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Ouidad, Me & My Curly Hair

On June 20, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by nbourma

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that could never understand why she was hurting so much when she was trying to brush her hair in contrast to her friends that seemed to feel no pain at all. And as the time went by the girl turn into a teen and again she could never get why she should look like King Mufasa every morning, so she promised to visit her hairdresser three times a week for hair straightening by an expert! And by her 16 years she realized that her hair was destroyed by the heat and all these bad hair products she was using. But most of all, she realized that almost all people around her were mentioning how beautiful her hair was when not done by the hairdresser. And the result? Now, she is in her twenties and she is absolutely in love with her hair, in a not-touch-it degree! True story! Because, after so many years, she finally realized that curls are gorgeous -any type of them- with just one integral prerequisite: you have to give them the best to take out the best of them! Literally, if you want your curls to keep giving you all these admiring comments, then you have to treat them as they deserve, as a living organism that needs protection and adornment. And there is nothing better out there than Ouidad, “The Curl Experts”.

And since you always were the winners of “Guess Who?” as kids, you probably already know that the girl with the curly and unruly hair is me. Absolutely! I’ve been through hard times trying to manage my hair, trying to sleep without getting soaked, and emptying entire bottles of foam and sprays to keep them in place. But it was all before I got introduced to Ouidad, which finally gave me the opportunity to make the most out of my curly hair, to look always like I just came out of the salon (saving tons of money because I would otherwise need to) and to stop blaming my DNA; on the contrary, I thank my parents for my hair (and much more, but that’s another story). And not only that, Ouidad finally gave to my curls vitality because after so many attempts to stylize them with the wrong products, I’m lucky they are still at place! And apart from Ouidad, I also love my job since I can buy as many salon-quality products as I want and save big time with our exclusive Ouidad promo codes.

From the very first moment you get online at you can tell the expertise and the professionalism of Ouidad herself, which she is not accidentally named “The Queen of Curl”. Unlike all other curly hair products, Ouidad distinguishes the kinds of curls and offers the best for every woman’s needs. Be it wavy, curly, tight curly or kinky, your hair will get exactly what it deserves! But let’s move from theory to practice. I would describe  my hair as curly -some people might also call it crazy- and since I want to provide some tested examples, that’s the kind of curls I’m gonna stick to! So, to begin with, in case you want your hair to look like an ad then you have to start with the essentials, a good shampoo and conditioner. And I guess that since you are a curl-girl, you already know that there is nothing more annoying than frizz and unruly hairs. That’s why you need the top quality Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and the Climate Control conditioner. These two products promise softness and shine while eliminating flyaways and frizz. At the same time, they protect your beautiful hair from humidity, heat and other climate factors –absolutely important during summer months.

Again, since you know that curls can’t be left as they are after washing them, we need some styling products. In that case, I’ll take two different directions. First of all, for those days that you want to amaze the crowd and let your gorgeous hair get all the attention, you need something to add volume and energy. For that case, I use the Playcurl Volumizing Foam, which although you’ll find it under the wavy hair category, it works perfectly for any kind of curls. In my case, I first used it because although my hair are curly, they are also very thin. This amazing foam has among other things Pro-Vitamin B5 that protects your hair while providing the best of lifting aids together with total control. And honestly, this is the easiest way to get volume and defined curls that will give you a salon-like look. Wash your hair, apply the foam with your fingers, let them dry naturally or not (it depends on the time you have until you leave the house) and you are all set and gorgeous! And if you want this look to stay untouched until the end of the day, then add the Playcurl Volumizing spray, the best setting and holding spray for curls, for long lasting hold but also movement –you don’t want your curls to look plastic.

Secondly, because of the season and the heat you might prefer to have your hair up. With Ouidad, you can have any hairdo you want. If you love buns that add a lot of glam to our style, you need to add to damp hair the Tress Effects Styling Gel or the Moisture Lock Define & Shine Curl Styling Gel-Cream that keep your hair moisturized, soft and shiny but also allow for maximum flexibility for different hairdos. I use either one of this products when I want to adopt a more formal look and need not only volume but shine and control too. And again, it’s way too simple: wash, stylize, dry and make your bun! And I guarantee you’ll look fab! After you do that, add a comb, a fascinator, a clip or just leave it as it is and finalize your style with the Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray. Now, you’ll look so good you can even attend a wedding, graduate or just go to the office with a professional hairdo created by the expert “You” -with the aid of Ouidad of course.

Last but not least, at, apart from everyday products, you can also shop for main hair treatment products that can solve any curl issue: frizz, thinness, dryness and damaged hair. I use the Shine Glaze Serum which offers smooth and shine with its amazing silky formula. You only need a couple of drops and your hair will look fabulous! And… I was gonna keep that for me, but I have to play fair. The most adorable Ouidad product is beyond any concern the Wave Create Sea Spray! Just one product to give your hair that hot, flirty look you have after your days at the beach! But please, don’t spread the word! ;)

It’s getting warmer and warmer out and when the temperature is around 80°F by the time you get to the office, you know it’s time to update your summer outfits. Or, if you are more like me, then it’s that exact period when you imagine your suitcase fully packed and mix and match in your mind all those gorgeous summer outfits you are bringing with you on vacation. No, I’m not trying to make you want to run away from the office and head to the beach. The complete opposite! I’m just willing to save you time when you are thinking of your summer outfits or even better, of all those styles that will make you pay an extra fee at the airport (don’t worry, luggage weight always a little bit more for fashion lovers). Because you always need an extra tee, or maybe two! Speaking of which, that’s the way you are going to make your fashion-life easier: Tees; this amazing summer piece that allows you to make up countless outfits! And the best thing of all is that tees are not that expensive compared to winter styles- when you need sweaters and jackets. Tees are the easiest way to be always in fashion and always in different clothes, whether you are a man or a woman. Also, keep in mind that graphic tees are also a way of expression, either through words or images. But, getting back to shopping -our expertise- I’ll share with you the easiest way to update your wardrobe in just two steps. First, you get online at where you will find an endless collection of unique graphic tees. Secondly, you use our exclusive 10% off Design by Humans promo code and you save big while shopping as many items as you wish since it won’t cost you a fortune! Yes, it’s that easy! And that being said, let’s get to my favorite part: the style tips!

As a girl, I can’t help but start with girls! I’m sure that some of you are already in your hot shorts and your brand new sandals and of course, you’ve matched that with a statement tee. Whether it has an animal or a “let’s sleep together” message printed on it, I’m sure you look hot! By the way, why don’t you put one side of the tee inside of your shorts and add a belt to give an extra something to your outfit!? Nice, huh? But tees are not only to be worn with your shorts. You’ve probably already seen it on the street, but my favorite new summer trend is definitely the graphic tee matched with a bright maxi skirt. And, of course, when you adopt this style you have to wear the skirt outside of the tee, and maybe add a belt too, in order to show off your beautiful waist- in other words, you don’t want to look like a shapeless body in fabrics. We’ve seen this new trend at top catwalks but also chosen by the most fashionable celebrities, so don’t you ever wonder if you’ll look good! You’ll look fabulous because you’ll have a unique tee and a stunning body that will get you all the attention! And if you don’t already have that unique top, I’ve picked up some of my favorites to share with you! A tee I’d love to see matched with a maxi turquoise skirt (fave summer color), brown sandals and a wide brown leather belt, is the Hawk Deco II in white with a wing printed on it. However, is not only with maxis that you can make the perfect tee-based outfit! You can do the same with miniskirts too and you’ll have a super girly outcome! For example, you can wear the Live View Mode tee (I chose the green one as you can see) which features a vintage camera on the front, with a brown skirt and similar sandals and accessories! And for all of the above, just change from flats to heels and you have an evening outfit too! And finally, don’t forget of the other summer 2013 trend, which is definitely the huge-necklace-on-top-of-tee one. Now you can decorate your shirt’s neckline with a colorful necklace that will add a more stylish sense to your cool outfit. For example, you can buy the I Love Music shirt in any of the 10 available colors and accessorize it with a big necklace in a matching color!

For men, things are getting much easier since 90% of summer days you are wearing a tee and jeans or shorts underneath. So, in your case, since you don’t have to do much to adorn your outfit and stand out in the crowd, you are in the amazing position to buy whatever you want from Design by Humans, put it on, add a bottom and you’ll just look fab! In fact, for you, it all depends on your color and graphic art preferences. For example, if you feel like the king of the world, you should get the No King tee which features a stunning lion with a golden crown design; a tee for you that refuse to be ruled! For the more romantic or maybe the more stressed out of you, I’d propose the Eastern Sunset shirt that will help you escape from your hectic routine and have an imagined escape in the sea. And finally, for music lovers, there is no better summer choice than the Sound Of The Ocean shirt with sol key and Poseidon printed on it; a perfect combination for a new summer tee! But as I said before, you men are lucky enough to choose whatever you want without even thinking of matching accessories and other fashion items; all you need is to get those tees that reflect your character, add a pair of jeans and you are all set!

To sum up, for art lovers, tee fans, style addicts or even for those of you that don’t want to spend much time matching clothes, Design by Humans is the top destination for men and women who want any –or all- of the above, but most of all, who want to shop a lot, stay in fashion but also save as much as possible. Just get online and choose among thousands of tee designs that promise to satisfy all tastes and all wallets!

Eyes are undeniably the most honest parts of our faces (if not the most beautiful), and since they so effortlessly transfer feelings and emotions—a pretty huge task—we should be paying the utmost attention to their care. This time, I’m not just talking about beauty; rather, I’m referring to health and comfort. After all, healthy, gleaming eyes are so often the first thing people notice in a stranger!  I always pay attention to the eyes first, and I know that if you have a problem with your eyesight, in my case myopia, you’re encountering a number of difficulties. For example, you may love sunglasses but they’re usually just an expression of your style or protection against the harsh summer sun. Clear vision, however, is something you need regardless of whether or not you’re feeling fashion-forward on your daily sunny stroll. Wearing eyeglasses all day long can be very annoying for a number of reasons: you can’t watch TV while having your head turned to the side, you can’t put on makeup and properly show it off, you can’t match them with your outfits, you can’t exercise conveniently, and blah-blah-blah… The list is endless, but the point is only one—the most convenient way to see clearly is to get contact lenses.

You may think contact lenses are an expensive and potentially irritating alternative to eyeglasses, but with the right advice, you’re in good hands! I’ve worn contact lenses for years, and know that for the best experience, you must follow these steps:

  • Clean your contact lenses with solution, rinse, and store in fresh solution in your lens case.
  • Get a new pair when it’s time to do so.
  • Go with a trusted contact lens brand and provider.

I follow these steps diligently and have never ended up with red and itchy eyes. Moreover, I guarantee that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best for your beautiful eyes, especially if you shop at 1800AnyLens, as I do, and use our unbeatable exclusive 23% off 1800AnyLens coupon code.

Aside from the deal, 1800AnyLens carries products by the top eye care brands on the market to make you forget your affinity for eyeglasses. I’m using Acuvue Oasys for a long time now, and I promise that if you get a pair like this you’ll completely forget you’re wearing contact lenses (and this is coming from someone who sleeps less than 6 hours a day and spends 10 in front of a computer screen). So you see? It’s all about quality! I also have a box of 1-Day Acuvue 30-pack in my drawer—there’s nothing more convenient than getting your contact lenses off and throwing them away instead of cleaning them and counting days. I use these when I travel or (admittedly) have particularly lazy days. These two are just my personal favorites, but if you get online you’ll find many other popular and trustworthy brands and products to resolve your particular eye issue (from myopia and astigmatism to presbyopia) and fit your particular lifestyle.

In short, 1800AnyLens is the only site you need to visit to stop being afraid or indecisive about contact lenses. You won’t be walking around with irritated peepers, and you absolutely won’t be spending a fortune to see clearly with Couponology’s exclusive 1800AnyLens deals. You know the place, the savings, and my personal experiences, so all that’s left is to head online and save—just remember to follow instructions!