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A Walk To Remember

On February 22, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, Spotlight, by nbourma

If you asked me which are the top 3 things – in terms of style – I look at when I first meet a person one of them would definitely be the shoes!  I haven’t decided yet on the ranking but shoes would definitely be in the top 3. Even if you think that people don’t pay so much attention to your feet- and that makes quite sense since we usually look first at someone’s face – you should definitely do it. Because I bet, I’m not the only person on earth that loves nice shoes! Also, style is not fixed with a single item but with a combination of them, so if you want to be a hot and stylish man you have to be it from top to toe!  So, if you love being in fashion as much as I do, listen up and then you’ll be something else!


As you might have already noticed, I’m not going to talk about clothes, since I’m sure that the majority of you guys have some really classy outfits in your wardrobe, but I’m going to focus on shoes, not any pair of shoes, but of high quality, chic and beautiful shoes. Because, believe it or not, our shoes make a statement. And you surely want to make the strongest one for yourself. But let’s clarify something first… When I’m speaking of good shoes that doesn’t mean expensive shoes but of shoes made on the basis of exceptional quality, comfort, fit and style at a great value for money; and the top destination to get all of this qualities at any item is Nunn Bush has a great variety of shoes for modern men based on classic values. Because of the variety of products and offers, I’ve picked up just for you the top deals for my favorite shoes; and since I’m girl, I mean the ones I’d love to see on someone.



Navy Style Guide

March is approaching and it is that time of the year that everyone’s wardrobe and shoe collection needs an update. Even if you won’t be able to wear your brand new pair of shoes at the same moment that you get them delivered to your home, it’s so uplifting to have them in your dressing room to remind you that spring is so close. It definitely works for me, so why don’t you try too? So, first off, I’ll share with you my top picks for the new season. But before we start, keep in mind that you can buy any pair of shoes from the new arrivals section and save big with the Nunn Bush 20% off new arrivals promo code. I’ll start with my favorite, which I also just ordered for my boyfriend- I can’t resist shopping for good stuff even if it’s not for myself! And that’s the Nunn Bush Outrigger lace up shoe with boat shoe characteristics. It comes in two versions, the one is brown and the other is the navy brown combo which is the one I’d propose for spring and summer since it can be perfectly matched with navy style clothing- also one of my favorites! Now, if you want something similar but with no lace then you can go for the Nunn Bush Outboard shoe which is evenly comfortable and stylish and it also comes at the aforesaid color combinations.

Formal Dress Code

A formal outfit can be made up in many ways, but sometimes you can only add an extraordinary accessory or just a nice pair of shoes to change a morning outfit to a formal outfit. Nunn Bush can help do that with a selection of gorgeous dress shoes that have the absolute classic elegance you expect from a formal shoe but with a modern twist that makes it suitable for all ages and men’s types. So, if you have to attend this corporate party, your best friend’s wedding, make this so-important presentation or even go to this posh restaurant for dinner, you can do it in style with the Nunn Bush Beacon St shoe. Beacon St model is a Venetian style loafer in black, made from leather and with a Density Kore Technology midsole, that promises the highest degree of comfort. Now, you can get this beautiful pair and save big with the Couponology exclusive 10% off promo code. Another very nice formal shoe is the Maury plain toe dress shoe in a very easily matched brown shade made with Comfort Gel Construction that will make you feel as wearing no shoes. This one comes with a $15 discount and it is available in black too.

Finally, no matter whether you are looking for a derby shoe, a loafer or even an all- terrain shoe, Nunn has all you need not only in terms of style and fashion, but also in terms of comfort, quality and of course price. Because we said that again, the degree of quality does not always have to be related to price. Last but not least, remember to always use the incredibly saving coupons and promo codes from Couponology that promise to make your shopping experience even more joyful than it already is!

Take Your Garden Into A New Grocery Level

On February 19, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

March is just around the corner and things are really starting to move into the growing season! So gardeners hurry up with all your winter work unless you want to see your spring to-do list expanding in great speeds like those annoying weeds you keep in your garden for so long! If you’re a new gardener like me or need fresh ideas to get started, take a look at Burpee Gardening’s tweets, where you’ll find smart gardening tips from the most trusted source for gardening supplies to create a green paradise in your imagepatio, deck or backyard in no time! This is also the ideal time of the year to plan your own veggie garden and start the indoor transplants of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and more that will be later transferred outdoors. Add some fruit trees, herbs and flower bulbs and transform your garden into your very own grocery store!

Start off with the most needed cooking essential: the Tomato SuperSauce Hybrid! Burpee Gardeners must know better to call it the new tomato superhero weighing 2-lbs and producing a whole jar of sauce out of a single tomato! That’s a great idea to keep you busy making variations of rich home-made sauces! You can always use it as a delicious versatile in fresh salads or tasty hamburger slices as the Tomato SuperSauce Hybrid has theimage ideal shape to cover large surfaces. Don’t forget to start sowing indoors and use Couponology’s $5 Off $30 Burpee Promo Code to get this awesome hybrid at a discount!

Your sauces will definitely need some jalapeño to spice up and what could be better than your own home-made stuff of 5-inches long and 1-inch thick Hot, Big Guy Hybrid Peppers, the largest jalapeño on the market. 69 days to maturity are worth waiting for this indoor sowing pepper ideal for pickling, stuffing and slicing. Set your imagination free and create gourmet dishes you’ll brag about to friends and relatives especially if you tell them you got them at a bargain using 20% Off Burpee Gardening Coupon Code!

imageNext on the list is everyone’s favorite and Burpee’s exclusive sweet corn you can simply grow in a container! Sweet and super tasty, this On Deck Hybrid Corn produces two to three delicious 7-8″-long ears per stalk! You only need 9 seeds per 24″ container and 2 months patience and there you go: your patio or deck is ready to welcome summer! Order this baby now and plan ahead when using $5 Off $30 Burpee Promo Code.

Also, fruits can be a great addition of flavor and aromas and especially the very winter hardy Raspberry, Encore PP 11746 from Cornell University thatimage can definitely transform your garden and awaken your senses with a subtle sweetness followed by a luminous tanginess. This almost spineless raspberry produces a late season harvest from late July to early August that you can fully take advantage with 20% Off $70 Burpee imagePromo Code. Bring out all your creativity by combining Raspberry’s reddish colors with lavender’s hardy rich blues. Lavender will walk you through the most romantic paths with deep seducing aromas delivered right into your garden from June to September. With lavender you can tolerate heat and humidity but not high prices when using Couponology’s $10 Off $60 Burpee Promo Code!

It’s obvious that Burpee’s suggestions are only limited to nature’s blooming therefore don’t hesitate: make your garden your own personal paradise and the rewards will come back to you double!  Just use Couponology’s coupons and promo codes to make this wonderful hobby an affordable pleasure!


Dream Deals on Dream Products

On February 18, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

Home shopping is definitely a time- saver but under many circumstances it can also be a money- saver. If you know where to shop at and how to get the best deals on the market then you surely are on the right track. However, sometimes online shopping can be quite confusing, especially if you are aiming at many different products at the same time. But, if you manage to find an online store that has everything you might look for at affordable prices then online shopping is as easy as pie! Speaking of which, if you shop online at you will find an amazing collection of products ranging from accessories, clothing, lingerie and footwear to housewares, lawn and garden, auto and hardware products and much more at one click. Also, Dream Products come in super affordable prices together with great online promo codes, coupons and free shipping codes from

Bravaganza Sale

First off, as I said before, Dream Products offers a wide selection of women’s clothing, slimming garments, lingerie and more. Throughout the year you’ll find great offers on those products, but for the time being, you should definitely take advantage of the extravagant bra sale which will save you big but also free shipping on comfortable and high quality bras. For example, you can shop for the Lace Fantasy Comfort bra with hot lace details that guarantees top comfort for every woman. Or, you can go for the Snap Front bra that comes in 3 colors separately or in a pack of three with a black, nude and white bra. This bra promises convenience but also ease all day long, at work, at the gym or wherever you want, since it is made from quality fabric and there are no irritating underwires that will make you uncomfortable after a while. Have a look for yourself and choose according to your needs and your size, but no matter what you choose, don’t forget to use the 20% off promo code.

Belated Valentine’s Day Gifts

Although Valentine’s Day may be far gone, Dream Products offers 20% off gifts promo code since you don’t need a specific day to give one to your loved one. So, if your girl loves jewelry and you want to help her organize them in the best possible way, then you can get her the Jewelry storage Organizer that hangs in a closet and holds all kinds of jewelry- earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. I got it for myself and it is really handy and space saving!  But, if she wants to look at her jewelry all the time and avoid hiding them in a closet, then you should get her the Jewelry Mannequin which features a gold or black elegant dress. Finally, if you want to make her even happier, you can be the first one to hang something on the aforesaid items and make them look even more beautiful than before. So, why don’t you buy her the gorgeous Genuine Pearl Drop Earrings with gold wires? Get one of the first and the earrings and give her two stunning gifts without breaking the bank!

Coupons & Money Organization  

Finally, for the most organized you, there is a great BOGO free coupon for the best- selling wallet at Dream Products. In fact, you should definitely buy the must- have Zip Up Security I.D. Case for less than $8 and get a second one for free. This wallet has a full zip around for maximum security, money pocket and holds up to 34 cards. It comes in black and burgundy colors and you can even get the second one in a different color than the first one so you’ll never get bored of it- two birds with one stone! And as we are talking about coupons, I couldn’t but end this post with the most suitable offer. Just for you, my  fellow coupon addicts, Couponology offers a 10% off promo code on the Coupon Organizer case which comes with 24 file tabs and labels and allows you to perfectly organize all your coupons and never lose any of them at the moment you need them!


Last but not least, don’t forget that Dream Products offers free shipping and a free gift on any order. Also, the more you spend the more gifts you will get! Get online now at and start saving on an endless variety of unique and affordable products.


Tips For Neat Freaks

On February 13, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, Spotlight, by nbourma

Some people tend to have weird and unusual hobbies, and I happen to be one of those people. Actually, that’s what my friends, my old roommates and my boyfriend are telling me. That’s how it all started… From a very young age, I got obsessed with my stuff and especially with my clothes and shoes, so whenever I could I was trying to put them in order according to color, style etc. And somehow I also started collecting various wooden or paper boxes and eventually starting putting in stuff like my jewelry, but also my accessories and every other thing I could fit in them. But since I was too little at the time, I was making up my own space saving- items so I ended up with numerous useless boxes, handmade bracelets trees and the list goes on and on.

Now, that I’m grown up, I’m still obsessed with my stuff and I can’t stand things being out of order around the house. But now, when I manage to get some spare time and getting everything out of the closet, the cabinets or from wherever, in order to put them again back in order (yes, that’s one of my hobbies that I practice even in the middle of the night) I have bought the best storage items to put them back in place easily and without just moving the mess in the inside of my furnishings. And since I have more than 20 years of home organizing experience in my resume, I can surely share some organization strategies with you too- in case you love putting everything in order or even if you are obliged to, because your stuff can’t fit into your house.

First off, you have to get rid of all those crooked hangers from your closet, the rotten boxes in your garage, the jewelry boxes that sound like ancient treasure chests when you open them, the impossible-to-clean plastic containers from your fridge and your cabinets and everything that seems to be helping your organization plans but is actually occupying more space than it needs. Now that you got rid of all the useless stuff in your house, get online at Get Organized store and shop for the most convenient space- savers on the market at extremely low prices, but also with unbelievable deals, coupons and online promo codes that enhance not only your space- saving but also your money- saving plans. So, now I’ll share with you some tips you need to follow in order to have everything and everywhere in your house lined up!

I’ll start with my favorite place in the house, the closet or, for the luckier ones, the dressing room. First of all, to have everything well arranged in a closet, you need to have both shelves and racks because if you have only one option then there is no way that your clothes will be positioned correctly. Another rule I follow is to have my clothes arranged according to type (jeans, tops, shorts etc), style (formal, casual, sportswear etc) and then according to colors. This way you can always know where to look when you are going to a party or when you are off to the gym. It can be really nerve racking to look for your skinny jeans and coming up only with sweatpants! Let’s bring on some examples here. Firstly, you should shop for suitable hangers for each kind of clothing. For trousers you need the Slack Hangers that come in a pack of 12 – don’t worry if you need an extra pack since they are way too cheap to care. Secondly, for shirts and blouses you should go for the Wood Hangers with Non Slip Bar that come in a pack of 24 and they have the perfect shape so that they won’t destroy your clothes’ shape on the shoulders. Those are just 2 examples among the huge collection of closet organization stuff available at Get Organized, like hooks, covers, boxes or even overdoor organizers if you have already filled the inside space. And the best part is that you can now shop for everything you need and save 10% off your entire order with the Couponology exclusive promo code.

Another huge storage issue in a house is the kitchen. Be it the fridge, the cabinets, the recycling containers, space is never enough in a kitchen; especially if the family is big. However, thanks to the incredible products from Get Organized, you can put in order even the most stuffed kitchen you can think off! In fact, it was only at Get Organized that I could find really useful products and also get some ideas for getting over the mess in my kitchen. Again, you have to put everything, from food to containers into categories. For example, one problem is to find the spice you need while cooking without creating a chaos and that chaos is guaranteed if you don’t have all spices in one place. Nevertheless, that can be easily done with the Spice Stack that can fit up to 54 spice bottles in its 3 drawers that can be pull out and lower in order to allow you to easily choose what you want! Then, for the mess in the fridge that can hide even non-eatable stuff (it has happened to me), you can buy the Rolling Clear Fridge Trays and organize your sauces, vegetables, food or whatever you want according to categories. Or, to save space by all those wine bottles in your fridge, you can get the Clear Fridge Binz Stackable 2 Bottle Wine Holder that arranges the bottles horizontally and you can also add units to store more bottles. The list is endless, so look for yourself and get what you need while saving big with the Couponology exclusive 15% promo code!

To sum up, although that’s quite impossible due to the endless list of space- savers, Get Organized online store has all you need in order to get the best storage and organization ideas at the greatest prices. Always according to your needs and your budget, look for organizers for your bathroom, garage, home office, kitchen, bedroom or whichever part of your house and your garden. And even if home organization doesn’t end up to be your strange hobby, I bet you’ll have the most tidy and clean house – and fullest wallet – on earth!

Endless Joyful Journeys

On February 8, 2013, in Featured Merchants, News, Spotlight, by mprotonotariou

Take a pause and look at your life; you’ll realize that the vast majority seems to be “on the way to somewhere”: every day you wake up and go to the office, you give your kids a lift to school, walk to the nearby grocery store and rush to your afternoon one-hour running. It’s always another climb, another great distance to cross and as Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely spoke: “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  This famous quote lies behind Journeys shoes and apparel philosophy always investing in durable, branded shoes and apparel that promise to fill your journeys with memories of love, joy, laughter and emotions all entertained.

imageIt’s a great feeling to know that someone has your back covered and busy moms really know what I mean. Leave all worries behind: all you have to do is find a destination and Journeys will take you there! Make plans for the whole family and spend valuable time together as Journeys defy money and distance. Start off from the little ones of the house and get them skate shoes and boots they’ll brag about to friends and wear all day long! Our favorite pick for your little boy is the DC Rebound Skate Shoe in gray that will take him from school to skating with friends. This Mid-top skate shoe’s orange and blue details add to a trendy and playful mood, while the Rebound Hi features a mixed upper with a perforated toe panel, imagepadded collar and DGT durable rubber sole. Pair it with loose pants for extra style and your little man is ready for new adventures! Don’t forget to use Couponology’s Up To 40% Off Boys’ Sale Shoes Coupon to get these gems at a discount!

On the other hand, your little girl needs to be cozy and comfortable in style as a true princess. And as you want to avoid moaning during your journey, the UGG® Classic Glitter Boot in fuchsia will definitely do the trick: she simply won’t wear them off! The shimmery touch of glitter will make her feel the belle of the ball while the sheepskin upper and soft fleece lining will keep her feet super warm imageand cozy. You can always use Up To 40% Off Girls’ Sale Shoes Coupon to save big on these babies! Also, pair them with skinny blue jeans and she’ll be the first to be thrilled about your new getaway.

Next on the list is guess what- you! Journeys need to make sure mom gets all the comfort in this world that’s why they chose Women’s Nike Delta Lite Athletic Shoe in blue/volt as the right accessory for that reason! We can’t stop you run behind everyone in anxiety, but we can assure that you run fast and safe on the Delta Lite with its durable synthetic upper, safe lace up closure with hook and loop strap, and a rubber sole with pivot point. Nike’s unique design and its nearly fluorescent green details on the logo, strap and laces will add points to an extra stylish sporty appearance. Make these shoes yours by using Up To 50% imageOff Women’s Sale Coupon and cover all your everyday needs for years to come!

Last on the list is your beloved husband who will probably feel some decades younger with Men’s Supra Vaider High Skate Shoe in black, blue and white colorings! Its vulcanized outsole and sliding tongue logo will certainly remind him of his youth style while SupraFoam® midsole will ensure entire foot impact resistance and optimal shoe flex allowing him to spend more hours of playing with your children. Extra ankle support and leather liner are only some of its powerful details with price playing the leading part when using Up To 50% Off Men’s Sale Shoes Coupon!

Finally, remember your “Journeys” don’t end here; they are boundless and always filled with joy when using’s coupons and promo codes to save you money on any journey you choose to follow!

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