Are You The Over-Toned Or Overton’s Type?

On May 24, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

It’s not a quiz or a personality test. Indeed, you already know the answer: it’s found in your everyday routine and exercise. The “over-toned” type must be the one who goes to the gym every single day spending hours toning his/her body with a result like the ones we see in commercials: super tight and muscled body like a sculpture. The other type is the Overton’s type, named after Overton’s Watersports so I guess he/she should love watersports, boating, lake/ pool leisure and watertoys, therefore he/she will have an effortless toned, more natural looking body. However, the Overton’s type is also the type who finds value in leisure time and water fun activities. Sounds more like imageyou now? Definitely like me I would dare to say! Listen, the truth is that everyone is a wannabe Overton’s type: even those stick-to-the-gym-schedule guys (don’t shoot the editor; it’s probably because she’s a bit jealous of your oh-so-perfect body!) Who wouldn’t enjoy water fun activities and relaxing, really? As summer is fast approaching, you still have some days to get rid of all your worries and bring all the water fun in-house!

Yes, you heard right! The Overton’s type won’t lose even a second away from his leisure time with family and friends and from the water of course! When this type can’t have the open seas nearby, he/she will bring in water no matter what! I guess lots of “Overton” houses will haveimage a pool in their backyard for those tough moments! And these pools must be large ones like this Intex 15′ x 42″ Metal Frame Pool Package by Overton’s, so that all family and friend can enjoy happy moments in the water. What’s cool with this particular one is its durable powder-coated steel frame and that no tools are required for assembly. Prepare some nice cocktails and get ready for water in less than 45 minutes! This pool will become one of your best home improvement/ outdoor items bringing in a relaxing holiday atmosphere on a budget when using $10 Off $100 Overton’s Coupon Code.

The best part is that you can transform your pool at night using LED illuminated floating balls and cubes like the “Ellipsis” and “Cube” with 16 LED color options lasting about 8 hours with a single charge. Change colorations through the wireless remote control and create the atmosphere you need according to your mood changes! The result will be magical and rewarding. Get this party perfect scenery and save when using Couponology’s Free Overton’s Shipping Coupon.

imageNow if you already have the pool as a classic Overton’s type, then you will be challenged by O’Brien Extreme Party Lounge With Cooler, the perfect floating lounge to catch up with friends while relaxing as it includes a 16″ x 16″ x 20″ cooler for your refreshments, made from 24-gauge PVC and also 5 cupholders, 4 tie-off points, and 2 plastic handles. Sit back and relax while getting an even tan and freshened from water. Sounds like heaven? Well, paradise is nearby when using Couponology’s $90 Off Overton’s Water Sports Coupon! One thing is for sure: all your friends will love the idea of a floating living room; you’ll see tons of beers as a reward. Arrange garden/ pool parties and don’t forget to use a waterproof camera to capture all those fun moments. Your camera can float as well so that you always have it somewhere around you and that’s feasible with GoPro AFLTY-002 Floaty Backdoor Camera Housing Float. Its easy-to-spot design and color will keep your HD imageHERO camera afloat and always available without extra hassle!

Now, if you’re having a playful mood then Swimline Delta Duelers Pool Floats are you kind of a pool accessory! Equipped with 2 water cannons per float that receive constant water supply, Swimline Delta Duelers are ready for water wars! You can pretend you bought those dueling pool tubes for your children; however your wife will soon find out the true reason why! Perfect for playing games or just lounging they’ll be a sure hit when using one of Couponology’s coupons to get them half their original price!

Being an Overton’s type can be a very cool thing after all! Who cares about becoming over-toned when enjoying yourself that much? You can change your mood straight away and bring water into your life! You only need a bit of Overton’s expertise, Couponology’s discounts and plenty of refreshing water!!!


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