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Cookies! I can only think of good things when I hear that word! And I just can’t resist when I have them in front of me! Lucky me that I don’t have to speak since I’m typing–I’m chewing one at this very  moment! Told you I can’t resist… This small delicious treat can make my day, and I bet it can make yours too. After all, it’s not a coincidence that we even use the word “cookie” to show our affection to someone. At least, the people I know use it! You see, cookies are everywhere, in your kitchen, in the office, on the coffee table or even in your bag-for those moments you need some sugar to function well. It looks like the universe is conspiring to make us addicted to cookies. Kudos to the universe then, because it made it and we all love cookies more than we do food! But for me, if you are willing to surrender to the sin of extra calories, you have to enjoy it to the maximum! And for that reason, I always choose Mrs. Fields cookies-either for mine or my friends’ pleasure!

Mrs. Fields has a great selection of divine fresh baked cookies and the most gorgeous gift baskets for any occasion, or for no occasion at all! You don’t always need a reason to enjoy or to offer a box full of delicious cookies. Especially when you know you can save big at the same time thanks to the Couponology exclusive 10% off Mrs. Fields promo code. And let me give you some delish gift ideas whether the recipient is a friend, a family member or yourself! First off, you should definitely try the Dozens Of Delights basket in which you can put just nibblers or nibblers and brownies. So if you want to do it right, you should get the one with the 144 nibblers and the 72 brownie bites. A beautiful basket filled with a combination of the most popular cookie flavors that can serve many people (from 2 to 102 years old) and can be the perfect snack for a meeting, a party or even for your coffee table at home! The weekend is coming and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of guests passing by! So you’d better treat them well!

Then, if you like collecting tins from cookies and decorating them on your kitchen shelves than you should definitely get something even more special than just a cookie tin; the Personalized Cookie Tin on which you can have the photo and the message you want. You can get such a tin and choose among three options depending on the amount of nibblers you want. Also, you can now get this great gift and save with the 15% off Mrs. Fields promo code. So don’t even think about it! You don’t need a reason to get it! Savings and taste with one move! And finally, if you want to make a birthday gift that goes beyond the usual tasteless and boring candies and cakes, you should get the joyful Birthday Balloons Tin with a delicious assortment of cookies for any taste! Or if you are looking for something even cuter than that, you should buy the Birthday Wish Cupcake with 36 nibblers bite- sized cookies in various flavors. A gorgeous box whose color combinations make it suitable for any age and any gender. Now, you can shop for any birthday gift and save with the Mrs. Fields 15% off promo code.

To sum up, whether they end up being yours or a gift, you won’t avoid being seduced by not only the taste but also the appearance of the adorable Mrs. Fields cookies. So, relax and enjoy! And keep them away from me because I’m quick!

DotW – David’s Cookies Promo Code

On February 26, 2012, in Deal of the Week, by Tom Herrmann

They just might be the best cookies you can get on the internet. A deal for David’s Cookies is nothing to pass by, no matter how good or bad the discount is. Any excuse to get your hands on delectable baked goods is an opportunity you should take.

Early last week, I wrote up a blog post about the David’s Cookies package I got. A tin filled with delicious cookies, in a few different varieties; definitely a good couple of days at the office. You can read all about that there.

The only issue with that article is that it never goes into everything you can get from the online bakery. In honor of what you missed out on, this week’s Deal of the Week is the EXCLUSIVE David’s Cookies promo code CPNLGY15. When you enter this code at checkout, you’ll get 15% off any order; only at Couponology.

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