On February 6, 2012, in News, by Tom Herrmann

In case you’re one of the few people who have gone this long without hearing: THE GIANTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!

Super Bowl XLVI, a rematch from four years ago, between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots once again went NY’s way. The scores stayed close the entire game, and the tension was palpable until the very end!

Ahmad Bradshaw's Unintentional Touchdown

I’m not a big football fan myself, but I still had a great time watching the game, for even more than the wings and dip. You can see my personal favorite to the right.

The Patriots had a small lead in the last final minutes of the game, but the Giants were coming up the field. They wanted to eat up as much time as they could before getting a touchdown, so the Patriots would have less time to make a comeback.

Ahmad Bradshaw got a little overzealous on his short run. With too much momentum, he couldn’t stop before gaining his team, what would be the winning touchdown. He sure did put up a fight, though.

As funny as the snafu was, it was a well-played game on both sides. It was a great win for the Giants, Eli Manning, and every New Yorker.

It’s great for NFL Shop online coupons, too. Now is the time to pick up all your new Giants gear.


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