Take Your Garden Into A New Grocery Level

On February 19, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

March is just around the corner and things are really starting to move into the growing season! So gardeners hurry up with all your winter work unless you want to see your spring to-do list expanding in great speeds like those annoying weeds you keep in your garden for so long! If you’re a new gardener like me or need fresh ideas to get started, take a look at Burpee Gardening’s tweets, where you’ll find smart gardening tips from the most trusted source for gardening supplies to create a green paradise in your imagepatio, deck or backyard in no time! This is also the ideal time of the year to plan your own veggie garden and start the indoor transplants of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and more that will be later transferred outdoors. Add some fruit trees, herbs and flower bulbs and transform your garden into your very own grocery store!

Start off with the most needed cooking essential: the Tomato SuperSauce Hybrid! Burpee Gardeners must know better to call it the new tomato superhero weighing 2-lbs and producing a whole jar of sauce out of a single tomato! That’s a great idea to keep you busy making variations of rich home-made sauces! You can always use it as a delicious versatile in fresh salads or tasty hamburger slices as the Tomato SuperSauce Hybrid has theimage ideal shape to cover large surfaces. Don’t forget to start sowing indoors and use Couponology’s $5 Off $30 Burpee Promo Code to get this awesome hybrid at a discount!

Your sauces will definitely need some jalapeño to spice up and what could be better than your own home-made stuff of 5-inches long and 1-inch thick Hot, Big Guy Hybrid Peppers, the largest jalapeño on the market. 69 days to maturity are worth waiting for this indoor sowing pepper ideal for pickling, stuffing and slicing. Set your imagination free and create gourmet dishes you’ll brag about to friends and relatives especially if you tell them you got them at a bargain using 20% Off Burpee Gardening Coupon Code!

imageNext on the list is everyone’s favorite and Burpee’s exclusive sweet corn you can simply grow in a container! Sweet and super tasty, this On Deck Hybrid Corn produces two to three delicious 7-8″-long ears per stalk! You only need 9 seeds per 24″ container and 2 months patience and there you go: your patio or deck is ready to welcome summer! Order this baby now and plan ahead when using $5 Off $30 Burpee Promo Code.

Also, fruits can be a great addition of flavor and aromas and especially the very winter hardy Raspberry, Encore PP 11746 from Cornell University thatimage can definitely transform your garden and awaken your senses with a subtle sweetness followed by a luminous tanginess. This almost spineless raspberry produces a late season harvest from late July to early August that you can fully take advantage with 20% Off $70 Burpee imagePromo Code. Bring out all your creativity by combining Raspberry’s reddish colors with lavender’s hardy rich blues. Lavender will walk you through the most romantic paths with deep seducing aromas delivered right into your garden from June to September. With lavender you can tolerate heat and humidity but not high prices when using Couponology’s $10 Off $60 Burpee Promo Code!

It’s obvious that Burpee’s suggestions are only limited to nature’s blooming therefore don’t hesitate: make your garden your own personal paradise and the rewards will come back to you double!  Just use Couponology’s coupons and promo codes to make this wonderful hobby an affordable pleasure!


3 Responses to Take Your Garden Into A New Grocery Level

  1. Eunice says:

    Burpee has the best newsletter of gardening tips, so great to see a company that is so devoted and passionate about what they do up here!

  2. Mike S. says:

    Looks like my best kept secret has finally been discovered :( I can’t be mad though! Like any guy with a green thumb (yes ladies, it’s possible!!), Burpee is always my go-to when I’m ready to rev up the garden for Spring. Burpee, you never disappoint – keep up the good work.

  3. Freida says:

    There is nothing more fulfilling than growing your own produce and flowers. I love the fact that my daughter and i share this passion for gardening, especially if we can have our seeds at a discount. This is going to make our spring months very busy :)

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