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Show Your Swank(s) with CJ Banks!

On March 28, 2014, in News, by mprotonotariou

I woke up this morning in a rather cheerful mood. The reason why: I’m currently in my parents’ house and I rarely have the chance to spend quality time with them, it’s my day off from work, and I’m also going to help my mother pick up some new clothes for Spring. I must admit I absolutely love this new task of mine! You can’t say my mother is the most easy-going person on earth, so choosing the right outfits for her will definitely be a challenge! I only know one thing for sure: her apparel will be from CJ Banks. That’s her one-stop shop for casual and all-day looks: “If you’re searching for durable, yet stylish clothing, then you’re up for CJ Banks” my mother says and I guess that leaves no space for arguments, huh? What is very important at her age though (not implying anything here) is to feel and look younger at the same time. And that’s the reason why she kindly asked for my stylistic touch on the subject. Younger than her, I have more chances to infuse a youth breeze into apparel. At least that was her logic behind, so here I am writing this blog for all of you lovely ladies with a few pounds more and extra charms, just like my mother! My advice is to forget about concealing (your body), and start feeling! Feeling young, beautiful and sexy when wearing comfortable and chic apparel all day long!

I know very well that most ladies are insecure about what to wear each time of the day: “Hey, dear”, my mother usually argues, “do you think this cardigan will do for the occasion or will I look like overdressed?” She can’t help it but being so sweet asking for my help; however, when it comes to clothing one should have a clearer image of what to wear when to avoid stylistic mistakes. As a result, and in order to help all of you cute and indecisive ladies, I’ve come up with a few outfit suggestions for daytime, afternoon and evening that will completely transform your look without a lift!

Chambray Dot ShirtMother’s Special no 1: Morning Update

That’s the outfit I’d like to see my mother in: white colored pants like the Classic Fit Double Weave L-Pocket Pant paired with a casual and comfy shirt like the Chambray Dot Shirt. Subtle seams of the shirt and straight-leg cut pants, designed to sit at the natural waist promise a flattering silhouette that doesn’t go unnoticed. I love this outfit as it is perfect for ladies with extra stomach weight: the emphasis is given on the dot shirt, distracting the eye from the so called “problematic areas”. Pair these shirt and pants essentials with ballerina shoes in nude and you’ll get a chic result for less, especially when you use Couponology’s Up To 70% Off CJ Banks Coupon. Extra tip: if you’re up to a more sportive and cozy look, replace the shirt with a vest like the Sport Knit Vest. Subtle seams at the torso and a sporty oversized collar will give you an equally flattering alternative.

Mother’s Special no 2: Afternoon Walk Afternoon Walk

Next on my list is a Spring afternoon-savior outfit! And mother, if you’re reading this post, feel confident to wear a subtly striped tank with a knee-high denim skirt without asking for anyone’s help! You’ll be gorgeous and sharp with only a little effort. Get the Embroider Pocket Denim Skirt that will become a Spring essential and your canvas for thousands of clothing combinations! Yes, denim is fashion again and most importantly, denim means youth: the new you! As clever shopping is everything don’t forget to spend less with Up To 40% Off Full Price Items Coupon and CJ Banks Free Shipping No Min Promo Code. Pair this skirt with peep toe wedges for a chic, ladylike appearance and go shopping like a casual diva!
Evening ChicMother’s Special no 3: Evening Chic

It’s true that in the evening all you need is an impressive jacket and a straight cut monochrome dress for a flattering figure. Finding the right jacket can sometimes be tricky, so here is my advice to you: choose the piece that will go with almost everything. You can create many looks wearing something like the oh-so-modern Cascade Cardigan. Its cascading cut, ribbed details and no-closure design, create a modern silhouette that can become even more impressive with long necklaces for an evening out or a day at the office. However, if you prefer more chic and all-time classic pieces, then go for the Jacquard Texture Zip in navy, still sporty with its solid sleeves, making a contrast with the stitching details of the main body. Get cozy on cooler days and save more with Up To 70% Off CJ Banks Coupon.

Mother, if you’re still reading, I hope I’ve helped you enough with Spring shopping giving you some ideas about how you could look even younger and sexier! Now you and your lady friends have no excuses of feeling confused again. Go out and enjoy yourselves in casual chic apparel always at a discount from Couponology so that you can get a full wardrobe update!


SomaLife for a Better Life

On March 24, 2014, in Featured Merchants, News, Reviews, by nbourma

I usually write about style and appearance because, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems as though that’s all that matters. But as I get older and closer to my third decade of existence, I’m suddenly realizing the importance of other aspects of life. Yes, style is great, but what about health? What about the factors that affect our vitals, aging, brain capability, and physical performance? You have that awesome collection of clothes, accessories, shoes, that cozy home, the car you love but what would it all mean without your well-being? Substance matters here, and it’s merely an added bonus that a healthy lifestyle is noticeable in your appearance.


My first encounter with this way of approaching life (and, eventually, shopping) was stumbling upon SomaLife natural nutraceuticals. I was intrigued by the variety of supplements, and (truthfully) by the 11% off coupon on The first encounter kicked off an affair that’s here to stay. Now when I think of a good night’s sleep, glowing skin, one-hour TRX training without complete exhaustion, and remembering the tiny details of my personal and professional life, I think in terms of the nutrients my body needs, rather than idealistic daydreams.

Age Management

When you are young you might not perceive age as your enemy, but it’s always better to act proactively rather than attempting to undo existing damage when it’s too late. Save yourself the expensive face creams and Botox injections, and arm your skin with anti-aging weapons early on. Tr out SomaLife’s Youth Formula, a unique formula that will not only make you look younger but will also improve your sleep, skin, hair, body fat, nails and mood! Amazing huh? Just don’t forget that diet and a healthy dose of exercise matter too!

gHP SportAthletic Performance

You don’t have to be a professional football player to care about your everyday performance. We may not all be athletes but we are people who care about our bodies and our health. We may even spend hours at the gym for “just the right body”, whatever that may mean. The bottom line is a natural boost of energy, like the NSF “Certified for Sport” Athletic Performance Enhancer, gHP Sport can be all you need to supercharge performance, no matter what the activity. Who said you need to be at the gym to get a little tired?


Brain Health

Did you miss that meeting because you just forgot about it? Did you buy the same jacket at the mall because you couldn’t recall having already purchased the same one last year? Does your phone always run out of battery because you forgot to charge it once again? Did you introduce yourself to the same person again, only to be met with the awkward, “we already met”? I’m absolutely with you, and so is SomaLife’s IQ150 (that’s dangerously close to Einstein’s IQ of 150 so prepare for some spurts of genius). IQ 150 improves focus, concentration, memory and clarity of thought with natural ingredients like turmeric root, ginkgo biloba, green tea extract, and Spanish sage. Even better news? You don’t have to be in your pension years to have troublesome memory–it happens to the best of us!

No matter which aspect of your life could use a bit of nutraceutical attention, keep in mind that these supplements alone can’t do the job of keeping you healthy and happy. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and avoid bad habits, whatever those may be. And if overspending is one of them, save 11% with an exclusive Couponology coupon!


Break Into Spring With PacSun’s Brand New Collection!

On March 19, 2014, in News, by mprotonotariou

All of a sudden, I get an overwhelming feeling just to think about Spring time! With such freezing temperatures, I look more like a dreamer; however, it’s also true I can’t wait to get rid of my heavy long black coat and replace it with something cuter and sexier! For some, Spring might seem far away, but when it comes to clothing, fashionistas better know that fabulous new releases are already out there waiting for the smart shopper to arrive, just before they vanish! And you’d wish that smart shopper was you when you lay your eyes on PacSun’s brand new Spring Collection of bright swim, fun prints and high waisted shorts and skirts. Trust me, the moment you check them out, freezing weather will be the least of your worries! To save you from valuable time, I’ve come up with a couple of looks you simply can’t miss and will This is a love song Faded Skirtbecome the next Spring must haves! Just lay back and picture your ideal Spring scenery: a romantic afternoon walk, attending your favorite concert, hanging out with friends or sunbathing by the water…

Look no 1: This is a Love Scene Look

For the ones you’ve picked the romantic afternoon walk, check out the PacSun’s Exclusive This is a Love Song Faded Skirt outfit. This skirt by This is a Love Song depicts a faded blue and purple tie dye pattern throughout and button back detail. The 42″ length maxi skirt is unlined with super soft, lightweight fabric that promises to give an etheric movement that will seduce even the most demanding partner. Dazzle him with the colors of the sunset and in the end he won’t even remember his name, especially if you sex it up with a top in coral or peach plum! A diva’s hat will add to your charms as well as metallic cuffs for a touch of glam!LA Hearts Fringe Tank

Look no 2: Get Fringy Festive!

Now if concerts are your thing, then what’s better than a night out wearing the LA Hearts women’s Fringe Tank detailing a cropped cut and fringe trim? This tank top has thin straps and soft fabric which make it ideal for a passionate festival performance… by you! Pair it with bold colored high waisted shorts and hip accessories like jewelry and sunglasses as well as Grecian sandals for a complete casual-festive look! And if your ticket cost Element Kiss Me Muscle Tankyou a fortune, LA Hearts Tank won’t when you use Couponology’s 25% Off + Free Shipping Promo Code!

Look no 3: Make Your Statement

You’re a cool type and you know it! So do your friends who love you. You have no fear to make your statement and support it fiercely that’s why you pick up the right apparel: the Kiss Me Muscle Tank by Element x Jac Vanek paired with the Bullhead Denim Co High Rise 5 Pocket Fray Hem Shorts. Confidence is written all over your face wearing a bold statement front graphic with a tie dye pattern. Short’s vintage indigo faded color with destroyed detail throughout, come as the perfect supplement for a wild, yet fashionable look! You can always finish them off with the Beach Riot Superior Sunnies for a breathtaking look they’ll never forget. All you need to remember is that  Couponology is  here for you offering a 15% Off Sitewide PacSun Coupon !

Look no 4: As Colorful As SpringBeach Riot Papi Top

This is the part where I get absolutely PacSun crazy: the warm sun touching my skin while wearing the Beach Riot Papi swimsuit in its colorful striped pattern. As cheerful as it gets! I adore the cap sleeve detail, adding a cute and original flair to this oh-so-full-of-Spring top that goes perfectly well with denim and colored sunglasses. Fully lined with stretch fabric this top can easily become a Spring and summer all day must-have! You can always use Couponology’s exclusive 25% Off + Free Shipping Promo Code to save more on your future orders!

I don’t know about you, but I had a great time traveling to the upcoming Spring ‘era of amazing clothing having PacSun as a vessel. Remember that bright swim, fun prints and high waisted shorts could change your winter mood: just let Couponology lead along with its exclusive promo codes, coupons and deals!


After enduring a tough winter, snowstorms and, worst of all, all those huge coats and winter accessories that don’t really allow for much style and hairdos to be shown to the public eye, March is here to remind us that spring is on its way. The temperature is still low but the sun is making its first appearances and every woman knows the new season calls for a closet makeover.

As with every new beginning, we have to start with the basics. Would you plan a trip without having your passport renewed? Never! So how could you plan your new spring styles without some classic basics? When I say classic, I wouldn’t dare think of boring, old-fashioned, ancient items. I’m thinking of a piece of clothing that goes well with (almost) anything, and can be modified to be as classic or as trendy as you choose. In other words, I’m thinking Christopher & Banks. Because for me, when a store can dress me (aged 27; top secret) and mom (53), that equals to shopping success.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication (Leonardo Da Vinci)  

When I think of classic pieces that every woman needs in her collection, I aim for simplicity. Yes, I also have that extravagant shirt with gold details that would blind someone in direct sunlight, but that’s a statement piece. When I look for my next closet staple, I focus on color and follow the season’s palettes of the world’s top designers. For this season, the color palettes have managed to accommodate something magical. The prettiest pastels together with bright floral colors–think greens, blues, and oranges.

christopher & banks 1

I compiled a couple of looks that focus on simplicity, the latest color trends, style, comfort, and (as always), savings! This weekend Christopher & Banks is having their incredible Friends & Family event that will save you an extra 40% on everything!  The first outfit revolves around a beautiful skirt that mixes the floral trend with the all-time-classic purple (Purple Ribbon Challis skirt). The A-line shape and decorative details allow enough room to experiment with the top–opt for a tank and cardigan combo (I love the Satin Trim Tank in white with The Perfect Cardigan ¾ Sleeve in Dahlia Orchid), or a plain top like the best-selling ¾ Satin Trim Tee in Byzantine Purples, in complementary shades.

christopher & banks 2The second outfit I’ve picked out is much more classic but very convenient for all those days when you want to look put-together but not overdressed. I based this one on a shirt I love that has gotten me through many situations–from the most formal to the most casual–the Petite Gingham Essential Shank Button Shirt with metallic buttons. A shirt that can be worn buttoned, unbuttoned with a nice tank, or underneath a sweater. Versatility wins major points from me, so this shirt is a gem. You can combine it with the Signature Comfort Denim Capri in dark stonewash and a nice pair of flats or sandals, or with the super flattering Signature Slimming Colored Jean in classic fit that can be worn with hot pumps for a beautiful dinner date outfit.

One is Never Overdressed or Underdressed in a Little Black Dress (Karl Lagerfeld)

christopher & banks 3

If your little black dress has turned grey from its countless washes, don’t worry! Christopher & Banks carries these staple pieces for as little as $26.97! To dress up your LBD, try on a pop of color with a pair of bright earrings or a statement necklace. Browse their selection to put together your own classic outfit, and don’t miss the Christopher & Banks Friends & Family event to get spring-ready on a budget!