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Travel-Friendly Hair Tools from T3 Micro!

On August 2, 2017, in News, by Couponology

No matter where you go this summer, you always need your best friends by your side. And by ‘best friends’, I mean all the necessary hair styling tools! What’s the point of taking a fabulous vacation if you can’t look glamorous? Which leads me to my next question: how can I fit all my hair styling tools in my small suitcase? Now, you can! While I was browsing through, I found perfectly compact styling tools that will keep your hair looking its very best!

The most versatile tool I found is this sleek Whirl Trio, which combines 3 excellent curling tools in one luxurious set. You can create polished curls of different sizes, and style endless looks that will be sure to amaze the crowd! A curling iron can be such an advantage, and once you see the stunning results it delivers, it will become your go-to asset for hair styling. First and foremost, it controls the frizz in your hair (since every woman considers frizzy hair an absolutely curse!). Also, the fact that it’s made with ceramic means it will protect your hair from the heat while creating sexy waves. Trust me, everyone will long to touch your hair!


The next best thing I came across is the T3 Mini Miracles Set, a super-dynamic mini duo packaged in one sensational set that’s perfectly suitable for traveling. Luxury and technology are combined in these innovative tools designed to create glamourous hair styles, and they will easily fit your smaller suitcase. Next up is the T3 Tourmaline SoftAire Dryer, which delivers consistent heat without overexposure (necessary for resisting heat damage), while Tourmaline-generated ions preserve moisture, enhance shine, and prevent frizz. The flat iron is petite yet powerful, and its ceramic plates protect and nourish damaged hair, leaving you with a lustrous effect that lasts throughout even the most humid conditions. I can speak from experience, since my hair is a total frizzy mess; this is an absolute wonder for you hair!


Moving along, another indispensable accessory I purchased is the AntiGravity 3’’ Brush, one of the best on the market. This brush will ensure that you don’t have to deal with hair breakage, hair loss, or heat damage, and the innovative Tourmaline and Ceramic barrel adds volume and shine to your hair. Use this brush while you blow dry your hair, and I can bet everyone will think you had a professional blowout!


Sometimes we find ourselves traveling to a place where we are unsure of the water conditions and how safe it is to drink or shower in. Because of this, I always carry my T3 Source Showerhead when I travel, a small universal shower filter that reduces chlorine and salts which can cause frizzy and damaged hair. This always leaves my hair super shiny, and lets you wash your hair without fear no matter where you are!


Hair is one of the most feminine and impressive elements of a woman, so don’t forget to apply oils, nourishing treatments, and masks, and stop by T3 Micro to pick up the best hair tools for ultimate protection.  Follow my advice, and you too will have sleek, rich and fabulous summer hair – plus, enjoy savings on your purchase when you use our 10% off T3 Micro promo code at checkout!


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