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He is one of the two reasons of your existence. He’s every princess’ prince and every boy’s role model. You are so in love with his style and character that you always try to find someone like him, either for a friend or a date. You can even ‘hate’ him for setting up the standards so high! He is your number one inspiration and the reason you ended up so spoiled! And so much more, I would need a whole book to talk about mine and I guess your daddy too! And for all of the above and the ones to follow you have to remind him once more how much you love him and appreciate everything he’s doing for you. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get him that gift you wanted to, and make him happy! But apart from the best dad on earth, your dad is a man too; and we all know that men –be it fathers, brothers, boyfriends- are so obsessed with gadgets and techno stuff that they can even ignore your existence when they have them on their hands!

If you are a man, I’m sure you’ve already got my point for this strange men-technology relationship. If you are a woman, just remember that no, your dad won’t appreciate that much that cute teddy bear or a pink tie! No! I’ve  tried that and it didn’t work; the teddy ended up into his Labrador mouth. Yes, really! And from that moment, I decided to respect his wants and get him gifts he would really love to have! To be honest, I think that my dad is a special case, since he knows and has more gadgets and electronics than me and my siblings have all together! Also, his behavior is like he’s in his twenties- always in a good sense. But I’m sure there are countless modern and trend-following dads out there so let me give you some great gift ideas for Father’s Day together with unbelievable promo codes from Couponology that will save you big time!

First off, if you really wanna make your dad happy and his life easier you should get him the iPhone Photo Cube Printer which allows you to connect your iPhone and process your photos without a computer. An amazing gift that will not only allow your dad to print out all those photos he constantly takes of you, but also it will save him time because he won’t need to connect his iPhone to his PC again to make printouts. And luckily enough, you can now get this printer and save with the $10 off Sharper Image promo code! Then, another great gift for dad from is the Adjustable Tablet Stand. If your dad spends hours with his tablet, either to read the news, play games, talk to you on Skype or even uploading photos of you on Facebook, he will definitely love this gift. This stand allows for hands-free use of your iPad (or any tablet) even when you are lying on your bed, sofa or on whatever crazy idea you might have! Also, this stand can be folded so it won’t need much space while in storage! And the best part is that you can get this gift while saving with the $15 off Sharper Image promo code!  Hey! Wait! You are supposed to get those two for your dad first and then for you! Although, to be honest, who would resist this stand?! None!

Secondly, another store I find super cool for Father’s Day gifts is And again, my focus is on gadgets; I guess my dad influences me a lot. Has your dad ever told you “how on earth can you click on these tiny letters?” He probably has, and if not, I’m sure he’s thought of it. It’s a matter of size and gender probably, but you still can help him send texts without writing “wekk” instead of “well” or something! You can get him for example the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer iPad accessory that has a 3-in-one functionality and also comes with a $20 off discount. Then, to avoid these cases in which you desperately want to talk to your dad while he’s run out of battery, you should get him the TuneFlex Aux Hands Free which is super convenient since it combines charging, hands-free comfort and stand and save big with our exclusive 15% off sitewide Griffin Technology promo code. Now, you can call your dad whenever you want, even to ask him when was the first time you ate an ice-cream; yes, I’d do that! But, anyway, in any case, at Griffin Technology you’ll definitely find something useful for your daddy’s everyday life that want only make him happy but also help him have a device that doesn’t look abused; aka get him a case too!

That been said, there is no intention to suggest that all dads are the same, but that kind of dads I’m talking about are pretty much the same. So, you might not want to get any of the above for your own dad but I promise that you can get the best deals on dad friendly gifts from our endless list of merchants! Just have a look at our special Father’s Day offers and I bet you’ll enjoy shopping for your one and only dad a lot! Oh! And also, since men’s tastes and preferences are endless, and even the same dad might be similarly obsessed with gadgets as he is with gardening, music, cars, pets or all at the same time (my case), I’m sure we’ll have a similar find-the-best-gift-for-dad discussion soon enough! So, see you shortly!


When June makes its appearance on my diary’s page (weekly planner Moleskine in other words), then I know for sure that by the end of the week this can’t-stand-staying-in-the-house excitement will become strong enough to avoid making it real! Actually, in my case, this summer joy has already started since every single year I’ve been expecting summer to a degree that when it’s here, I’m already sad because it will end. But that’s not the point! The point is that when you give in to this amazing feeling you need to do it in style. In fact, you can’t stay on your sweatpants and pj’s as you did during winter to watch movies and have drinks at home. You have to get into your hottest styles and seduce the summer with your confidence! After all these two, confidence and style, are so interrelated. But since earning sky-high confidence is not that easy, I decided to make it child’s play for you by offering you the best deals on first-class styles from And before I get into details, let me make your shopping-motivation explode! At the moment, Couponology is offering you an amazing exclusive 20% off House of Harlow 1960 promo code!

Except for your own enthusiasm of getting out because of the hot temperatures, when summer begins you are in this awesome position of receiving more and more invitations for the much-awaited pool parties, garden parties and weddings. And it’s during those events that you want to look at your best! That can be easily done if you get your hands on top quality, fashionable and hot clothes and accessories. For example, I picked up for you a complete gorgeous outfit that by just changing shoes can be worn day and night! So, let me explain what you see here. First off, there is the sleeveless, silk Fay Top, a printed chiffon tank with asymmetrical hem. A top that will never get your warm even under the highest of temperatures. You can wear this top with a short made by a similar fabric or depending on the circumstances, with a denim short in black or white. Now, if you think of it as your next party outfit then you should combine it with a pair of heels in a pale color or black- it’s good to combine the shoes with the python black and white style of the top. Otherwise, if this is a coffee-time-outfit, then you can get the Chopout Kilian oxford style bootie with cut out design which comes in rosy nude (I got this one) and black. Finally, in both day and night cases, you can adorn this style with the beautiful gold plated Seer’s necklace which has a black stone bar. This one is a very elegant piece that can be worn with countless outfits; apart from your bikini of course -not that it won’t much but you’ll risk losing it in the water! And finally, you can also get the Olbers Paradox drop earrings in gold so that you decorate your ears too when you have your beautiful hair up!

Now for those of you, who are not that into shorts (I don’t know why you do, but I still like you all) I’ve thought of a dazzling outfit for you too. And again, the following outfit allows for maximum flexibility since it can be complete altered by different choices of shoes and handbags! So, starting from the basic part, you need first of all to get the Etoile maxi dress which is made of top quality cotton and silk and has slim shoulder straps. The best part of this dress, except for the flared cut skirt is the color changing which, to me, it gives extra height to the body. But, since the top part is white and quite plain you need a statement necklace to add to this dress. In other words, you need something like the gold plated Engraved and Cross Hatch 5 Station necklace which has seven silver plated links. A perfect color combination with the skirt of the dress, but also a super flexible piece thanks to its mixed metal design. Then, it’s time to adorn your hands, so after the French manicure you have to shop for the silver plated Spike Stack ring set –it also comes rose gold plated. This is a quite low profile set of rings which can be easily matched with a lot of other jewelry. Finally, if you have a Jackie O inspired relationship with sunglasses, you should definitely go for the Robyn sunglasses. A gorgeous cat eye frame (we always need to follow the latest trends) with a very interesting bent arm silhouette (and we always need to stand out in the crowd). And remember, sunglasses are not only for the eyes, but a fashion statement so stick to them all day long. No, not in restaurants and bars, I’m talking about the outdoors!

Last but not least, in order to build up your summer confidence you only need to trust the places you shop. In that case, at House of Harlow 1960 you know that you will get the best quality on the latest fashion trends. And in order to be able to keep shopping without breaking the bank, you know that you always have Couponology by your side!

Treat Dads & Grads With CCS

On May 29, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by mprotonotariou

Father’s Day is just around the corner, grads are waiting impatiently for those congratulations and you are found lost somewhere in the middle. It’s time you stopped panicking and face the ugly (for us women) truth: men are the simplest creatures on earth and you know they won’t spend hours thinking of anything else unless it’s their job (harsh but true).  So if you want to get them the best gift ever, start thinking a bit like them: fast, to the point, without any complications and above all practical! That means don’t waste any time on super cool gadgets they’ll only use once and then hide deep in a dark drawer. Instead, invest into items they’ll use everyday; they will always thank you for that! From my personal experience, men see those celebration days as an opportunity to refresh their wardrobe! Yes, you heard right. They will never admit it, pretending to be cool and stuff but deep inside they’ll party you saved them from the occasional nightmare called shopping!

imageMake your move and pick a strong and cool brand name like CCS having all the skate and casual gear men absolutely love! Start off from the very basics.image What’s the no 1 item men cannot do without? No, it’s not their brand new PS3. It’s a pair of jeans. As simple as that. And even if they have a handful of them in their collection, a new one is always welcome! Try the KR3W K Slim Jeans in Dark Blue in a flattering slim straight leg form and with the KR3W icon logo zigzag stitch on the back right pocket. This stylish pair of jeans will accompany them almost anywhere from office to going out on a summer night featuring a 99% cotton/1% stretch denim texture for a lightweight and cool feeling. Get yours on a budget when using Couponology’s Up To 70% Off & Free CCS Shipping Coupon!

Inspired by men’s impatient attitude, next on our list is a timeless men’s accessory and their own way of making a statement: their watch. We could picture the contemporary and casual style watch as Nixon The Quad is featuring a 39mm diameter case, 10 ATM / 100 meter custom stainless steel and nylon stripped band in intense sporty colors. Besides being simple and sexy, this watch made by Nixon is also extra strong and durable. The best part is that it won’t cost you a fortune when using $15 Off $75 Exclusive Coupon Code.image

Before, we were talking about he no 1 item men cannot do without. But we forgot to mention men’s second skin which is no other than their favorite T-shirts! So, if you are out of creative ideas (and you better be as we discussed in the top paragraph), get them a T-shirt they’ll absolutely love like this DC Shoes Star T-Shirt. Actually, pick two colors and get 2 DC T-Shirts for only $12,50. In this way you can get two presents in the price of one or you can make a single man twice happier! Use Couponology’s 2 Tees For $12.50 Each Coupon and choose from an array of colors like navy, white, marron and more!

imageNow if we’re talking about grads, then things change a bit. They are usually more fashion aware but need nice clothes twice as bad as older guys! No worries, however, as CCS’s core is found in the young man’s spirit. And the perfect example of what I’m talking about is my favorite Altamont Skatebirds Woven Shirt! The ideal gift for a grad with its super cool, summer inspired illustrations, double chest pockets and short-sleeved form, this shirt definitely cries out for celebration! The perfect match for a cocktail summer night but also for these Nike Paul Rodriguez skate shoes in Grand Purple/Canyon! These shoes are definitely made for skating with the sole embedded Lunarlon cushioning for lightweight performance and


vulcanized sole for an amazing board-feel. Make a shirt and shoes outfit for your loving grad and save big when using $20 Off $120 Exclusive Coupon Code. You can also perfect the outfit with Nixon Time Teller P in purple from molded polyurethane with patented locking looper and polycarbonate buckle.image

Hope I gave you an idea of how thinking simple can become beneficial in both ways! The bottom line is that you should treat dads and grads as they would better treat themselves: choosing essential pieces from their favorite CCS brand! As simple as that. Add some of Couponology’s coupons and promo codes and you have the perfect gift for them in just a few moves.


Are You The Over-Toned Or Overton’s Type?

On May 24, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

It’s not a quiz or a personality test. Indeed, you already know the answer: it’s found in your everyday routine and exercise. The “over-toned” type must be the one who goes to the gym every single day spending hours toning his/her body with a result like the ones we see in commercials: super tight and muscled body like a sculpture. The other type is the Overton’s type, named after Overton’s Watersports so I guess he/she should love watersports, boating, lake/ pool leisure and watertoys, therefore he/she will have an effortless toned, more natural looking body. However, the Overton’s type is also the type who finds value in leisure time and water fun activities. Sounds more like imageyou now? Definitely like me I would dare to say! Listen, the truth is that everyone is a wannabe Overton’s type: even those stick-to-the-gym-schedule guys (don’t shoot the editor; it’s probably because she’s a bit jealous of your oh-so-perfect body!) Who wouldn’t enjoy water fun activities and relaxing, really? As summer is fast approaching, you still have some days to get rid of all your worries and bring all the water fun in-house!

Yes, you heard right! The Overton’s type won’t lose even a second away from his leisure time with family and friends and from the water of course! When this type can’t have the open seas nearby, he/she will bring in water no matter what! I guess lots of “Overton” houses will haveimage a pool in their backyard for those tough moments! And these pools must be large ones like this Intex 15′ x 42″ Metal Frame Pool Package by Overton’s, so that all family and friend can enjoy happy moments in the water. What’s cool with this particular one is its durable powder-coated steel frame and that no tools are required for assembly. Prepare some nice cocktails and get ready for water in less than 45 minutes! This pool will become one of your best home improvement/ outdoor items bringing in a relaxing holiday atmosphere on a budget when using $10 Off $100 Overton’s Coupon Code.

The best part is that you can transform your pool at night using LED illuminated floating balls and cubes like the “Ellipsis” and “Cube” with 16 LED color options lasting about 8 hours with a single charge. Change colorations through the wireless remote control and create the atmosphere you need according to your mood changes! The result will be magical and rewarding. Get this party perfect scenery and save when using Couponology’s Free Overton’s Shipping Coupon.

imageNow if you already have the pool as a classic Overton’s type, then you will be challenged by O’Brien Extreme Party Lounge With Cooler, the perfect floating lounge to catch up with friends while relaxing as it includes a 16″ x 16″ x 20″ cooler for your refreshments, made from 24-gauge PVC and also 5 cupholders, 4 tie-off points, and 2 plastic handles. Sit back and relax while getting an even tan and freshened from water. Sounds like heaven? Well, paradise is nearby when using Couponology’s $90 Off Overton’s Water Sports Coupon! One thing is for sure: all your friends will love the idea of a floating living room; you’ll see tons of beers as a reward. Arrange garden/ pool parties and don’t forget to use a waterproof camera to capture all those fun moments. Your camera can float as well so that you always have it somewhere around you and that’s feasible with GoPro AFLTY-002 Floaty Backdoor Camera Housing Float. Its easy-to-spot design and color will keep your HD imageHERO camera afloat and always available without extra hassle!

Now, if you’re having a playful mood then Swimline Delta Duelers Pool Floats are you kind of a pool accessory! Equipped with 2 water cannons per float that receive constant water supply, Swimline Delta Duelers are ready for water wars! You can pretend you bought those dueling pool tubes for your children; however your wife will soon find out the true reason why! Perfect for playing games or just lounging they’ll be a sure hit when using one of Couponology’s coupons to get them half their original price!

Being an Overton’s type can be a very cool thing after all! Who cares about becoming over-toned when enjoying yourself that much? You can change your mood straight away and bring water into your life! You only need a bit of Overton’s expertise, Couponology’s discounts and plenty of refreshing water!!!


It’s All About The “Belle Effect”

On May 23, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

It’s amazing how largely inner and outer beauty was debated throughout the years. Ancient Greeks and Latins would say “A healthy mind in a healthy body” and the contemporary would try to embrace it by all means. However, going to the gym everyday won’t ensure your happiness. You need to be open to new perspectives, helpful to other people and creative with your work if you want to reach what Henry and Belle, the famous denim and apparel retailer would call the “Belle Effect”: “When the line between inner and outer beauty is erased: that’s the Belle Effect”. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard in years! Picture a beautiful woman with a kind heart passing by with a confident attitude absolutely radiating. If you can’t say whether it’s her charming looks or the glow from within, that must be the “Belle Effect”!

imageIn an attempt to make one step closer to the ultimum “Belle Effect”, I got inspired by who else – Henry and Belle brand and their absolutely fabulous denim collection. It’s true that with denim you are never overdressed; on the contrary, it’s easily the best version of yourself: simple and true. No worries about the outer beauty with the Super Skinny Ankle jeans in Splash color that will definitely help you make a fashion statement. Its cropped form and wash-out splash color gives the illusion of a shorter trendy jeans in a hot summertime color! Lightweight Super Stretch premium Japanese fabric will make this fitting second skin style jean as soft and light as possible for your comfort and only. Match this jeans with a bodycon top in brilliant white and you’ll get a killing combination. That will also be the case with Couponology’s 10% Off Henry & Belle Promo Code to save you imagemoney on this gem!

Now, if you already feel awesome from the inside, the golden version of The Super Skinny Ankle jeans will surely make you gorgeous from the outside as well! Get the “Belle Effect” with this Colored Super Stretch premium American-made fabric that takes color beautifully. Its highly stretching material promises instant recovery and shape retention while its intense golden color will make even the sun envious! Go down a size for the ultimate figure-flattering silhouette and pick a neutral color or pastel top to get the best out of its bold golden hue. As discounts also make us feel better from the inside (and why not outside) here’s your 10% Off Henry & Belle Promo Code to use as often as you like!

imageIt’s almost summertime and you can’t leave your place without a denim jacket! Henry and Belle’s Jean Jacket can easily become your day/ evening out companion comfortable as it is! This denim jacket in Non-Stretch Japanese fabrics is made from a centuries old denim mill and combines classic detailing with modern, feminine silhouette. There are a lot of reasons to love it with the most dominant: its versatility. It goes as well with pants as with dresses or denim shorts for a total denim look – extra fashionable for the season. The best part is always left at the end: Up To 70% Off Henry & Belle Coupon for you to save big on this truly essential piece!

Another milestone bringing us closer to the “Belle Effect” is Sailor Jeans, a trendy version of the timeless nautical style with a high-waist, wide-leg form and soft stretch fabrics for extra comfort. Sailor jeans have a particularly playful attitude and can easily become one of the most wanted items in your closet! However, only a few (and that’s debatable also) will know you got it at such a discount using Couponology’s Up To 70% Off Henry & Belle Coupon.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the “Belle Effect”: we all pursue to become genuinely radiant; others try too hard while some others just let it happen. Get inspired yourself from Henry and Belle creations and who knows – with a little luck and less effort (given from Couponology’s discounts) you could experience your own “Belle Effect” someday..