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Get Full Life-Memory Exposure(s)

On September 23, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them”, Paulo Coelho would say in his Alchemist (1988) book and I couldn’t agree further. I still remember one summer from the old, happy and reckless moments spent with my family at one of the Greek Islands. This summer was the happiest of my life and perhaps for my younger brother as well, as we simply wouldn’t give up on the newly-discovered to our world peanut butter! It was all about eating, eating and eating again.. oh we were so happy that we could enjoy our favorite peanut butter all day – and we were content just by that. There’s still a photo with my mother’s anxious look starring at us, two fluffy kids full of joy! I always look at that photo and burst into laughter; as I said before, it is not the extraordinary things that make life worthwhile but the love that we share with those around us – so make sure you are always exposed to those special memories of yours! Start celebrating life moments with albums, scrapbooks, frames and everything you need to store past events valuable to you!

1. Store Family Photos In AlbumsPhoto Album

A photo album is the must accessory that any house should possess and keep as a treasure. The reason why is simple: it contains all the important events in a family’s life: the couple’s marriage and time spent together, kids birth, first birthdays and lots of unique family moments. That’s why it should be a quality and durable photo album like the Library Leather Personalized Photo Album from Exposures made from top-grain Library leather. The handmade gold tooling on its cover and spine and the 3 ring photo pages with an up to 400 photos capacity, make this album an elegant and luxurious memory keeper that all relatives and friends will advise in order to remember good old times. The best part is that you can keep the family’s budget low when using 25% Off Exposures Coupon Code from

2. Personalize Your Home Décor

Custom Horizontal Triptych CanvasA fashion trend but also a perfect way to give an artistic brush and a cozy/ warm feeling to any room you choose is the 3-pieces horizontal photo canvas. Choose your life-changing photos and make them a living room or bedroom background that will cheer you up every time you look at it. Pick a photo as your main theme and extend it to the other two canvases with photos taken from the same scenery or use the same photo, split into 3 segments to give an artistic flow. The Custom Horizontal Triptych Canvas from Exposures will do the job for you with an 18″ x 24″ central panel and Family Tree Wall Decortwo 18″ square panels on either side that will add your photos depth similar to a painting. Also, good news is that you don’t have to spend much with the 15% Off Exposures Exclusive Coupon Code.

Another inspired idea is the Family Tree Wall Décor: beautiful carved wood tree with 15 super-strong magnetic detachable leaves that will securely hold your photos and make a visual expression of your family’s unique shared history. Give life to an entrance hall or another narrow and neglected part of the house that will now attract much attention. I picture the Family Tree near the house’s entrance and next to wall hangers, giving a warm and compelling aspect.

3. Customize Everyday Objects

Personalized Serving TrayThe best way, in my opinion, to always remember good times is to personalize objects you use the most. I find the kitchen a very good starting point as we usually spent the most of our time gathering around the table, eating or just chatting after work. There are several times that we carry food in serving trays, so a clever and playful way would be to gather some of our favorite photos and decorate the bottom of a serving tray so that each time we use the tray, we remember those unique moments. Imagine an afternoon with friends, hot chocolate and cupcakes that you will serve inside a tray like the Personalized Serving Tray from Exposures, full of pics with your university moments together. This photo collage will pop up memories buried deep inside and awaken the dearest feelings that will warm up the place in no time! Using both the serving tray and the Family Tree Wall Décor will give you a short life events summary of memories you want to hold and look back as a treasure. Make this a special gift to your family with 25% Off Exposures Coupon Code for significant savings on your purchase.Custom Photo Corkboard

Last but not least, a great idea to share special photos while keeping messages and reminders is using a Custom Photo Corkboard. This personalized corkboard will serve as the family’s communication hotspot and news bulletin board of the most important events to come. Perfect solution for papers piling up here and there, as well as a strong reminder of family unity and happiness- besides from task reminder! Also, the Up To 70% Off Exposures Coupon will make this item a must-have necessity!

However, always remember that you should get a full life-memory exposure on a daily basis and this will change your life for good. Keep the good times and remember the better ones, for a happier living with people you love. Exposures are here to give your memories an extra dimension always on a budget using Couponology’s coupons and promo codes.


ReUseIt & Save the Environment

On September 20, 2013, in Featured Merchants, News, Spotlight, by nbourma

Over-consumption might be well satisfying our inclination towards spending-shopping-wasting or even our smugness but in most cases, our ego neglects the environment’s needs and threatens not only the external factors we might think of, but also our very own selves. Be it the lack of awareness or just our ignorance towards the environment in favor of materialism, we tend to forget that apart from our homes and everything in it, it’s mostly the environment that keeps us going on. And if we continue acting only according to our shopaholism and wastefulness, then we’ll reach that point when we won’t be able to do anything to protect nature.


This whole introduction is not to make you feel sorry, but to remind to myself too, how wasteful I used to be –not only in terms of actual dollars, but also in terms of actual waste. Because, when me and by hubby decided to turn “green”, it was at that moment that we realized that our garbage volume was diminished to more than half off what it used to be. In fact, we realized that there are countless everyday products we are using that don’t have to be thrown away but be used again and again. And after some research, we found out that we can turn our whole household green by just shopping at where every single product provided is according to high environmental standards and values. And as for me, I can still satisfy my over-consumerism habit without affecting neither the environment, nor our wallet thanks to the Couponology exclusive 15% off ReUseIt promo code and much more other deals available at the most environmental-friendly online store.


And to be honest, it’s so easy to turn your sweet home to a sweet eco-friendly one that once you do it, you’ll love it. You’ll save so much time, money and energy (just think of all these litter bags you carry) that you’d never go back to your careless behavior. Let me share some of the things we did at the beginning of our eco-plans. First off, one of the most important and simplest one was to buy reusable bags. There is no need to use plastic or even paper bags that will be destroyed from the very first use and they are not even biodegradable. It’s much more convenient to buy bags like the BlueAvocado Chil Clutch Insulated Reusable Bag or the ChicoBag Nature Collection Vita Reusable Shopping Bag that can be used for any kind of shopping and apart from eco-friendly, they look so much better than the usual plastic bags- I’m sure women know exactly what I mean!

Another absolutely wasteful routine you can change in a blink of an eye is your napkins. During a usual day, you might catch yourself throwing away a great number of them. There are even studies showing that an average person in the States uses around 6 per day. Now, make some calculations and think of the garbage that threatens the environment- napkins can’t even be recycled, it’s raw waste. Given the fact that most of us have a washing machine at home, isn’t it a shame not to use reusable napkins? They are more convenient, healthy and much more beautiful. So, why don’t you try too, the ReUseIt Hemp & Organic Cotton Napkin “I’m Not A Paper Towel” which comes in set of 4 for less than $9 or the Organic Cotton Napkins for Kids by Fabkins which are so cute and your kids will definitely love them- I do too!


Now, just thing of the number of electronic devices in your house. Not the ones that are plugged in. Think of your alarm clock, your portable DVD player or just think of the devices that need a remote control- almost all in my case. And then think of the number of batteries you throw away every month or even worse the money you spend on them. The numbers can make us feel ridiculously guilty because we all know that we can use rechargeable batteries that will diminish that misuse to a very high degree. But, most of us think that chargers and these batteries are too expensive to bother; and that might be true. However, thanks to ReUseIt, you can now get the eneloop Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries, 4-slot with 4 AA for less than $23; and you’ll never be mad at your partner again for forgetting to buy new batteries- you’ll always have at least 4 ready to use with this device.

The steps described above were just the very initial ones for our be-responsible-plan and we have more to achieve for the time to come. You can also get online at and change your attitude towards the environment by changing every single routine from destructive to thoughtful. It’s too easy, I promise!

Late September-first raindrops-boots-shopping. That’s my mind map at that exact point of the year! But! I said boots, and when I say boots, I unconsciously think of a tough cowboy or/and a hot cowgirl. Why?  Because, there is no doubt in the beauty of cowboy boots. Their highly-detailed and distinctive style tells it all. First three steps accomplished.

1But for the fourth one, now I’m in trouble. Should I prolong the map to satisfy my addiction or just stick to this cowboy –beautiful- trap I just fell into? Oh! I just love the originality of that style so I have to stick to it to make it right. Thus, I have to choose a store that will offer me both, and that means, the hottest Western styles together with a variety of the latest fashion trends- because Western style may goes far ago but I don’t. Actually, that’s easy. I’ll choose my next styles from that promotes old-school values (craftsmanship and quality) together with modern assets (comfort and convenience). Splendid!


Now, I’m sure you are curious about the steps I’ll follow to fulfil this and get to next one; my shopping plans are endless so you bet I can go on forever. :) And that’s why I always try to get through each diagram as fast as possible. So! I need a pair of new boots, or maybe two. First off, I’d definitely go for the women’s Fatbaby Boot- Earth/Bone which comes at the perfect height to flatter your legs and it’s wide enough to wear it, not only with shorts, but also with your favorite jeans; I’m sure my pants will perfectly fit in there so that I don’t get this annoying crinkle at the top end of the boot. But, what about the days I’m in the mood darker styles? Problem solved! I’ll also get the gorgeous women’s Veronica Shortie Boot- Black which comes with adjustable buckles and it’s made by top quality leather. And again it will stop at the perfect point on my calf. And the best part of all is that now we can get both of them while using the Couponology exclusive $10 off Country Outfitter promo code. Shoes. Yes, the best shopping target. Handbags. The second one. Designer bags? A hell of a desire! And since I’m loyal to my favorite designers, then I will get (already in my shopping bag) the women’s Selma Satchel which comes in a super convenient and all-year-long-trendy vanilla color. This is a one a kind bag that comes with double tote handles but also an adjustable shoulder strap- you know, for these days you have to carry your entire apartment with you. And also, I will use the $35 off Country Outfitter promo code; and I’m sharing it with because I’m a good girl- nah, it’s just that it can be used as many times as you want. Haha!

3Should I try to get into a man’s mindset now or just share mine in terms of men’s styles? I choose the second one. I know there are not many of you out there that would adopt a style other than a tee and jeans one. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love men that go a step further and adopt a more extravagant style. Meaning: boots, hats, big leather belts; all adorable and so masculine. For example, just create a picture of your usual white tee and faded jeans outfit adorned with the men’s Brown Belt w/ Bronco Rider Buckle or the 6x Cabalgata GFelt Cowboy Hat with superior fit and finish! And remember, you don’t have to be in Texas to get them, you just need the right attitude. However, if you are not that daring but still need to do some fall shopping, you can get the Tin Cloth Low Profile Cap or if 4you think that your bag had enough then you should get the beautiful men’s Logan Messenger- Cognac, which comes in the perfect size-shape-color to get you through any occasion (you will even be able to put in some of your girl’s stuff- our bags are never big enough).

Last but not least, whether you are looking for men’s, women’s or even kids’ styles, whether you want to get a more Western style or just need to fulfill your new season’s needs, at Country Outfitter you’ll find all you are looking for at the best prices.


In Love With Fashion-You Bet!

On September 18, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

Let’s play a game. When I “say” a word you “say” the first thing that comes to your mind. But because of the current circumstances, I’ll play both roles- you can try that at home too, it’s safe. But you have to be as quick as possible- we don’t want extrinsic factors to affect your answer. Ready? Let’s go!

New- Season. Do- Shopping. Women- Hot. Style- Originality. Fall- New Wardrobe. Clothes- Obsession. Accessories- Prerequisite. Fashion- Art. Online- Checkout. Save- Big. In Love- With Fashion.

Yes, it might sound very James Bond-like but if you play that game too, you’ll probably come up with the same outcome: In Love with Fashion; a way of life that turned into the hottest online store for women that respect their image, style and wallet of course! And since we are already approaching the new season- Fashion Week reports all over the world are buzzing the media and our favorite fashion magazines- all a woman needs is to get the hottest AW 2013 trends. Easy enough. We get online and get them all while saving big with the Couponology exclusive 25% off InLoveWithFashion promo code. And now, let the special shopping mission begin! A mission we (women) are way too good to get it accomplished!

jumpsuitsFirst off, the jumpsuit is here to stay. It came into the fashion spotlight a couple of seasons ago but it’s still on the top items for the new season to come. How I see that? Amazing! A jumpsuit can make your life so much easier because it’s a one-piece outfit that doesn’t allow for styling mistakes and it will definitely save you from the fashion police penalty. You get it, add some accessories and a pair of shoes and you are all set! My favorites? Sleeveless for sure, and strapless even better. A jumpsuit covers too much to allow for long sleeves or high necks and still make you look feminine. To the point! You can get the Love Forest Green Jersey Cross Over Bust Jumpsuit or the Blue Love Cobalt Strapless Jumpsuit which can be worn day or night, depending on the shoes and bag you add. Both of them come in other colors too, so you should go for the ones that flatter you the most, I chose green and blue for that reason.


Another trend that first appeared last year, but won’t leave the catwalk until next spring (at least) is the cropped tops one. I loved this trend and honored it a lot this summer (we work out all year long for God’s sake) and I’m surely gonna do the same this fall too. Apart for the whole show-off issue that we might have, high waisted trousers and dresses are also absolutely in fashion and we already know that you can’t wear a long top with a high waisted bottom. Also, keep in mind that cropped tees are sort of a trick, because they always make your beautiful legs look longer. So, why don’t you try too to get the super cute Love Blush Fluffy V-neck Cropped Tee or the Love Cobalt Fluffy Cropped Knit? Caution! They do the same job as usual knits, but (!) they save space and it’s easier to get the matched than any other length of knit. Be it with shorts, playsuit, dress, jeans –high or low waisted- with a cropped tee you’ll get the perfect fall outfit!

ilwfLastly, as far as footwear is concerned, suede and platforms is the next big thing! No matter what’s the height, the design or anything, just choose a neutral or dark color and you’ll definitely walk the walk in style! Starting with my top pick, I’d propose the ILWF Nude Suede Platform Shoe which can be worn with everything! Also, because of its design it promises maximum comfort and foot support- no way to get tired in that shoe. Or if you want something more wintery, you can try the ILWF Black Suede Cross Strap Wedge with a 13cm heel. But careful! You don’t have much time to think about it, you either trust what you are reading or you lose it- they are so good, they disappear in a blink of an eye!

Let’s go back to our game now… Style- Forever. Trends- Got them. Wallet- Full. Mission- Complete. Adios!

As we approach October, men and women all over the world are getting ready for one of the world’s biggest fairs: the Bavarian beer festival. Oktoberfest festivities might be starting towards the end of September but for the more impatient of you, Timberland decided to start celebrating a little bit earlier with the most extravagant offer of the season! Because when it comes to deals like the 25% off Timberland promo code, then you can be as excessive as you want, while saving some serious cash.

September is all about the beginning of the new fashion season, and Timberland’s got you covered with shoes and outerwear to take you smoothly into fall. And I say smoothly, because you can keep on wearing your favorite tees and shorts by just adding a jacket or a pair of boots, to stay warm and in style.

women'sLet’s get to the point, and as usual, ladies first! So, for you my fellow stylish girls, I’d suggest the Earthkeepers Savin Hill Mid Boot in tobacco forty leather, which is absolutely beautiful and can be matched with (almost) all colors in clothes or bags. Also, just imagine how gorgeous you’ll look in your hot shorts, a tee and that boot; and the traditional Bavarian hat of course when attending the feast! As for men, I’d suggest the Earthkeepers Rugged 6-Inch WP Plain Tow Boot in copper roughcut which is also super adjustable and can be worn day to night. But I’ll need some special attention here! The association with Timberland and Oktoferfest made here doesn’t imply neither that you can show off your socks over the boot nor that you should wear a lederhosen and suspenders! Unless you are member of the Bavarian community in your country of residence and only during the 16 days of the festival!


Last but not least, since people like us never go home early, especially when there is so much going on during October and evenings (or early mornings) can be quite chilling you should also equip yourself with a new jacket like the Women’s Timberland Leather Biker Jacket or the Men’s Earthkeepers Stetham Leather Bomber. They are both made by top quality leather and as everything leather-made, they are all-time-classics. And most of all, they both come with an unbeatable 25% off discount thanks to the so-welcomed Timberfest event! So, just get online and be prepared to get wasted from all these deals! Cheers!