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Late September-first raindrops-boots-shopping. That’s my mind map at that exact point of the year! But! I said boots, and when I say boots, I unconsciously think of a tough cowboy or/and a hot cowgirl. Why?  Because, there is no doubt in the beauty of cowboy boots. Their highly-detailed and distinctive style tells it all. First three steps accomplished.

1But for the fourth one, now I’m in trouble. Should I prolong the map to satisfy my addiction or just stick to this cowboy –beautiful- trap I just fell into? Oh! I just love the originality of that style so I have to stick to it to make it right. Thus, I have to choose a store that will offer me both, and that means, the hottest Western styles together with a variety of the latest fashion trends- because Western style may goes far ago but I don’t. Actually, that’s easy. I’ll choose my next styles from that promotes old-school values (craftsmanship and quality) together with modern assets (comfort and convenience). Splendid!


Now, I’m sure you are curious about the steps I’ll follow to fulfil this and get to next one; my shopping plans are endless so you bet I can go on forever. :) And that’s why I always try to get through each diagram as fast as possible. So! I need a pair of new boots, or maybe two. First off, I’d definitely go for the women’s Fatbaby Boot- Earth/Bone which comes at the perfect height to flatter your legs and it’s wide enough to wear it, not only with shorts, but also with your favorite jeans; I’m sure my pants will perfectly fit in there so that I don’t get this annoying crinkle at the top end of the boot. But, what about the days I’m in the mood darker styles? Problem solved! I’ll also get the gorgeous women’s Veronica Shortie Boot- Black which comes with adjustable buckles and it’s made by top quality leather. And again it will stop at the perfect point on my calf. And the best part of all is that now we can get both of them while using the Couponology exclusive $10 off Country Outfitter promo code. Shoes. Yes, the best shopping target. Handbags. The second one. Designer bags? A hell of a desire! And since I’m loyal to my favorite designers, then I will get (already in my shopping bag) the women’s Selma Satchel which comes in a super convenient and all-year-long-trendy vanilla color. This is a one a kind bag that comes with double tote handles but also an adjustable shoulder strap- you know, for these days you have to carry your entire apartment with you. And also, I will use the $35 off Country Outfitter promo code; and I’m sharing it with because I’m a good girl- nah, it’s just that it can be used as many times as you want. Haha!

3Should I try to get into a man’s mindset now or just share mine in terms of men’s styles? I choose the second one. I know there are not many of you out there that would adopt a style other than a tee and jeans one. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love men that go a step further and adopt a more extravagant style. Meaning: boots, hats, big leather belts; all adorable and so masculine. For example, just create a picture of your usual white tee and faded jeans outfit adorned with the men’s Brown Belt w/ Bronco Rider Buckle or the 6x Cabalgata GFelt Cowboy Hat with superior fit and finish! And remember, you don’t have to be in Texas to get them, you just need the right attitude. However, if you are not that daring but still need to do some fall shopping, you can get the Tin Cloth Low Profile Cap or if 4you think that your bag had enough then you should get the beautiful men’s Logan Messenger- Cognac, which comes in the perfect size-shape-color to get you through any occasion (you will even be able to put in some of your girl’s stuff- our bags are never big enough).

Last but not least, whether you are looking for men’s, women’s or even kids’ styles, whether you want to get a more Western style or just need to fulfill your new season’s needs, at Country Outfitter you’ll find all you are looking for at the best prices.


As we approach October, men and women all over the world are getting ready for one of the world’s biggest fairs: the Bavarian beer festival. Oktoberfest festivities might be starting towards the end of September but for the more impatient of you, Timberland decided to start celebrating a little bit earlier with the most extravagant offer of the season! Because when it comes to deals like the 25% off Timberland promo code, then you can be as excessive as you want, while saving some serious cash.

September is all about the beginning of the new fashion season, and Timberland’s got you covered with shoes and outerwear to take you smoothly into fall. And I say smoothly, because you can keep on wearing your favorite tees and shorts by just adding a jacket or a pair of boots, to stay warm and in style.

women'sLet’s get to the point, and as usual, ladies first! So, for you my fellow stylish girls, I’d suggest the Earthkeepers Savin Hill Mid Boot in tobacco forty leather, which is absolutely beautiful and can be matched with (almost) all colors in clothes or bags. Also, just imagine how gorgeous you’ll look in your hot shorts, a tee and that boot; and the traditional Bavarian hat of course when attending the feast! As for men, I’d suggest the Earthkeepers Rugged 6-Inch WP Plain Tow Boot in copper roughcut which is also super adjustable and can be worn day to night. But I’ll need some special attention here! The association with Timberland and Oktoferfest made here doesn’t imply neither that you can show off your socks over the boot nor that you should wear a lederhosen and suspenders! Unless you are member of the Bavarian community in your country of residence and only during the 16 days of the festival!


Last but not least, since people like us never go home early, especially when there is so much going on during October and evenings (or early mornings) can be quite chilling you should also equip yourself with a new jacket like the Women’s Timberland Leather Biker Jacket or the Men’s Earthkeepers Stetham Leather Bomber. They are both made by top quality leather and as everything leather-made, they are all-time-classics. And most of all, they both come with an unbeatable 25% off discount thanks to the so-welcomed Timberfest event! So, just get online and be prepared to get wasted from all these deals! Cheers!

Do you remember how gorgeous Daisy Duke looked in her hot pants and boots? It doesn’t matter which one you are thinking of, since both the 1980’s and the 2000’s version was equally hot! What about Hugh Jackman as Drover who could take your breath away in his tight t-shirt and wide leather belts? And finally, can you recall Daniel Craig with his brown cowboy hat and vest showing off his Western acting abilities? Yes, he was good, but his style was better! And eventually, you would state that all of the above are movie characters and not real people. True! But those characters derive from an era defined by tough beauty and unique style. So, do you ever wonder if you can steal a bit of the 19th century American West allure, glory and handsomeness? Of course you can! Western wear is an all-time-classic style and most of its characteristics are in-fashion till today. However, because of its distinctiveness you have to be careful and look for experts because otherwise your outfit will look like a Halloween costume!

So, speaking of experts, I’ll share my favorite one which is not other than with an experience of almost 150 years that can speak for itself. Oh no, sorry! There is one more thing you don’t wanna miss! We cooperated with Stetson and we are pleased to offer you an amazing exclusive 10% off Stetson promo code, to be used on anything you might want; from Western inspired clothing and shoes to pillows and whiskey! Because if you want to live like a cowboy or his girl you have to do it right! However, since I don’t drink whiskey and my house looks more like a mall than an open landscape, I will discuss the aspect that I love and know for sure; the Western incredibly hot style. More specifically, I’m gonna focus on the best Western wear for both my male and female friends.

Ladies first, and hats first too, since they are absolutely my favorite Western wear piece. I love hats to a degree that I can piss off my sis when I’m going at her place wearing one like I was supposed to find a horse in there. Yes I’m that bad with hats. But I truly believe that they give an extra something to any outfit; whether in your furry coat or your bikini you can look super stylish with a hat. No! Not if you wear your graduation hat on the beach, but if you choose a nice fedora one like the gorgeous Linen Blend Fedora in natural color then you have a guaranteed style success. This linen piece can be worn all year long and can be successfully combined with your summer styles. Also, another piece that I love, is the Madrid hat with brown leather and turquoise details. And this is definitely the hat you should be wearing at the beach this summer!

Now, for our modern day cowboys, I’ll focus on the current season, so I can’t but share my top picks on tees. So, firstly, I’d propose the Stetson Discharge Eagle Print Tee with a very detailed and beautiful screen print. Also, another tee I like, is the Stetson Seal Off-Centered Tee which features Stetson seal. But, you also need a new pair of jeans to match your brand new tees. In that case, I’d say you should go for the 1120 Slim Fit Jean in dark destruction wash with unique Stetson details. And if you think that you shouldn’t go for a slim-fit piece, then you haven’t read the latest trends and you definitely haven’t watched “Australia”; so just do it. Finally, adorn your jeans with a nice and top quality belt, like the Grinnell one in black. Apart from its Western style, this belt comes with a removable buckle so that you never get bored of it!

Last but not least, this “conversation” wouldn’t be complete without the most popular and outstanding characteristic of Western style: the boots! Stetson offers an amazing collection of boots for men and women which are so unique and well-designed that even if you don’t add any other Western bit to your outfit, you’ll look like you just came out from a movie. For women, as I said at the very beginning, there is nothing hotter than wearing your shorts with a pair of boots, and if you think of the vivid contrast it will make (girly vs. tough) then you’ve got it. You should get something like the handmade leather Cherry Creek boot. This one comes in a gorgeous brown color that can be perfectly combined with a white tee and denim shorts; in other words, hot! Finally, for men I’d propose something dark and simple, like the Chandler in black. And don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code to save big time!

To sum up, when we talk about Western we think of tough and beautiful style and when we think of ways to achieve it we think of Stetson. Get online and look for yourself the best collection of Western wear on the market. I wouldn’t tell you what you to choose since subjectivity is way too strong in fashion but I’ll definitely tell you to choose it from there! And be careful! The fact that you’ll buy a lot, doesn’t mean that you have to wear them all at once- unless you are going to star in a movie!

Timberland: A brand that definitely doesn’t need to be introduced. You all know it, you’ve all worn it and you’ve all enjoyed it to the maximum. Be it the comfort, the quality, the countless steps in manufacturing, the attention to detail, the popularity or even the fact that Rihanna has worn it, it’s not a coincidence that Timberland is dressing our grandparents, our parents, our kids and, of course, us! People all over the world vote for it and Timberland wants to reward its customers’ loyalty. So, today Timberland is offering a 30% off everything promo code, because after all a couple of new clothes, handbags, belts, pants and most of all a new pair of shoes is always welcome! Unless, you’ve already rented an extra room for your Timberland shoes; but again, in that case, you have to manage your space better because this one- day offer can’t be missed.






However, with its undeniably successful history, Timberland has other trademarks too, like the boat shoe- which is without question my favorite. First of all, from personal experience, I can tell you that a pair of boat shoes from Timberland can last forever and it always looks like it’s the first time you are wearing it- even mine, that I’m not the most careful person. Also, because of the leather quality and the design of the shoes, you enjoy comfort at its most. Finally, thanks to the unlimited variety of colors, combinations and materials, you can never get enough. Whether you like bright colors like the royal blue women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe, colorful combinations, suede leather like the women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe in dark brown, combined full- grain and nubuck leathers like the men’s Classic 2- Eye Boat Shoe or more easily- matched colors like the youth Peaks Island 2-Eye Boat Shoe, at you can shop for any kind of boat shoe or even design your own unique style which will be handcrafted just for you! Who wouldn’t love a unique piece?






But! Don’t let my shoe obsession mislead you! Timberland also offers gorgeous collections of clothing and accessories. Whether you are looking for a job, a gym, a beach or a yachting outfit, there are countless choices for any taste. For example, I’d propose the eco- conscious men’s Earthkeepers Oakham Chino Short which has an amazing fit and flatters all men’s bodies. This one can be perfectly matched with an aforesaid pair of boat shoes. For women, I wouldn’t propose a piece of clothing, because I’m one of them and I know that bags is one of our hobbies- you can call it that, can’t you? I’ve already bought for myself the Earthkeepers New Rawnie Handbag in a super convenient cocoa color and, apart from the shoulder strap that is absolutely useful when you hold all your shopping bags, it’s only my bedside table that I can’t fit in it! And also, this bag can be held all year long! I know you won’t stay with the same bag for that long, but I’m just saying…

Now, I’m going to be a bit tough. The list is endless and since I want to enjoy this sitewide 30% off deal as well, I have to go; so, just get online and I promise you’ll definitely find a way to say “thank you” to this amazing offer you’ve been given by your favorite brand! I’ve already said it once today, but I love being grateful, so see you there… at

Endless Joyful Journeys

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Take a pause and look at your life; you’ll realize that the vast majority seems to be “on the way to somewhere”: every day you wake up and go to the office, you give your kids a lift to school, walk to the nearby grocery store and rush to your afternoon one-hour running. It’s always another climb, another great distance to cross and as Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely spoke: “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  This famous quote lies behind Journeys shoes and apparel philosophy always investing in durable, branded shoes and apparel that promise to fill your journeys with memories of love, joy, laughter and emotions all entertained.

imageIt’s a great feeling to know that someone has your back covered and busy moms really know what I mean. Leave all worries behind: all you have to do is find a destination and Journeys will take you there! Make plans for the whole family and spend valuable time together as Journeys defy money and distance. Start off from the little ones of the house and get them skate shoes and boots they’ll brag about to friends and wear all day long! Our favorite pick for your little boy is the DC Rebound Skate Shoe in gray that will take him from school to skating with friends. This Mid-top skate shoe’s orange and blue details add to a trendy and playful mood, while the Rebound Hi features a mixed upper with a perforated toe panel, imagepadded collar and DGT durable rubber sole. Pair it with loose pants for extra style and your little man is ready for new adventures! Don’t forget to use Couponology’s Up To 40% Off Boys’ Sale Shoes Coupon to get these gems at a discount!

On the other hand, your little girl needs to be cozy and comfortable in style as a true princess. And as you want to avoid moaning during your journey, the UGG® Classic Glitter Boot in fuchsia will definitely do the trick: she simply won’t wear them off! The shimmery touch of glitter will make her feel the belle of the ball while the sheepskin upper and soft fleece lining will keep her feet super warm imageand cozy. You can always use Up To 40% Off Girls’ Sale Shoes Coupon to save big on these babies! Also, pair them with skinny blue jeans and she’ll be the first to be thrilled about your new getaway.

Next on the list is guess what- you! Journeys need to make sure mom gets all the comfort in this world that’s why they chose Women’s Nike Delta Lite Athletic Shoe in blue/volt as the right accessory for that reason! We can’t stop you run behind everyone in anxiety, but we can assure that you run fast and safe on the Delta Lite with its durable synthetic upper, safe lace up closure with hook and loop strap, and a rubber sole with pivot point. Nike’s unique design and its nearly fluorescent green details on the logo, strap and laces will add points to an extra stylish sporty appearance. Make these shoes yours by using Up To 50% imageOff Women’s Sale Coupon and cover all your everyday needs for years to come!

Last on the list is your beloved husband who will probably feel some decades younger with Men’s Supra Vaider High Skate Shoe in black, blue and white colorings! Its vulcanized outsole and sliding tongue logo will certainly remind him of his youth style while SupraFoam® midsole will ensure entire foot impact resistance and optimal shoe flex allowing him to spend more hours of playing with your children. Extra ankle support and leather liner are only some of its powerful details with price playing the leading part when using Up To 50% Off Men’s Sale Shoes Coupon!

Finally, remember your “Journeys” don’t end here; they are boundless and always filled with joy when using’s coupons and promo codes to save you money on any journey you choose to follow!

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