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It’s All About The “Belle Effect”

On May 23, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

It’s amazing how largely inner and outer beauty was debated throughout the years. Ancient Greeks and Latins would say “A healthy mind in a healthy body” and the contemporary would try to embrace it by all means. However, going to the gym everyday won’t ensure your happiness. You need to be open to new perspectives, helpful to other people and creative with your work if you want to reach what Henry and Belle, the famous denim and apparel retailer would call the “Belle Effect”: “When the line between inner and outer beauty is erased: that’s the Belle Effect”. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard in years! Picture a beautiful woman with a kind heart passing by with a confident attitude absolutely radiating. If you can’t say whether it’s her charming looks or the glow from within, that must be the “Belle Effect”!

imageIn an attempt to make one step closer to the ultimum “Belle Effect”, I got inspired by who else – Henry and Belle brand and their absolutely fabulous denim collection. It’s true that with denim you are never overdressed; on the contrary, it’s easily the best version of yourself: simple and true. No worries about the outer beauty with the Super Skinny Ankle jeans in Splash color that will definitely help you make a fashion statement. Its cropped form and wash-out splash color gives the illusion of a shorter trendy jeans in a hot summertime color! Lightweight Super Stretch premium Japanese fabric will make this fitting second skin style jean as soft and light as possible for your comfort and only. Match this jeans with a bodycon top in brilliant white and you’ll get a killing combination. That will also be the case with Couponology’s 10% Off Henry & Belle Promo Code to save you imagemoney on this gem!

Now, if you already feel awesome from the inside, the golden version of The Super Skinny Ankle jeans will surely make you gorgeous from the outside as well! Get the “Belle Effect” with this Colored Super Stretch premium American-made fabric that takes color beautifully. Its highly stretching material promises instant recovery and shape retention while its intense golden color will make even the sun envious! Go down a size for the ultimate figure-flattering silhouette and pick a neutral color or pastel top to get the best out of its bold golden hue. As discounts also make us feel better from the inside (and why not outside) here’s your 10% Off Henry & Belle Promo Code to use as often as you like!

imageIt’s almost summertime and you can’t leave your place without a denim jacket! Henry and Belle’s Jean Jacket can easily become your day/ evening out companion comfortable as it is! This denim jacket in Non-Stretch Japanese fabrics is made from a centuries old denim mill and combines classic detailing with modern, feminine silhouette. There are a lot of reasons to love it with the most dominant: its versatility. It goes as well with pants as with dresses or denim shorts for a total denim look – extra fashionable for the season. The best part is always left at the end: Up To 70% Off Henry & Belle Coupon for you to save big on this truly essential piece!

Another milestone bringing us closer to the “Belle Effect” is Sailor Jeans, a trendy version of the timeless nautical style with a high-waist, wide-leg form and soft stretch fabrics for extra comfort. Sailor jeans have a particularly playful attitude and can easily become one of the most wanted items in your closet! However, only a few (and that’s debatable also) will know you got it at such a discount using Couponology’s Up To 70% Off Henry & Belle Coupon.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the “Belle Effect”: we all pursue to become genuinely radiant; others try too hard while some others just let it happen. Get inspired yourself from Henry and Belle creations and who knows – with a little luck and less effort (given from Couponology’s discounts) you could experience your own “Belle Effect” someday..


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