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Couponology Hellas – Team Training Session

On October 23, 2012, in News, by nbourma
Elizabeth, Marina and Nafsika Poolside

Do you know how to describe this feeling when you hear your cell phone ringing and feel that this is your lucky call? Me neither. But that’s exactly how I felt when my phone rang and especially when I finished talking with Mr. Daskalis who told me that I was chosen among hundreds of candidates for the online promotions specialist position. But most of all, I was excited by the fact that I would be part of the company’s plans to expand to Europe with Greece as base of European operations. After that, I had to wait for one week, which felt like a month, for the training session to happen but as you’ll see in a while it was worth waiting for.

So, the Couponology Hellas team consists of three online promotions specialists and our training took place at a hotel in Ekali- a quite posh area of Athens for those who don’t know. The training session lasted for three days that filled our heads with immeasurable but exciting bits of information. The three of us had countless questions to ask, but luckily enough our two experienced trainers were more than willing to answer.

Hard at Work!

Let me share some details with you. The training was starting at 9am every day and, just to make you jealous, the meeting room’s walls were all made of glass and it was next to a beautiful swimming pool. So, to get to the point, during the first day we got to know each other and learn the basics concerning the company profile, the affiliate companies and the basic terminology they use for the job. During the second day, we discussed in detail how we’ll have to work with each affiliate program and we started putting up some promotions. To be honest, when we first did it, it looked really complicated and it took us so long to get the job done that we had to continue at home. But, on the third day, that we spend most of the day working we actually did great. Finally, the training session ended with a photo shoot because we definitely had to share with all of you this amazing and enjoyable multicultural experience. And you’d better have a look at those photos because it took us too long to decide where and how to pose- you know, we wanted to impress you! We literally laughed to tears for those photos so I hope you enjoy them too.

Co-founder, Marina Daskalis with new recruits: Marina, Nafsika, and Elizabeth

Now, I want to share my “multicultural” feelings with you. Our instructors were quite worried when we first talked with them about the cultural differences and how they might be an obstacle to our job. From our part, we tried to reassure them that there is no problem with that since we actually grew up with the American culture and language. And as far as I am concerned, the multicultural aspect of this job is its best part. It’s really attracting and entertaining to work in a multicultural environment and to constantly try to behave as you are in two continents at the same time. We will never completely back out of our European mindset but we’ll have to combine it with the American one.  And because of that, we will never get bored of this job. We have to literally apply the “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” every day and that’s quite fascinating too. Today it’s the 7th day that I’m working for Couponology –yes, I count the training session too- and it gets better and better every single day and every day I feel even more creative than the previous one. Lucky me!

Last but not least, we should all wish the best of luck to our company and we are expecting more development news to follow, with the first one being the launch of Couponology UK in the next couple of months.

2 Responses to Couponology Hellas – Team Training Session

  1. Krystal says:

    Hey this is Krystal from the Marketing offices in NY and I want to say Welcome to the team ladies! Wishing you nothing but the best of success to come and that you grow with us <3

  2. Nafsika says:

    Thank you so much Krystal! Glad to be part of the team!!! Looking forward to it :)

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