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For Your Eyes Only

On April 25, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

“Kill two birds with one stone”! Ha! It always makes my day when I say that, it sounds like a huge accomplishment to me! And to be honest, it is! Especially, when it has to do with shopping- when everything is an accomplishment, or maybe an investment as I like to say with my friends! For example, today I can proudly shout that out loud. Thanks to the unbelievable BOGO free coupon, I can finally get a new pair of eyeglasses, or maybe two! And now’s the perfect time to do just that! It is spring and you have to get rid of your winter-styled glasses and go for something bright, joyful or maybe for something extreme. And also, your eyeglasses are an accessory in use every day, so you need a change, can’t you tell?

That’s exactly what I did! I decided on a pair of glasses, a fashion statement, that would stand out in the crowd. And that’s the Gryazi Tortoise Medium Full-Rim Fashion Eyeglasses that come with any lens your eyes desire–single vision, bifocal, progressive or trifocal. This cat eye frame is definitely a must-have for every girl that loves being stylish and respects the fashion trends. Together with this pair, for the days that I want to “wear” my more serious face at work, I also got the Tuapse Black/Green Medium Full-Rim Fashion Eyeglasses with free single vision lenses, without paying a single penny. This rectangle frame allows for a lot of flexibility since it can be easily combined with different outfits; and yes, I do match my eyeglasses with my clothes too, even with the color of my eyes or maybe my eye shadow. Actually, apart from the health issues, you should have a good collection of eyeglasses since they are a fashion item too! I’m sure you’ve seen people wear them even without lenses!

And of course, at men can update their glasses’ collection too. With the BOGO free coupon, you can choose two pairs and pay for just one. So if you finally want to keep your word on having one pair in the car and one pair in the office, this is the moment to do it; with brand new fashion eyeglasses. So, for men, I’d propose the horn-shaped Black/Blue Small Full-Rim eyeglasses which are definitely stylish, and they are two-tone, adding a more modern touch to the strict black eyeglasses we usually see. For the blonds among the men, glasses look best in a softer color, like the all-time classic pair of wayfarers, the Zhukov Burgundy Medium Full-Rim Plastic eyeglasses. These come in soft tones that will complement any man’s style. And of course, if you like extremes too, you can get a red, blue or even white frame; the choices are endless.

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m focusing that much on plastic frames. Firstly, let’s make that clear, at you can find any style and shape of glasses, made by any material. And secondly, it’s just that the latest fashion dictates the plastic- frame- trend that led my focus exclusively on them. So in case you are not that into these kinds of frames, you can choose whichever material you want and save big. Before you start shopping online, I ought to tell you about the EyeBuyDirect up to 80% off sunglasses coupon too. I just used it and bought the Kataysk Brown Medium sunglasses in classic brown, while saving $70. It’s that simple: it’s tough to avoid buying a new pair of sunglasses when you can’t help but spend time  under the glorious spring sun. So, don’t waste time! Be a fashion icon with a full wallet in minutes! You see? Just one stone!