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If you have a baby, then no intro is needed. I’m a new auntie and I can definitely say that despite the joy and fun, there is nothing more annoying than trying to get around with all of your baby’s stuff, because you are definitely carrying a lot when you decide to hang out with your little muffin! Even for women, there is never enough space in those gigantic handbags to fit all the stuff a baby needs to get outside. Imagine the challenge for fathers?

Picture this: My brother-in-law trying to get his little treasure–my nephew-into the car while struggling with a bottle, diaper and wet wipes under his chin! Hilarious for sure! But since I wouldn’t like somebody laughing at me, I decided to help him out a bit (actually I’m helping out a lot but let’s keep it modest).

After I laughed my head off for a few minutes I decided to make his life easier and send him a text with a link for It’s good to have some fun but even better to be useful! Anyway, I’m not a mom yet (at least not to a human being) but I’m acting like one when it comes to my tech toys. I first got introduced to DiaperDude when I was looking for a quality protective sleeve for my new notebook, and I found the Eco Green Laptop Sleeve 13”. Aside from babies and tech toys, I also love the environment! That’s why this sleeve, made from recycled materials, was an instant shoe-in into my heart (and wallet). Of course, the affordable price helped!

But let’s get back to the point! DiaperDude is the number one destination for modern and young dads who aren’t looking to sacrifice style or comfort. Whether they are looking for carriers, bags or other baby-related goodies, they will find it on DiaperDude accompanied with great deals.

The best deal you will find at the moment is the 15% off Messenger II bag Diaper Dude promo code. The super useful and stylish Messenger II-Black Pinstripe messenger bag allows Dad to keep his cool while being a very carefree parent (that’s a thing, I promise). In fact, this bag is one of a kind! It comes with many separate compartments (because you don’t want to give a diaper instead of your credit card to the cashier when you’re in a hurry), a wipe holder, bib and utensils pocket, food pocket, separate diaper sleeve, phone holder, change pad (yes that’s included too!), magazine sleeve and even a book sleeve! Let’s be optimistic and hope you’ll get a few minutes of down time to skim through some pages. From experience, I can tell you that this bag will also fit your iPad, Moleskine and even your favorite retro headset! And yes, that’s in addition to–not in place of–your baby’s essentials.

In other words, this messenger bag, and any other bag from DiaperDude, is so good-looking from the outside and so roomy inside that it can fit just about anything (unless you’re lugging mom with you)! And last but not least, for all of us who love “stealing” our partner’s stuff, I promise you can use this bag and get everything you might want with you-even a second outfit and your sky high heels! It’s just adorable! After all, even if it’s designed for them, this bag is not only for dads! If you’re a new parent or just a person that needs his/her whole house with her when getting to the office, get online and shop for the bags with the best space allocation you can ever find!

Summer is the best period to stop spending your precious weekends in town and letting yourself and your family enjoy some time away from the city frenzy. The best way to take advantage of the best 48 hours of the week, is to plan a weekend getaway somewhere near your city- you don’t want to spend all day in your packed SUV.  As you already know, we are based in New York so I can’t but propose a couple of ideas with NY as a starting point. So first off, if you wanna enjoy the beach but also have some Chardonnay or Merlot, you should visit Long Island’s North Fork, where you can start from the beach –swim, sunbath or rent a kayak to go around- and continue with a wine bar. Now, if you wanna head east, you can visit Lakeville which is a 2-hour drive and of course is popular for the lake –where you can spend the day swimming or just enjoying the view. Lakeville is also a good destination for campers. Finally, if you are not that much into water and prefer the mountain scenery, you can visit Woodstock where you can go hiking or for those of you who just wanna relax, you can spend the day at a spa.

But no matter where you decide to go, you can even get in the car and just leave with no specific destination, the most difficult part is to prepare your luggage on Friday night. After a week’s tiredness and loss of sleep, it would be perfect if somebody could do it for you, can’t you tell? But, you have me! And you know I always wanna help you out! Especially when it has to do with clothes and vacations –obsession! I’ll tell you the way to prepare your stuff in 4 simple and absolutely quick steps. The only thing you’ll have to do before I start, so that you can follow, is to get online at Eastern Mountain Sports and then follow me. Oh! And of course don’t you dare to think that I’m gonna lead you to spend a fortune! I look after my wallet too, and I have just for you the best way to save a ton! Just choose among our unbeatable EMS coupons and be happy before even getting into the car! And remember, with EMS you can enjoy free 2-day shipping, so there is still time for this weekend!

Step 1: First of all, you need a bag to start packing and when a girl says a bag she always refers to the largest size. That being said, I propose the EMS Camp Duffel Large which comes in 3 colors so that you can get one for you in red and one for your other half in blue or black! This duffel is too practical, with a side pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. You can now get this one for less than $40, because yes (!) it’s on sale!

Step 2: When we pack for summer, we pack for the beach. Even if you are gonna visit a mountain, you have to be prepared; as we said before, you might visit a spa. So, all you need is some hot swimwear styles. For women, since we are talking about canoeing and other activities, I would go for the NRS Women’s Hydrosilk Rash Guard made from the perfect fabrics for all-day-long comfort and quick drying. You can combine this one with the EMS Women’s Sessions Shortie Shorts which comes in 2 colors- I chose the limeade print. This piece is water resistant but also super soft and comfortable. You can now get this one and save more than $10. For men, my favorite piece is the O’Neill Men’s John John Board Shorts which comes in green and blue; both colors look great! If you wanna avoid the sun, you can match this one with a t-shirt which you can choose for yourself since the choices are endless!

Step 3: As it goes with swimwear, you can’t leave your house in July without a pair of sandals! And since in most cases, you are gonna engage in activities, you need a pair of sandals that are comfortable but on sale too! Ha! So, that’s why you need something from EMS again! J And since we are speaking of footwear, I’ll give two choices for each one of you! This time I’ll start with men, and the Chaco Men’s Hipthong Two Ecotread Sandals that come with a $16 discount. A beautiful sandal that supports your body and offers maximum comfort. A second style I’d propose it the Rainbow Men’s Premier Leather Flip-Flops which you can get for less than $40. Also, both styles are so cool that can be worn in the city too! For women, I suggest the Rainbow Women’s Flirty Braidy Flip-Flop which comes with a $10 discount. A great pair that can be matched with almost every color! And for the most adventurous of you, there is the Chaco Women’s Z/1 Vibram Yampa Sandals that come with an amazing $20 off discount. A top quality, lightweight and fast-dry sandal that can be part of any outdoor adventure!

Step 4: No bag is complete without a couple of accessories! For summer, accessories can range from swim goggles and snorkels to sunglasses and bands. At you will find all you need for any kind of travelling or any kind of sport! For me, a prerequisite before you head to the beach is a pair of sunglasses and then a hat! For example, you can get the super cute Life Is Good Women’s Love Ripstop Chill Cap for $17.60 or if you love bigger hats, as I do, you can go for the Peter Grimm Hasselhoff Hat for just $12; and remember, hats are unisex no matter what the label says! Ha! For men, I’d suggest the Outdoor Research Swift Hat, nice and simple and with a price less than $20!

Did you follow well? Good job! And now, if you think that’s all you need for your weekend, then you are wrong! If you think that I’ve shared all the best deals from Eastern Mountain Sports, then you are absolutely mistaken. There are so many choices, brands, deals and for so many sports, that whoever says so, he/ she is lying to you. But look, if you have the above, then you are still absolutely ready for a spontaneous getaway! It’s summer and we all know that a piece of swimwear and a pair of sandals are more than enough! So, all you need is to put some fuel in your car and… Bon Voyage amigos!