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Before I get started I’d like to make two statements:

  1. A man can be extremely stylish in the blink of an eye.
  2. Achieving excellence in one area shouldn’t stop you from achieving it elsewhere.

Yes, my statements are quite personal- and that’s why they are mine. But! If you think more closely about them, then you’ll see that they can be objectively true. And let me share two examples that will make you agree with me. First of all, most of you (men) believe that style is hard to obtain, not because you don’t have it, but because you don’t want to spend time in the malls or because you just don’t have the right guide (me, in that case) that will help you update your wardrobe with a click! And secondly, the fact that Allen Edmonds, for example, has reached excellence in shoe craftsmanship, doesn’t mean that you won’t find the hottest styles in clothing, bags, accessories and much more when shopping online at You see? Both points explained with real-life cases! And so, I decided to make your life easier and ours prettier by picking up two complete outfits that will definitely make you look as handsome as possible but also unbelievably well-studied!

Under The Daylight

I’ll start with a casual or, maybe, morning outfit that I chose! So, to begin with, renew your style with a brand new pair of jeans, like the Mid Blue Cahrisma Jeans by 34 Heritage with the latest stretch technology that promises to hug your body and offer superior fit. You can combine this one with the top quality 100% cotton Coral/ Blue Graph Button Down Collar Dress Shirt which apart from its gorgeous color (trust me, it’s really cool to see men in that kind of colors), it also comes with a $65 discount! Also, it’s summer and you have to wear joyful and bright colors; leave dark ones for winter… Then, you need a belt to add an accessory to your style, and in that case you should get the Barry Burn Belt in white leather which also adds a summery sense to your style. But that’s not only for that reason I propose it. As you can see there is white in the shirt’s check but most of all, it will be perfectly matched with your shoes, because I chose just for you the gorgeous Shortstop Boat Shoe in tan leather with white sole –detail is the secret of success in fashion. That’s an amazing pair of shoes –here, there is no need for details since we all know Allen Edmonds expertise in craftsmanship- that can be worn all year round together with the super handy American Heritage Leather Document Briefcase by JW Hulme. Except for its top quality, this bag promises convenience because of its amazing design with interior compartments, pockets, key leash and more features! And that’s it! Now, you have the perfect casual outfit that will get you the best comments- try to be modest! Ha!

Under The Moonlight
So, now that you have a hot morning style, you also need to update your formal wardrobe, you know… This kind of clothes you need to get your girl out for a nice dinner, to attend that meeting in the office or your friend’s engagement party. Let’s get to the point! First off, in more formal occasion when you choose to wear a pair of jeans you absolutely need a darker shade like the Dark Blue Charisma Jeans by 34 Heritage; the perfect color for countless combinations with shirts and accessories. Match it with the Cobalt Blue Bobby Button Down Collar Dress Shirt which has the perfect fit and feeling because of the top quality cotton it’s made from. You can now get this one and save over $60! Cool as you’ll be when in it! But wait! You are not done yet! You need a top quality and as-detailed-as-possibly crafted pair of shoes like the so modern and beautiful Neumora Brown Burnished Calf Monk Straps shoe which comes with a $98 discount! Yes for real! And trust me, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd and all these usual loafer/ boat/ oxford style choices! Finally, in order to avoid carrying your bag with you (you never know how your night will end up) you can keep your money safe in your pocket with the Cocobolo Wood Money Clip by M-Clip. A so perfectly designed accessory that you won’t be able to stop using even when carrying your wallet with you!

Now, that I’ve shared all of the above, I’m sure you totally agree with me! By just visiting one store, you just got the latest trends but also adopted Allen Edmonds quality and expertise in men’s fashions. And you are also free to use my initial statements too. Don’t you worry… They are not copyrighted! J But before I go, one more thing all men should keep in mind: A man in style is as adorable as diamonds were to Marilyn! Trust me!


When we talk about the degree of quality, history can speak for itself. And when we talk about the class of craftsmanship, the years of expertise can be the most veracious proof. In fact, you don’t always need to say a lot when you refer to a brand whose name is associated with tradition and a strong heritage. But most of all, with a principle that brings consumer’s comfort and style to the front line. Actually, with an almost 100-year-old mastery and in- depth knowledge of men’s shoes, Allen Edmonds Company doesn’t need much of an introduction.

In order to get into the brand’s feel, you only need to take into consideration the fact that Allen Edmonds products have managed to knock out the generational gap, in terms of style of course. When you think of Allen Edmonds products two very dissimilar adjectives come to mind: classic and modern. It’s a fact, that the shoe artists (that’s how I would call them) have mastered their talent at such a degree that tradition has been marvelously coupled with style and fashion. Be it your grandpa, your father, your brother or even your son, is the top destination for comfortable, stylish and durable shoes made by the top available materials and crafted with exceptional attention to details.

But you are probably aware of the above information so let’s get more specific. Allen Edmonds offers a huge collection of shoes in any style you might think of; dress shoes, oxfords, loafers, boat shoes, driving shoes, golf shoes and more. Also, you can shop online for accessories, a couple of clothing items, shoe care products and casual or dress belts but also make custom shoes so that you get to wear a unique piece. To make it easier for you (because the collections are endless), I’ve made up a top three list which I believe that every man would love to wear and every woman would love to see!

First off, since I can’t hide my obsession with boat shoes, I’ll start with my favorite. Browsing around, I came up with the brand new Port Washington, unlined slip- on casual shoes. This, absolutely charming, shoe is made by top quality leather, has white leather laces and comes with a white rubber sole that makes it absolutely fashionable. But most of all, what makes the difference on that pair of shoes are the available colors, among which there are a couple of bright ones for the most daring of you! As you can see, I’d really go for the green grain print leather one- I think they should start crafting shoes for women too! You can now get this one and save with the free shipping coupon from Couponology.

Secondly, another gorgeous item that can be worn year- round is the Arezzo Chili Grain Burnished Leather dress shoes. This handcrafted slip- on loafer is an Italian shoe that comes with a dark rubber sole and an Old English silver bit. However, although we might call it a dress shoe, I’d definitely like to see this one with a nice and well-designed pair of jeans. You can go for it while saving $168 with the 50% off Allen Edmonds clearance coupon. Finally, because of the season, I couldn’t but end with the white leather Fastball- baseball stitched handsewn casual men’s boat shoes that can be customized with your favorite team’s official MLB logo. This style is part of the premium collection and comes with red details. It can be perfectly matched with jeans or shorts and worn all day long, from now till fall. Also, you can combine this pair with the premium leather Spectator belt in white with walnut details and a solid brass buckle while saving $29.

That was only a small sample of the styles available at Allen Edmonds but I guess my main point is obvious… No matter what your age, style, body type or even your occupation is, you only need to be aware of shoe quality and have high standards and I guarantee you will find at least one pair of shoes that matches your needs at Allen Edmonds.