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Seize the Deals at PacSun

On October 27, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

When I was younger, my dad used to remind me to “seize the day”. Carpe Diem is his favorite phrase I guess, not his actually since it comes from August’s time and Horace words- not that my dad is not wise enough to say something similar of course! But that’s not a biography neither a poetry class so let’s go on… Growing older he decided to stop telling that to me for a very simple reason. Being stubborn and spoiled enough to do as told, I made a small paraphrasing and decided to “seize the deal” (!), keeping just the “seize” part of it. See dad? I’m not that bad! Haha! So I went on digging all the fashion deals I could and taking the most out of them. Brilliant high school girl!

The expected result? My dad could go bankrupt and me wanting a second house for my clothes only.

The actual result? Me having a job that allows me to get and share all the best deals on fashions nobody could resist. So you see? I’m actually seizing something! I catch all the deals and sharing with all of you! After using them for myself first. ;) What kind of spoilness allows for the opposite?!


So let me show you the way that you can also seize the opportunity to do something great! You will get new clothes, inspired by the latest fashion trends, while saving big time with promo codes that will make you jump from joy! Yes! Exactly like that. You just need to follow some steps. First and foremost you need to get online at PacSun, our favorite lifestyle clothing store. Then you need to add as many items as you want to your shopping cart. And finally, add one of the Couponology exclusive PacSun promo codes and save up to 25% off your order. And that’s it! Updated wardrobe, full wallet. Good job! :)

pac1Hey, wait a minute! I’m not here just to share the deals, I’m also responsible of giving a helping hand that will get you out of this (so sweet and adorable) indecisive position before going to checkout. There are so many styles that you’ll need a day to decide. Unless you already have a room dedicated to your fashion babies (as I call my newly bought styles). Enough with the talking! Let’s see some fashion here and as it’s a Holiday week, we have to see styles that can get you through the gatherings and the trips to the countryside.

For you my fellow fashion lovers, I chose to share (and buy of course) the hottest trend of the season: animal prints. And if you tell me that you don’t just fall for them, you’ll absolutely surprise me! Anyway, let’s start with a piece that can get through the entire winter, the Billabong Shaggy Strolls Jacket that can be worn day and night and matched with almost everything. Second on the list comes the hot Afends South of Sahara Leggings which promise a super feminine outfit whether you want to wear it with your sheepskin boots or your flat ballerina shoes. And finally, since no fashionista can go to checkout without a new accessory, you have to get too the multi-color print Vans Idylwild Snapback Hat, a so cool add-on to your outfit. And remember, hats are not only for the sun!


Now, for my male friends, I decided to start with every man’s favorite piece: denim. But, before I start with my top picks, let me tell you that: long gone is the time that men didn’t were slim fit or colored jeans. And to prove my point I chose two adorable pieces that combine both! The first one is the Bullhead Denim Co Dillon Skinny New Twill Pants in gray and the second one is the Bullhead Denim Co Dillon Skinny Colored Pants. Both items come with the perfect fit, are very comfortable and also you can get them both for just $69! And one small tip here: wear them with leather shoes for a more formal styling or with trainers for a more casual one; their style serves both needs! And for the cold days of the week, my favorite sweater is the AMBIG Baylor Sweater in heather grey color, which can be worn even with sweatpants for the braver of you- love this style and my favorite jacket, the Hurley Biker Jacket.

pac4I guess now you got the way to seize a deal/opportunity/day – call it as you wish – when it knocks on your door, right? I’m sure you did and together with it, keep that in mind! This week PacSun decided to blow our minds and offers a BOGO 50% off everything coupon. What are you waiting for? Go!!! :)

Shopping for a need or a wish is good, but shopping for a cause is something else. We tend to shop to satisfy our wants, our needs or even our over-consuming nature, but when we know 100% that our money will –apart from the actual product’s value- go for the support of a very great cause then it definitely worth it.  No, that’s not a confession of a shopaholic (although I might be one), that’s just me getting introduced to two great women who put their strengths together for the greater good. Blair, a breast cancer survivor, who found her inner strenght through the aid of her family but also through the priceless support of friends and people she was introduced to while getting through treatment. Blair decided to share her hard and absolutely courageous way towards a healthy life and devotes her time in supporting people with similar experiences. Mimi is the woman next door, wife and mother of three, who’s best-known as the deal-digger. Mixing Blair’s and Mimi’s experiences and expertise I’d say, we get an amazing combination; which I recenlty discovered.

So let me share this amazing discovery with you, or my latest achievement I’d say. Achievement in the sense that my endless spending habit will finally make a difference. And trust me, if you try it once, you are going to love it. So, let me introduce, Mimi’s and Blair’s “baby”, which promises (as it name suggests) to offer you the greatest time-sensitive deals for a wide variety of products but most of all to donate part of the amount you give to the Healing Consciousness Foundation. HCF, apart from helping Blair dealing with the worst of all disease, offers holistic services for women who are getting through hard times, including therapies, wellness and fitness programs and support groups. An absolutely amazing moving gesture both from the aforesaid ladies but also for the organization itself.

I can’t talk for yourself but as far as I am concerned, Mimi’s and Blair’s idea is fantastic, because their move make us also be a better person, meaning that when you know you are helping people around you and not just your – pretty huge – ego, then it obviously makes a difference. After all, you are not a lonely over-consuming person in this world so you owe it to be gentle and thoughtful to others and these ladies give us a lesson for that exact matter. And let’s be honest, you don’t have to change any of your habits, you just need to be aware of a few but undoubtedly important things and consciously make a move towards the common good.



Now, I’m going to show you how I moved towards my latest step in supporting a greatest cause. So, I just came back from a long vacation and from the very first moment I stepped into my home, I realized that my to-do list is ready to explode, and since I always make new plans after a big break, I decided that my magnetic board has no space for more magnets, my personal but also my business Moleskine looks like a huge smudge, not to mention that the pack of post-it notes looks like an old papyrus from the time they spent on my desk. And… as I was browsing for a new possession (that’s another “problem” I have when making plans: shop new stuff, as if the suitcases were not full enough), I came up with the greatest of all ideas, when it comes to planning: a 6ft chalkboard decal. There is no better way to remember all of your pending tasks than having them in front of you on the wall. Also, it’s pretty nice to get an 80% off discount that will allow you to put a second thing in your cart too. But most of all, getting this organization-gem from will allow you to start supporting HCF!

Last but not least, October is breast cancer awareness month but keep in mind that any month is the perfect month to support breast cancer awareness. Don’t waste any more time, get online and be the good person you always wanted to be!

Get In the Spirit Of Halloween Express

On October 11, 2013, in News, by mprotonotariou

Halloween is the feeling that weirds you out when leaving your house at witching hour on a Halloween day. Grave decorations and ugly bats. But also sweet treats and carved pumpkins. Anything you do to get “in the spirit” of spook-tacular fun attending night owl-parties! Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days, and you don’t want to be left out of the party! I sure don’t. This Halloween is a haunting I will definitely attend. I’ll prepare my favorite chocolate-pumpkin cake, and decorate the main entrance with the Lunging Graveyard Baby, a lunging Dolly character I just bought from Halloween Express with red LED eyes and scary sounds. That will surely do to scare my loving neighbors’ pants off! Next step is my all-times favorite–dressing up! This time though, I’ve counted my boyfriend to be my official Halloween escort-he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’ll agree (or else he’ll have to..hohoho). I was kind enough to give him some options as to what he could wear, always matching my favorite costumes from Halloween Express! The only thing that he needs to to – besides dressing up and paying (just kidding) will be to pick up our order from a local Halloween Express store as they offer free in-store pick up for all Halloween orders – I’m sure he’ll agree with that!

Well, just in case you’re reading this blog honey, and all of you who still haven’t decided on a costume, take a close look and get inspired:

Option no 1: Blood Donors Needed, See the Count.

Let’s take a Coffin break from reality and get carried away with this Handsome Demon Vampire Adult Costume from Halloween Express, a truly theatrical  quality costume made of superior materials and trimmings.  The ideal costume for the sexy man willing to go after his victims’ blood wearing a long coat with attached shoulder cape and shirt sleeves with lace trimmed cuffs, dickie collar with ruffled lace trim, and attached medallion. I could literally die for this costume! Add some extra white pale make up and a few drops of red paint near your mouth and you won’t have to be Robert Pattinson to fit the role! Also, let me give you a small advice: garlic and crosses will be the less to ward you off if you don’t use Couponology’s 15% off HalloweenExpress Coupon Code! As for the vampiress, things become more complicated with the super sexy and mysterious Blood Vampiress Adult Costume. This original costume,  made for fatal women only, will steal your heart (not literally I hope) with a fading black-to-burgundy hue and a compelling collar, belt and choker that promise to get you in the vampire’s world. Make it yours in cold blood with Couponology’s 10% Off $25 Halloween Express Promo Code!

Option no 2: Beware: Beauty And The Beast Live Here!

I don’t want to infuence you with your decision, but this option will be my ultimum choice for this Halloween! That’s it! Firstly, because I will be the Beauty and he will be the Beast, but secondly and more importantly because those costumes are the most original and theatrical I have ever seen in my life! Again, Halloween Express made its miracle and provided us with these pure gems: I’m talking about Creature Reacher Gruesome Bat Adult and Medusa Adult Costume. I love this couple costumes combination as it isn’t the all times repetitive Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of costumes if you get what I mean; however keeping a common creepy and monsterous style. Let’s start with the absolutely horrifying Creature Reacher Gruesome Bat Adult. Seriously, if you want to scare them stiff appear suddenly out of the dark wering this suit – but first make sure they don’t get a panic (or heart) attack! If your boyfriend is like mine, having bats in the belfry, then that’s a one-way solution for him for this Halloween when using the 15% off Halloween Express Coupon Code. Honestly, if your victims stare at the costume’s evil bat mask with gaping mouth and slithering tongue it’ll drive them “batty” in no time! This horrible monster couldn’t have a better companion that the Medusa Adult Costume. Zombies, ghouls and other demons would be too ordinary for that appearance. Don’t you agree? I love the Medusa’s snake latex headpiece reminding me the powerful and ruthless Greek gorgon that had living snakes instead of hair and would turn into stone everyone she looked at! This gorgeous layered dress in shea green, matching glovettes, and leg ties will make you look that you’ve just popped out of the deep ocean! Use 10% Off Halloween Express Coupon Code and intense makeup and you’ll surely be the belle of the ball!

Option no 3: Greek & Roman Mythology

Travel back to an era where Roman emperors ruled and only gods where above them. Just for this Halloween, reach the top of the world, above the clouds and become a Roman God (if you aren’t already) with the Roman God Adult Costume. One thing is for sure: even Mars himself will envy you! This white mythological style robe with attached red drape and arm straps will give you an extra sophisticated look and something of a rhetor’s allure. The detail I love is the gold leaf headpiece leaving a divine touch on your head and lots of charms. I hope this costume won’t make you preach all night, because your loving Grecian Goddess will be terribly bored! Her costume though, will be the least boring with Greek graphic print at the ends and an attached golden belting and headpiece. A white-blonded woman will pop up this dress making others wondering whether she’s a true Godess! So, if you want to go the romantic way, dress up into two gods in love with each other, all this at a heavenly price when using the BOGO 25% Off $25 Promo Code.

I think I did my best to get you in the “spirit” of Halloween and Halloween Express world! Now it’s your time to shine.. choose your style, match it with a proper coupon or promo code from Couponology and cast away all your budget worries! It’s Halloween after all! Enjoy!!