting my personal fill of three months complete with long sunny days and hot, humid nights, I was more than ready for Autumn’s arrival. Now, I should probably start this off by saying that although it’s November, up until this point we’ve been blessed with above average temperatures for this time of year. But alas, the leaves will continue to turn gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow regardless of the forecast, and we all know what that means – time to pull those chunky sweaters and cozy knits out from hiding and give yourself a good old fashioned wardrobe revamp!

Personally, when it comes to my autumn/winter wardrobe, I tend to steer clear of anything that falls into a color palette outside of the typical black, white and neutral range. To put it simply, I live in leggings from the start of October up until April and only don a pair of jeans when it is absolutely necessary. That being said, oversized sweaters and warm tops are my go-to when it comes to dressing for the day, which is why my newest piece fits perfectly into all of the above criteria – this to-die-for yak wool shawl from Echo New York.

I think the sweater gods may have finally answered my prayers, because through some type of mystical design, this ‘high-low’ style beauty manages to be both warm and lightweight (which is huge for someone who runs hot 90% of the time). As I said earlier, I am loyal to anything neutral-colored in the fall, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I ended up choosing the ‘Antique White’ shade, but I have to say in person it’s more of a light tan/cream color – still perfect, nonetheless, and will go well with just about anything in your current wardrobe. It’s soft and cozy enough to make you feel like you’re wrapped in the arms of your favorite blanket while vegging out on the couch (no? just me?), but still stylish enough to keep you from looking like you’re actually doing the latter.


I chose to wear this out for drinks and appetizers with one of my girlfriends, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect choice – cute enough to give off a ‘put-together’ vibe without looking like you tried too hard. I also kept the accessories to a minimum, which made this the main focus of the outfit (and rightfully so). The fact that it can be dressed up or down is really what makes this piece an all-around winner in my book, and I could definitely also see myself throwing this over a long tank or tee and some leggings for a more casual day of running errands. Now I’m not going to lie, I did experience a bit of sticker shock when I first set my eyes on it, but after actually wearing it I can see why this is priced above anything you’d ever get from your favorite boutique at the mall. Also, the style itself is truly timeless, so you’re not going to mind rocking it for years to come since it will most definitely last that long!

Of course, being the true ‘coupon-ista’ I am, I just couldn’t leave you hanging without some sort of deal should you also choose to bask in the glory of this piece – so, if you use the code ‘DESIGN20’, you’ll get 20% off everything at Echo New York! Feel free to thank me later, because I’ve already started looking for my next Echo treasure.


Autumn Wardrobe Makeovers Start at A’GACI!

On October 19, 2015, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

There isn’t a season that calls for wardrobe makeovers more than Autumn! After a wonderful and care-free summer spent in seaside hideouts or rural destinations, we have finally returned to our busy cities for an equally wonderful and productive winter! However, starting something new requires a new perspective, and what could be better than refreshing your wardrobe? (Yes, always looking for excuses for that!)

Having these thoughts in my mind and this “new perspective”, I recently embarked on my hunt for an online shopping website for the new season! Ok, I am going to be honest here, it didn’t last long. One or two attempts, and then BAM:!

Don’t you just love it when you discover your new favorite, ultimate shopping destination where you can find everything you’re looking for through fast and easy browsing? Yes, that is what we call a true “online shopping experience”, and trust me, there isn’t a better one than A’GACI.


Now, you might be asking yourself why I’m getting so worked up over this store. My best friend asked me that question recently over lattes and bagels, and I simply handed her my phone with the browser set on A’GACI’s “So Exclusive” category. The rest was history. Offering hundreds of exclusive styles at the most affordable prices, A’GACI allows you to stay fashionable and follow the latest trends of every season without breaking the bank. And yes, we all love being trendy!

Need more reasons? Depending on your style, the occasion and your body shape, A’GACI offers various lines of apparel and accessories including everyday essentials, special occasion styles, office-appropriate styles, and of course plus size styles that follow the most coveted trends for each season!


And while I am aware that unfortunately these wardrobe makeovers can have quite an effect on our wallets, the ‘sale’ category feels like it was specifically designed for those days when we have a special date to look amazing for and just can’t afford to splurge!

Of course, we’re also here to help you out with some extra savings! With our A’GACI Coupon Code, you can get an extra 15% off your online order of $50 or more – use ‘GETAGACI15‘ at checkout!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you get a “new perspective”, too!


Having a ‘Timberland’ Moment

On October 16, 2015, in News, by Elizabeth Mare

I’ve been a fan of Timberland for almost fifteen years now. It all started back in 2000, when I was visiting Switzerland during the Christmas holiday, and realized I had forgotten my boots back home. Thankfully, a friend came to the rescue and let me borrow her extra pair of Timberland boots, and it was then that I discovered how AMAZINGLY well-made they were – and this is coming from a girl who usually favors high heels over any other type of shoe! That being said, I also love traveling and exploring new places, so I can definitely appreciate high-quality footwear that will help take me to my next destination.


I have to say, what I really love most about Timberland is the design. Always a classic, it reminds me of both the ‘old school years’ and child innocence. They are built tough, completely functional, and will last through whatever you put them through. Whether you’re battling some rough winter weather, a rugged trail, or even just your morning commute, these boots are in it for the long haul!

Personally, I’ve already started planning a few trips around the countryside for the Fall, so when it comes to choosing the right footwear, of course I need something that’s both stylish and cozy that I can stand to spend the entire day in without a problem – Timberland to the rescue! Seriously, who could say ‘no’ to a pair of shoes you can wear all day (and all year) long?


After logging on to and taking a look at their new arrivals, I Immediately fell in love with both the ‘Authentics Waterproof Fold-Down Boots’ and the ‘Savin Hill Tall Stretch Boots’. They are both functional enough to carry me through the season, yet stylish enough to keep me on trend. But ultimately, since us ladies tend to be creatures of habit, I stumbled upon the ‘Swazey Tall Waterproof Boots’, and the rest was history. I tend to gravitate to all black when it comes to choosing my outfits, so these fit the bill perfectly – and it doesn’t hurt that they also feature a gorgeous 3-inch block heel (I told you, I’m a high-heel girl at heart!)

Go ahead and take a look at the new Fall collection for yourself, and get ready to be inspired to purchase a new pair of your own if you haven’t already. But before you do that, don’t forget to stop by Couponology and use one of our Timberland Promo Codes to get 10% off your first order!