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By the end of May we always feel bombarded by this diet-weight loss-beach murmur. And it might make us feel a little bit nervous, annoyed or even hesitant, in the sense that we should have probably lost the extra weight though the winter. No! Don’t even dare to fall into this I-have-to-be-skinny, rough, even hysterical, I’d say, state of mind. Long gone are the days that every woman should look identical, that every woman’s body had to lose its femininity and that everyone should fit a size up to 2-6. Don’t look at the “bible” on your coffee table! Look at the women on the street, ask your boyfriend, ask your dad or whoever you trust! Women have to be feminine, curvy and that’s all that makes you sexy as hell! Not to mention, that it makes you self-respective and not self-punishing. And for that women, that love their bodies, their curves, and their femininity after all, Torrid offers the hottest styles with the hottest deals!

Summer is almost here, and fabrics have to be softer & lighter, styles change from strict to playful and our mood is so lifted that we can’t wait to hit the beach! And to save you some time and money, I’ve picked up for you 3 adorable styles that will make you welcome summer in vogue!

torrid 1

The first one, which I would call work-morning meeting style, starts with the season’s hottest trend; a leopard print peplum top that can be worn day and night and its fit is absolutely flattering. You can match this one with the Torrid cropped skinny jean in black, a piece that will get you through many spring/summer occasions and because of its length it can be combined with any kind of footwear (sandals, heels, flats, pumps). For a morning casual outfit, I would add the crochet lace slip-on flat which is so comfortable but at the same time so hot, you’ll definitely stand out in the office! And how about getting this complete, super fashionable outfit while saving big with the 10% off Torrid promo code? Cool huh?

torrid 2

Then, for an evening cosmo with the girls, I’d definitely go for the floral chiffon hi-lo dress. And let me justify myself here. First, I think that hi-lo designs are the hottest style you could get. Second, tank tops with a high-waist skirt design flatter your curves as much as possible. Third, hi-lo designs can be worn with flats or heels without making your legs looks short. In other words, just go for it; you’ll love it! Now, if you want to flatter your waist even more, then you should add a belt. For shoes, since we are talking about a cocktail and not a tea, I’d propose the 4-buckle gladiator wedge sandal. Finally, to complete this hot outfit you should add accessories. What about the mixed metal multi-chain layered necklace and the pave gemstone wing earrings? Gorgeous! And the Couponology exclusive BOGO 50% off Torrid promo code? Even better!

torrid 3No self-conscious woman goes to checkout in late May without a new bikini. None! And this year, we’ve seen all around that vintage swimwear is a must. Especially when you have curves to die for. Speaking of which, you should try the peek-a-boo striped swim top + bottom which is super-hot and also, because of the combination of vertical and horizontal lines it adds or fades the parts you want to show off or not! Together with it, you should get the striped button front swim skirt. You know, for the time you need to get off your sunbed and head to the bar for another mojito! OMG! I can’t wait for that drunk-on-the-beach moment to come!

And since I’d like to dream of the beach for a little bit now, I’ll stop here. But one last advice before I go. Hurry up! Because deals and styles like these go fast! Here you go: click here!


Time For Dads & Grads!

On May 27, 2014, in News, by mprotonotariou

It’s high time we celebrated the most important men in our lives! And every daughter, mother, or girlfriend knows exactly what I mean. We absolutely love our dads (and grads) for what they are and what they’ve offered us so many years now. This gratitude cannot be put into words, or expressed with occasional gifts, no less. And that’s the reason why dad & grad gifting lies as a sweet burden on our shoulders, filled with extra responsibility and therefore, anxiety! In the search of an ideal dad/ grad gift, I’ve ended up into a major conclusion: this item has to be timeless as the feelings we share for our loved ones. On the other hand, it should be somehow current and fashionable in order to please them more. And which item is timeless yet current at the same time? The old times classic watch, of course. Timepieces have always been a man’s secret charms weapon. Take James Bond for an instance, and his relationship with the iconic Omega and Rolex watches. Moreover, a watch is a present that doesn’t stop to its first possessor, but continues traveling from one generation to another, filled with emotions and memories of the past. It is also a gift of grandeur and prestige, that’s why it perfectly suits successful daddies and young and promising grads!

Either your gift is for a dad or a grad, you only have to define his style: sporty, chic or fashion-edgy and you’ll definitely find a match from great watch retailers like Sprinter Chronograph Black Tread Silicone Black (my personal favorite).

The Sporty TypeAmbassador Black Silicone & Dial Gunmetal IP Case

Swiss Legend is the ultimate brand that falls exactly into a sport type’s taste. I absolutely LOVE Swiss Legend for their unique, oh-so-perfect designs that no man’s wrist could resist! I’ll give you a short straight example: the Sprinter Chronograph Black Tread Silicone Black Dial from I’m in love with its striking silicone strap in a tire tread pattern detail, calling out for new adventures. If your dad’s profession is in the fast lane or he has a passion for automotive, then this is by all means his kind of a present. Its muscular rounded-square case in stainless steel (47mm diameter) will add extra charms, while bonus features like the Swiss-made quartz movement and water resistance to 100 meters cannot go unnoticed. This watch is also a great gift option for a young automotive enthusiast graduate; alternatively, you could go for the Ambassador Black Silicone & Dial Gunmetal IP Case from the same brand, and from The decorative coin-edge detail on the bezel and a protective side bar$20 Off Coupon Code on the crown give emphasis to its sporty look and make the Ambassador an ideal choice for junior dynamic professionals. Time for less expenses! Don’t forget to use the from Couponology to save big on your orders!

Always Chic

Men's Chronograph Black Dial Gunmetal IP Stainless SteelAlthough chic and classy is not my style when it comes to watches, I will make an exception with Men’s Chronograph Black Dial Men's Black Dial Black IP Stainless SteelGunmetal IP Stainless Steel watch by Fossil. What a beauty! If your dad has a classical style, but you really dislike the view of silver and golden bracelets (couldn’t agree more), then consider a bracelet in gunmetal stainless steel. You’ll get durability in a more current look that will update your loving father’s style as well. Its chronograph quartz movement will make sure your dad is punctual with his appointments, while the 50M water resistance   is going to protect him against all odds! You can pair this unique timepiece with a dark grey formal suit and your father will show off his new possessions with pride as soon as he gets back to the office – cute daddies we love! No one in the office will guess how much you spent using Couponology’s $10 Off $100 eWatches Coupon Code! Now if you care to please a style addicted graduate, ready to be entered into upper class business cycles, then Men’s Black Dial Black IP Stainless Steel by Fossil and eWatches will do the work for you. The stainless steel bracelet and case will add power and prestige to his already sharp looks, which will not go unnoticed by anyone in the room.

Fashion Forward

This category is for Dads and grads on the edge of fashion. Always a step ahead, not afraid to make their own statements, those are the dads and grads they usually do all Men's Russian Diver Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethanethe shopping on their own- indeed, no one could better understand their style. Except for you: surprise your trendy dad with a bold statement watch like the Men’s Russian Diver Chronograph Black Dial Black by Invicta. Its intricate detail and design, make it a true mind blower, while the neon purple details remind us of a gallant structure. It’s the fine art of timepieces, I would sayMen's Pro Diver Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane and many would agree with me. Bonus point, the light green luminous Arabic numerals at the marker which make this watch really unique and original. For our graduates, I would suggest the Men’s Pro Diver Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane, as its green, white and luminous indices bring out something from outer space they will absolutely love! Only its price will be down to earth when using Couponology’s $15 Off $75 eWatches Coupon Code! This timepiece will easily become their “it” accessory, wearing it from day time till night clubbing.

Well, after so many watch-seeing I have a confession to make: I got so excited that I’ll buy one for my boyfriend as well! He might not be a grad (not a recent one for sure) or a dad, but he’s a man with style and he’ll appreciate this move! It is true that no matter what the occasion, a watch is a timeless piece to be remembered for years to come. Just make your best guess and you’ll have the most caring, but also impressive present to perfectly fit into a man’s world.


KISS: Date Night Getup Preferences

On May 20, 2014, in News, by mprotonotariou

If you’re the type of woman or man who stands hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what to wear on a first date, then you’re at the right place, the right time, reading this blog. After hours of endless conversations with both sides (men and women accordingly), regarding what they’d like to see the opposite sex wearing on their first date, I’ve ended up with a few safe conclusions that I’d like to share with you, with a single hope to make your lives easier. In a nutshell, men and women alike tend to prefer that their date follow the KISS principle when getting ready for a date. In other words, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Both parties agreed that their date should be extra clean and perfumed (not too much though), full of confidence and extra charms; and effortless! And by effortless, we mean the apparel you would pick for an afternoon walk with a friend. Yes, you read right! Especially when it comes to men, they adore sneakers and casual clothing as they say a woman is sexier when her getup looks effortless. Women, on the other hand, tend to have an obsession with men’s T-shirts and statement tees! Who could ever decode a woman’s mind really… I’ll try, however, to become clearer by giving you a picture of a woman’s ideal dating outfit (as described by men) and then a man’s complete look as seen from a ladies’ microscope. men's outfit

I’ll start with men and what they expect to see us wearing on a first date. They say men are simple creatures and I tend to believe that; Most of my male friends when asked about their favorite women’s outfits they all picked denim as their preferred pants! As they stated, denim better shows a woman’s body and curves, so it’s considered to be very sexy. One of my friends said: “I wish every woman I met wore denim; I would finally get rid of all the formal wear I keep in my closet as a sealed secret”. Also, denim shows you ladies aren’t trying too much to impress us and in a guys’ world this stands for confidence- too sexy to resist, another one said. Then, I asked them which denim, (I needed to know as you can see!) and all of my male friends were showing me bright colored jeans, like the Splatter Paint 5-Pocket Skinny Jean by Nine Days with sexy splatter details and multiple functioning pockets. Got the point! Denim needs to be simple and bright colored, but not the same applies to top, I have to say! Almost all of them liked to see some skin coming out, especially if this skin would be from the cleavage. What a surprise! However, the younger and fashionable ones picked cropped tops as the best complementary outfit to a denim. Something, bright, youngish and sexy, showing off some skin, they confessed. From what I get, Designs Box Crop Top by Stussy and DrJays is the ideal garment for those of you ladies who want to be very close to the guys’ standards. Last but not least, shoes should be sporty and trendy at the same time. They said they would be overwhelmed if a woman picked the “right” shoes to wear plus she would get extra points if those shoes were bold and out-of-the ordinary. I literally impressed them when I showed them the Gazelle Og Wc Farm W Sneakers by Adidas with their oh-so-lovely floral print and self-tie lace closure. Now, picture the outfit and if you miss something, here’s a hint: go get it asap from DrJays using Couponology’s 15% Off Exclusive Promo Code for extra savings!women's outfit

Next, is ladies turn. My friends and I have decided that we no longer want to see a man overdressed or too formally dressed just because he looks sharp in tuxedo and suits. Instead of that, we prefer him plain and sexy as he goes to the gym, but without the sweating! This breathtaking conclusion came out on a sunny day and after hours of guys’ checking out… So here it is (drum roll sound effect)! This is the ultimate outfit for every guy who doesn’t want to return at his place alone: statement T-Shirt, loose pants and sneakers. I call them lethal weapons as they will always manage to make you fall for the guy wearing them at a single glance! Make a daring statement and you have nothing to be afraid of; take as an example the We Own The Night T-Shirt by Vampire Life. You can keep the black color as a basis (we won’t tear you apart from your big love), and add some purple in the center, girls love to see you in color! Logo T-Shirts make you look young spirited and confident, as bold shoes do on us ladies! Moreover, you need sport pants to create the impression you’re working out, even if you don’t that often; nothing could ignite our imagination more. Choose bright colored pants to make a contrast with the black T-Shirt, like the Brooklyn Nets Tip Pant – details like these matter to us. Finish off your looks with athletic sneakers like the Superstar 2 Sneakers and she’ll definitely get excited with you!

Having both outfits styled up, I hope this time you’ll spend less time in front of the mirror… if not, you can always check out some of DrJays new arrivals accompanied with Couponology’s discounts for successful dates on a budget! :-)


Taking the opportunity from Mother’s Day, I was thinking that our grandparents as invaluable to us as our parents. But, don’t you think that we often forget that they might have more needs than we do but missing the ability to satisfy them? Shouldn’t we give them more of our time and give them the same opportunities that we have? Shouldn’t we try to make their lives much more beautiful and safer since after all, we owe our existence to them? Of course we do, and that’s why we shouldn’t let them miss all these great online shopping opportunities and comforts that we get. You wouldn’t expect your pap or your nana getting online and buy something for themselves, right? I neither, and that made me feel quite guilty; so, I decided to spend this day shopping exclusively for my grandparents! All of them; after all, I won’t spend much because I found the most money-saving website for seniors:


I’m not a doc and also I can’t know if your grandparents have any specific concern to focus on, but I know for sure, that there are those small things that can make every old person’s everyday life much easier and convenient. And as everyone knows, a good day starts with a good sleep, and as you might have witnessed, it is quite hard for older people to get up of their bed if it’s not at the suitable height and if they don’t get a kind of support. And since getting a higher bed is not that money- and time-saving, you can get them the Cushioned Bedside Support Rail that secures to any bed and helps getting in and out of bed, together with the Wood Bed Risers, that except for making the bed more suitable for elders, it also adds storage space under the bed- you know, for all these useless stuff your grandma keeps on saving; but that’s another story.


Bedroom all set! Now, you can focus on bathroom, another everyday action that looks so easy for us, but not so for seniors. The most serious safety issue we have to focus on when thinking of taking a shower is slipping. And that’s not only for seniors, it’s for all of us and for any age. But, since I’m not that much into bath mats (I can’t stand so much plastic in my bath), I’d propose either the Shower Steps Slip Resistant Footwear or the Bathtub Safety Treats which are much more easier to clean and remove than mats. The former is more suitable for old people, since they won’t need to lean over to put them in place and then remove them and so on. Lastly, since older people can’t be standing for long, I would propose the Plastic Corner Shower Seat, that comes with an over 50% off discount and you can get it shipped for free with the free shipping promo code from

ec3Last but not least, since summer is just around the corner, I can’t think of anything better than getting my grandparents something that will make them enjoy their time in their garden. So, first off I’ll go for the Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion that can add comfort to any chair, and reduces friction. And since there is nothing better than reading your book, in your comfortable armchair while having your legs stretched on something –preferably not on a table or on another chair – you can get the Foldable Rocking Footrest, which comes with a pillow to support your legs, is lightweight, space-saving and it can moved very easily. Looks so good that I should get this one for my house as well! Quantity: 4. Done!

You see? So easy-to-think and get little things that can make your grandparents life so much more beautiful. And yours too, because you’ll know that they are having a safe and pleasant everyday life! Not to mention that giving gifts is one of the biggest joys in life, especially to grandparents that we love them to the moon and back!

May is the last month of spring, and probably one of the best ones. We are already into the much-loved summer mood but we still have the time to enjoy this awesome summer-is-near feeling. New clothes, new mood, home redecorations (no, velvet is not acceptable in May) and the best of them all: garden makeovers. And if not garden, then patio, backyard, called it as you wish, it’s all outdoors and it all has to be beautiful and joyful, full of colors and aromas. In other words, whether you are a vegetable, flower, herb or even a barbeque person you have to make your home’s outdoor look stunning. And you have an amazing partner for the accomplishment of that exciting assignment: with an endless variety of gardening products together with an incredible Couponology exclusive 20% off Burpee promo code.

Gardening Essentials

burpee1The good gardener starts by gathering all the equipment needed before starting the action. You know, that equipment that you’ve probably missed somewhere in your garage, or these tools that spend all winter lost in your garden because you never minded storing them properly (look who’s talking now!). Trust me, starting over with dust and stain won’t get you anywhere. So, first off, you need a good pair of gloves (my fellow ladies out there wouldn’t dare to damage their mani) and a garden tool bag – with a 10% off discount – otherwise all these new tools you are going to buy today, will have the same end as the ones you bought last year: lost, stained, useless.


Then you need some tools to prepare but also to maintain your garden. I started with the Garden Tool Set that includes a dibbler, planter, fork, trowel and weed puller for just $43.95; but to be honest, it’s not only the great price that made me choose it, it’s just that is so much better having someone else collecting the five essentials tools for you. Then, I bought a spade, a pruner and a hedge sheers, which I think are the main tools you are going to need while planting and afterwards. All set to move on now!


burpee3You got the basics and it’s time to get into action. Start from preparing the soil, removing all unwanted plants from your garden, clean up the space so that it looks beautiful and ready to welcome all of your new seeds and plants. Now, it’s time for you to decide if you are going to move one with seeds, plants or maybe a combination of them. I chose the latter; plants to get a little bit of color and optimism that there is something growing in your garden and seeds so as to feel proud when the first leaves appear on the scene. For example, you can get some garden ready vegetables like the Baby Boomer Hybrid tomatoes which are not nice to see but they are also much easier to be consumed (you know, no cutting, just washing and the salad is ready). You can now get 3 pants for less than $17, and except for that, tomatoes is one of the easiest vegetables to plant and grow plus the current season is perfect for them. If you prefer vegetables that can grow in containers, you can go for the Burpee exclusive, the Pepper, Sweet, Tangerine dream that comes in a 3-plant package for just $15.95.


Vegetables and fruits are good, and they may look more useful than flowers – as long as you like a healthy diet – but for me, flowers is all that matters. A beautiful garden needs to be soaked by flowers of all colors, sizes and types. One tip here! I always choose to plant flowers that grow in different seasons in order to make our garden look nice all year long. The same can be done with planters on your terrace. The choice of the flowers is absolutely subjective so you can just have a look at the endless list and choose the ones you love. Me, I chose the gorgeous Sunflower Ms. Mars (another Burpee exclusive) because I love it when something is extraordinary and the color of this one, it’s absolutely that. Then, I got a couple of bulbs of one of my faves which is the Calla. I know a bulb can grow a bit slowly but it absolutely worth it! Also, this flower can be decorated indoors since it looks stunning in vases. No! Of course I didn’t stop here, but if I go on I’ll won’t stop.

That being said, just get online and choose among the greatest variety of plants and seeds. The day is longer, the sun is out and it’s the perfect period to start your gardening adventures. Boots, hat, gloves and here we come garden darling! :)