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On May 29, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by mprotonotariou

Father’s Day is just around the corner, grads are waiting impatiently for those congratulations and you are found lost somewhere in the middle. It’s time you stopped panicking and face the ugly (for us women) truth: men are the simplest creatures on earth and you know they won’t spend hours thinking of anything else unless it’s their job (harsh but true).  So if you want to get them the best gift ever, start thinking a bit like them: fast, to the point, without any complications and above all practical! That means don’t waste any time on super cool gadgets they’ll only use once and then hide deep in a dark drawer. Instead, invest into items they’ll use everyday; they will always thank you for that! From my personal experience, men see those celebration days as an opportunity to refresh their wardrobe! Yes, you heard right. They will never admit it, pretending to be cool and stuff but deep inside they’ll party you saved them from the occasional nightmare called shopping!

imageMake your move and pick a strong and cool brand name like CCS having all the skate and casual gear men absolutely love! Start off from the very basics.image What’s the no 1 item men cannot do without? No, it’s not their brand new PS3. It’s a pair of jeans. As simple as that. And even if they have a handful of them in their collection, a new one is always welcome! Try the KR3W K Slim Jeans in Dark Blue in a flattering slim straight leg form and with the KR3W icon logo zigzag stitch on the back right pocket. This stylish pair of jeans will accompany them almost anywhere from office to going out on a summer night featuring a 99% cotton/1% stretch denim texture for a lightweight and cool feeling. Get yours on a budget when using Couponology’s Up To 70% Off & Free CCS Shipping Coupon!

Inspired by men’s impatient attitude, next on our list is a timeless men’s accessory and their own way of making a statement: their watch. We could picture the contemporary and casual style watch as Nixon The Quad is featuring a 39mm diameter case, 10 ATM / 100 meter custom stainless steel and nylon stripped band in intense sporty colors. Besides being simple and sexy, this watch made by Nixon is also extra strong and durable. The best part is that it won’t cost you a fortune when using $15 Off $75 Exclusive Coupon Code.image

Before, we were talking about he no 1 item men cannot do without. But we forgot to mention men’s second skin which is no other than their favorite T-shirts! So, if you are out of creative ideas (and you better be as we discussed in the top paragraph), get them a T-shirt they’ll absolutely love like this DC Shoes Star T-Shirt. Actually, pick two colors and get 2 DC T-Shirts for only $12,50. In this way you can get two presents in the price of one or you can make a single man twice happier! Use Couponology’s 2 Tees For $12.50 Each Coupon and choose from an array of colors like navy, white, marron and more!

imageNow if we’re talking about grads, then things change a bit. They are usually more fashion aware but need nice clothes twice as bad as older guys! No worries, however, as CCS’s core is found in the young man’s spirit. And the perfect example of what I’m talking about is my favorite Altamont Skatebirds Woven Shirt! The ideal gift for a grad with its super cool, summer inspired illustrations, double chest pockets and short-sleeved form, this shirt definitely cries out for celebration! The perfect match for a cocktail summer night but also for these Nike Paul Rodriguez skate shoes in Grand Purple/Canyon! These shoes are definitely made for skating with the sole embedded Lunarlon cushioning for lightweight performance and


vulcanized sole for an amazing board-feel. Make a shirt and shoes outfit for your loving grad and save big when using $20 Off $120 Exclusive Coupon Code. You can also perfect the outfit with Nixon Time Teller P in purple from molded polyurethane with patented locking looper and polycarbonate buckle.image

Hope I gave you an idea of how thinking simple can become beneficial in both ways! The bottom line is that you should treat dads and grads as they would better treat themselves: choosing essential pieces from their favorite CCS brand! As simple as that. Add some of Couponology’s coupons and promo codes and you have the perfect gift for them in just a few moves.


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