Get the Perfect Pour with Fizzics at Brookstone!

On October 27, 2016, in News, by Couponology

It’s almost November, which means holiday gift shopping will soon be on everyone’s minds! Brookstone, the company known for the super cool gadgets and gizmos, has wowed us yet again with a product they’ve recently started carrying and this one is sure to be a gadget that you’ll love to gift, or perhaps even buy for yourself!

The Fizzics Beer System is a unit that will enhance your beer drinking experience. I personally dislike drinking anything from the can because of that metal taste, but the Fizzics Beer System has changed the game completely! Your store bought can or bottle beers will now have a fresh, from-the-tap taste because of this awesome system that enhances flavor and gives a better mouthfeel. By creating a visually appealing head, the Fizzics System is sure to enhance even the most experienced beer drinker’s experience!

The system is super easy to use, and is compatible with just about any size beer can or bottle. You simply pull the tap handle to pour, and push it to create the perfect foam head!  Quality draft beer is now within reach from the comfort of your home because of this system. The best thing about the system is that it not only makes your beer look and taste better, but it’s also small enough to be portable, allowing you to use it at home, during that tailgate, and even at backyard barbeques! Picture yourself on a hot summer day drinking that crisp, refreshing beer with a hamburger… but this time, the experience is different because the beer is smoother AND tastes better because of Fizzics! And not to worry when you’re moving the Fizzics system around, this bad boy takes batteries so there are no long and annoying cords to deal with.


You can take a look at this video from Brookstone explaining how the Fizzics System works, but believe me, you could not go wrong with gifting this beer enhancing tool – I already have a few people in mind that’ll love this! Be sure to head on over to Brookstone to snag $20 off a Fizzics Beer System for yourself, on sale now for $149.99! Happy Shopping!


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