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“Journelle” for Luxury Every Day

On April 30, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by nbourma

We are just a month away from summer, and as fashion-forward women, we have to update our wardrobe. We have to allow this rejuvenating summer wind of change to affect our moods from the inside out. And when we speak of fashion, the inside has absolutely to do with our lingerie. And when I speak of lingerie, I always refer to luxurious and stylish pieces. Because if you respect your style, you have to respect the parts that not everyone has the luck to see. That being said, you understand that now it’s the perfect time to get yourself the hottest summer lingerie styles. And if you are among those women – look who is talking now – that can’t stick to just one brand but love various brands for different reasons (fit, style, mood, materials, prices etc.) I’ll show you the way to get all you need from just one store but also at the greatest prices! Actually, you can see for yourself by just typing at your address line. But wait! Give me a moment to share my favorites with you! And who knows, our tastes might be similar so you’ll save time to use at your next shopping stop!

Va- Va- Voom You!    

I’ve already brought to the front line of my closet, all my super comfortable strapless long dresses and tops. I can’t even imagine summer without overdoing it with strapless clothing! At the end of the day, you can wear tops with sleeves all year long! Consequently, I can’t even think of welcoming summer without a brand new strapless bra that will do all the inside job when I’m working on looking as stunning as possible on the outside. Because we all know how hard it can be sometimes to be on your strapless styles… So, if you need the best of comforts and the maximum support you should definitely get the Cosabella Va-Va Voom Strapless Bra in white color. This piece is exactly what its name dictates, a sexy, gorgeous bra with lace details and perfect fit that allows to move as you would do with a regular bra- women know exactly what I mean! You can get this bra today and save big with the 15% off promo code from Couponology.



Sexy Bright Colors 


Now, if you want to combine comfort with the art of seduction, Journelle has many options to offer; always, of course, in bright summer colors. First off, I’d propose the Simone Perele Olympe Demi Cup Bra in magnolia color which comes with a gorgeous lace, a center spacer and promises total comfort and support. This piece has the perfect cut for any type of neckline and because of its bright hue, you wouldn’t might if your strap slipped off your shoulder. You can match this bra with the hot Simone Perele Olympe Tanga that comes with the same botanical lace and a flirty design that flatters our curves and adds a playful touch to the set. You can now get the complete set while taking advantage of the Journelle free shipping coupon! 


Hot From Top to… Bottom

To be honest, when I desperately want to shop for new intimates I usually go for underwear. It’s so much easier and much less expensive to get a couple (or maybe more) of panties so there is no wonder that I need a huge drawer for them. And Journelle is one of the reason this is happening to me. For example, who would resist to the Mimi Holiday Sugar Squeeze Bow Thong which is the cutest piece I’ve ever bought- I’m lying, “ever” refers to the last month only! This thong comes in a super sweet color and with the silk bow at the back, it’s the must- have- to- keep- him piece! OK! You might won’t be able to wear this with your tight dress but you will definitely wear it with numerous other clothes or maybe on its own- it’s so warm when you are in your house during summer! However, if you have a more boyish style or you just want to awake his imagination, you should go for the Hanky Panky boyshort in an eye- catching Bali blue color (or in one of the 25 colors available)! This piece comes with a perfectly stretchy lace and offers full coverage for extra support but also extra confidence- in case you don’t know yet that your curves are amazing! And if the previous one was perfect for a summer day in the house, just imagine how perfect that will be! You can shop now for the latest panties and save big with the Couponology exclusive $25 off promo code.


To sum up, Journelle promises to offer all you are looking for when you want the highest quality of chic and stunning everyday lingerie, but also of loungewear and shapewear. The designers and the styles are endless, so get online and create your own favorite list; and I tell you, as each season goes by, the list will go on growing quicker than you would expect.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re all vying to get the best gift for mom—she is, after all, every woman’s best friend and every man’s first love! You’ve already marked your calendars for May 12th to give yourself plenty of time, but we know searching for the perfect gift can be stressful so  our lovely Krystal ventured out to NBC Studios to make the treasure hunt a piece of cake, sharing our best Mother’s Day deals with NBC viewers and New York Live co-host Jacque Reid. If you missed the segment (or if you want proof that the deals are for real—we won’t blame you!) we’ve got a recap for you: three Couponology exclusive deals from Murad, and RST Outdoor that’ll put a smile on mom’s face without making your wallet cringe!

First off, we all want to feel our best, but for women especially, this means looking our best—and youthful, glowing skin can work wonders on confidence! We may spend more time caring for our faces than for any other body part, and for good reason! It’s the first thing others notice, so Murad’s award winning skincare line is the perfect way to pamper mom this Mother’s Day. One way to go is Murad’s Essential-C Skincare Regimen, a 3-step system, delivers radiant, young and fully moisturized skin. Its SPF-formula is based on antioxidants and Vitamin C, and is perfect for city moms as it reverses environmental damage. Bonus: this gift does minimal pocket damage with our exclusive $20 off $100 Murad coupon code, and comes with a free full-size Essential-C Toner valued at $28! With Murad’s skincare systems, it finally makes perfect sense to get rid of those countless little bottles in the bathroom cabinet. Did someone say spring cleaning?

However, apart from beauty products, there is no woman that wouldn’t love some new jewelry- you all know there’s a special bond between a woman and her diamonds! But, in case you decide to get your mom some jewelry, you have to choose the best, and that’s, where you can find any kind of jewelry you might think of. Krystal’s picks included a timeless classic set—a gorgeous pearl necklace with matching earrings, a steal with the 25% off sitewide plus free shipping promo code! Of course the deals don’t stop on pearls. You can use the code for everything from gold to diamonds, to silver and gems. Now, if you watched the New York Live segment and fell in love with a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring on Krystal’s finger, you’d better leave a comment and ask for details—there are some things a girl’s got to keep secret!

Finally, if your mom is among the lucky ones that have a backyard, a garden or even a swimming pool then you should definitely pay attention to our exclusive savings from RST Outdoor. Krystal showed us how to save big on premium quality outdoor furniture, like the super-comfortable and modern 5-piece Bungalow club chair and save with our exclusive sitewide 15% off RST Outdoor coupon code. Think of the good times to be spent here when you’re visiting your parents, sipping cool drinks in the backyard and talking over the soft light of a summer lantern—that’s one Mother’s Day gift that benefits the entire family!

To sum up, whether your adorable mom is a beauty addict, a jewelry devotee or if she just likes chilling under the sun, with these Couponology exclusive deals you have no excuse showing up to her door with just a plain bouquet of flowers in hand! So, stop procrastinating and get online to choose a gorgeous gift for the best mom in the world; and of course they are all the best, no doubt about that!



RST Outdoor wants to give one lucky winner the gift of quality family time by giving away the 5-piece Bungalow Collection club chair set, a $1200 value! To enter, sign up for our weekly newsletter at, or Tweet us what makes your mom the absolute best at @Couponology and hashtag #NBCMOM. Winner will be announced Friday, May 3rd!

For Your Eyes Only

On April 25, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

“Kill two birds with one stone”! Ha! It always makes my day when I say that, it sounds like a huge accomplishment to me! And to be honest, it is! Especially, when it has to do with shopping- when everything is an accomplishment, or maybe an investment as I like to say with my friends! For example, today I can proudly shout that out loud. Thanks to the unbelievable BOGO free coupon, I can finally get a new pair of eyeglasses, or maybe two! And now’s the perfect time to do just that! It is spring and you have to get rid of your winter-styled glasses and go for something bright, joyful or maybe for something extreme. And also, your eyeglasses are an accessory in use every day, so you need a change, can’t you tell?

That’s exactly what I did! I decided on a pair of glasses, a fashion statement, that would stand out in the crowd. And that’s the Gryazi Tortoise Medium Full-Rim Fashion Eyeglasses that come with any lens your eyes desire–single vision, bifocal, progressive or trifocal. This cat eye frame is definitely a must-have for every girl that loves being stylish and respects the fashion trends. Together with this pair, for the days that I want to “wear” my more serious face at work, I also got the Tuapse Black/Green Medium Full-Rim Fashion Eyeglasses with free single vision lenses, without paying a single penny. This rectangle frame allows for a lot of flexibility since it can be easily combined with different outfits; and yes, I do match my eyeglasses with my clothes too, even with the color of my eyes or maybe my eye shadow. Actually, apart from the health issues, you should have a good collection of eyeglasses since they are a fashion item too! I’m sure you’ve seen people wear them even without lenses!

And of course, at men can update their glasses’ collection too. With the BOGO free coupon, you can choose two pairs and pay for just one. So if you finally want to keep your word on having one pair in the car and one pair in the office, this is the moment to do it; with brand new fashion eyeglasses. So, for men, I’d propose the horn-shaped Black/Blue Small Full-Rim eyeglasses which are definitely stylish, and they are two-tone, adding a more modern touch to the strict black eyeglasses we usually see. For the blonds among the men, glasses look best in a softer color, like the all-time classic pair of wayfarers, the Zhukov Burgundy Medium Full-Rim Plastic eyeglasses. These come in soft tones that will complement any man’s style. And of course, if you like extremes too, you can get a red, blue or even white frame; the choices are endless.

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m focusing that much on plastic frames. Firstly, let’s make that clear, at you can find any style and shape of glasses, made by any material. And secondly, it’s just that the latest fashion dictates the plastic- frame- trend that led my focus exclusively on them. So in case you are not that into these kinds of frames, you can choose whichever material you want and save big. Before you start shopping online, I ought to tell you about the EyeBuyDirect up to 80% off sunglasses coupon too. I just used it and bought the Kataysk Brown Medium sunglasses in classic brown, while saving $70. It’s that simple: it’s tough to avoid buying a new pair of sunglasses when you can’t help but spend time  under the glorious spring sun. So, don’t waste time! Be a fashion icon with a full wallet in minutes! You see? Just one stone!


Be Nutri-Health(y) Every Day

On April 22, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by nbourma

When somebody asks you if you are fine, the first thing you think of is your health. And it’s so uplifting when you can say “I’m fine”. In fact, health is the most important aspect in our life. And it’s this aspect that keep us spending hours in the park, in the gym or in the grocery store to get the best food. However, the pace of our lives is hectic and it’s not always possible to spend hours in the kitchen in order to prepare the best meal for us and our family. Also, there are cases in which people need extra help and need to enhance their diet. Depending on someone’s needs (pregnant women, athletes etc.), diet (diabetes, high blood pressure) and life stage (osteoporosis), supplements might be an essential part of his/ her everyday life.

However, you have to be really careful when you shop for vitamins, supplements and other health promoting pills. First off you have to be sure that you are not going to harm your body and, secondly, that you are getting what you paid for, and not some useless pills. In other words, you should definitely trust the source of your vitamins; and if you want to swear on that, you should choose Nutri-Health Supplements, “Your Every Day Premium Health Source”. Nutri-Health provides us with the best nutrients and offers a range of products for any health concern; from immune and heart to sleep and memory health. Also, apart from the exceptional quality of products, at you can shop while saving big with frequent promo codes and coupons from Couponology.

To begin with, most of us suffer from high levels of stress that badly affect our mood, our memory and most of all our sleep. Be it from our job,  be home or even no reason, stress can’t be completely eliminated from our lives. After all, we live in a super stressful environment that will, at some point, affect us. However, you can absolutely limit the effects caused by stress and anxiety and gradually decrease them to an unnoticed level. You can shop for the Sleep Wave Rest & Relax which targets most reasons that don’t allow us to enjoy our sleep. Whether you had a bad day or you think of the day coming, whether you don’t feel like sleeping or you are too tired to relax and sleep, Sleep Wave can help you have the sweetest sleep and start your new day relaxed and refreshed! Also, you don’t have to suffer from chronic sleep problems to use this product; you can use it even if you have a rare sleep problem. Then, as I said before, stress and tension can also affect our memory. Again, you don’t have to suffer from a disease to ask for nutritional support. In fact, even the youngest of us have moments when they can’t remember even the simplest of things. So, if you want to keep all your memories alive, and mostly the place of your eyeglasses even when you are wearing them, you must try the Nutri-Health Memoril for memory and mood health. You can now shop for both of them and save big with the Couponology exclusive 20% off everything promo code.

Except for the great sitewide promo codes, Nutri-Health offers customers unbeatable discounts on specific products. For example, at the moment, you can get the best joint health product, the Physician’s Comfort Formula with a 20% off coupon. The natural ingredients of this product – ginger, black pepper and more – provide daily joint health and comfort. It enhances our body’s response to stresses and guarantees good mobility and, consequently, great mood. And after all, who wouldn’t enjoy maximum flexibility and comfort in order to be able to enjoy every part of the day to the maximum. Try this product and maximize your body limits, go for a long walk, play with your kids at your backyard, play football or any other sport that would previoulsy annoy your joints, avoid the elevators and climb the stairs or do whatever you might not were able to do before without feeling the uneasiness of your joints. Finally, if you want to make everybody’s eyes blink when you smile, you should get the FloraBright oral probiotics for teeth and gum support with a 20% off discount. FloraBright protect your gums, offers a fresh breath and whitens your teeth with natural ingredients. Take one mint every day and then show off your shiny smile without worrying of your teeth color or kiss with your new truly fresh breath; thanks to the bacteria-eliminating probiotics.

To sum up, there are many cases that we need nutritional support in order to look and, most of all, be healthy. However, you should keep in mind that health is not found only in a pill; for the best results, you have to combine vitamins and supplements with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.

Timberland: A brand that definitely doesn’t need to be introduced. You all know it, you’ve all worn it and you’ve all enjoyed it to the maximum. Be it the comfort, the quality, the countless steps in manufacturing, the attention to detail, the popularity or even the fact that Rihanna has worn it, it’s not a coincidence that Timberland is dressing our grandparents, our parents, our kids and, of course, us! People all over the world vote for it and Timberland wants to reward its customers’ loyalty. So, today Timberland is offering a 30% off everything promo code, because after all a couple of new clothes, handbags, belts, pants and most of all a new pair of shoes is always welcome! Unless, you’ve already rented an extra room for your Timberland shoes; but again, in that case, you have to manage your space better because this one- day offer can’t be missed.






However, with its undeniably successful history, Timberland has other trademarks too, like the boat shoe- which is without question my favorite. First of all, from personal experience, I can tell you that a pair of boat shoes from Timberland can last forever and it always looks like it’s the first time you are wearing it- even mine, that I’m not the most careful person. Also, because of the leather quality and the design of the shoes, you enjoy comfort at its most. Finally, thanks to the unlimited variety of colors, combinations and materials, you can never get enough. Whether you like bright colors like the royal blue women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe, colorful combinations, suede leather like the women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe in dark brown, combined full- grain and nubuck leathers like the men’s Classic 2- Eye Boat Shoe or more easily- matched colors like the youth Peaks Island 2-Eye Boat Shoe, at you can shop for any kind of boat shoe or even design your own unique style which will be handcrafted just for you! Who wouldn’t love a unique piece?






But! Don’t let my shoe obsession mislead you! Timberland also offers gorgeous collections of clothing and accessories. Whether you are looking for a job, a gym, a beach or a yachting outfit, there are countless choices for any taste. For example, I’d propose the eco- conscious men’s Earthkeepers Oakham Chino Short which has an amazing fit and flatters all men’s bodies. This one can be perfectly matched with an aforesaid pair of boat shoes. For women, I wouldn’t propose a piece of clothing, because I’m one of them and I know that bags is one of our hobbies- you can call it that, can’t you? I’ve already bought for myself the Earthkeepers New Rawnie Handbag in a super convenient cocoa color and, apart from the shoulder strap that is absolutely useful when you hold all your shopping bags, it’s only my bedside table that I can’t fit in it! And also, this bag can be held all year long! I know you won’t stay with the same bag for that long, but I’m just saying…

Now, I’m going to be a bit tough. The list is endless and since I want to enjoy this sitewide 30% off deal as well, I have to go; so, just get online and I promise you’ll definitely find a way to say “thank you” to this amazing offer you’ve been given by your favorite brand! I’ve already said it once today, but I love being grateful, so see you there… at