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We love giving gifts, no doubt on that. But there are these moments that making a decision on a gift can give you a very hard time. She might not like bright colors or he might not like color red. He already has this action figure and she had enough of the blonde dolls. She is too old for a lipstick and he is too old to care about protecting his iPhone. Omg! I’m already exhausted just on the thought of it. And after a lot of failed attempts to find that perfect gift, I’ve come up with a “place” that honestly, changed my gift-giving life! And the name of it: Who would resist a basket filled with choco treats, his/her favorite wine or deli products, top quality beverages or – if you are more into no-edible gifts – a basket with beautiful spa products? No one! And which gift giver would be able to resist to a Couponology exclusive 15% off sitewide 1800Baskets promo code? Same here! But since the choices are, honestly, endless let me give a helping hand.

for her

For Her

No matter what’s the age, the style, the attitude, the status or the taste, women are much easier to please with a gift. I think it is part of our nature to fall in love with…gifts! But at the same time, we are way more choosy than men on the items we like, especially if it us that have the last word. So don’t you ever try to please a woman if you are not 100% sure that you know her taste. The only way you will succeed is to get her an elegant spa gift basket and if she doesn’t like it, then there is something wrong going on. Spa means adornment and adornment means woman. So, on the search of the best gift for her you can absolutely stop at the Warm Vanilla Relaxation Spa Basket that includes spa-quality products that will make her day! And apart from the gorgeous body lotion, scrub, shower gel and much more things that will make her spend 2 hours in the bath – instead of her usual 1 hour – don’t forget that we pay attention to the packaging as well, so I bet this basket will stay in her bathroom forever!

for himFor Him

Now, when it comes to men, I usually think of something that has to do with technology or with alcohol and men’s nights. I don’t know if it’s my hubby’s fault that I perceive it that way but I do. And at the end of the day, I know anyway that from my brother to my grandpa, none of them would say no to a good wine- or anything alcoholic together with some gourmet snacks. So, when I’m busy enough to browse for the best gift for a male friend, colleague or family member I instantly think of a wine basket. My latest purchase? The Thoughts of Spring Wine & Gourmet Gift Basket that includes a divine selection of gourmet snacks and two wines from Australia. Are you still wondering if he will love it? Of course he will, he will have to choose from cookies, cheese straws, crisps and more! And I’m sure his girlfriend, daughter, sister will be as happy as he will, because this one comes with a beautiful basket too.

For Babiesfor babies

It was just one month ago, that one of my best friends had her first baby boy! And since she was the first one among my girlfriends that had a baby, I couldn’t stay to a bouquet, or a piece of clothing, I wanted something special, huge that would stand out in her room. And I found exactly what I was looking for. The Deluxe Baby-Cakes Boy Essentials, which except for being really spectacular, it included all she needs for her baby prince – diapers, towel, bib and more newborn essentials. Just so you know, she is just lovin’ it!

That was just a tiny sample of what you can get from Just get online and I promise you’ll find countless gift ideas for your loved ones. But two more things before you go.

  1. Gifts can make someone’s day so you don’t have to wait for a birthday party, Easter, a graduation or a special occasion to offer them.
  2. Even something bought from one to one’s self is considered a gift, so go for it!

Luxury Gifts for Mom

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Mother’s Day: the day you are celebrating and honoring the most lovable woman in your life, your best girlfriend (no offense dad, I said girlfriend), and for that woman you can only think of the best–a beautiful gift that will make her jump for joy! But to show her how precious she is for you, you have to get her a luxurious, gorgeous gift she’d refuse to take off. Something that will accompany her all day long, through any season and under any circumstances; in other words, an elegant watch. Priceless and timeless, as your love for her. Oh! And wait, don’t make your own conclusion. You won’t have to spend a fortune on it, no. That’s why I’m here for, to help you find the best at the lowest prices, aka at And trust me, I tried it last year, and it absolutely works, my mom just can’t say goodbye to her Tag even when she goes to bed. (Too bad for me because there is no chance I can “borrow” it for a day, or two!) And this year, you are luckier than I was because there is an amazing Mother’s Day up to 92% off & free shipping event happening at Oh Lord! Right now, I wish I was a mom too. :)

1Glam Mom

If your mom is more of a Jackie lady, then I’d propose a piece that is as luxurious as possible but at the same time feminine, gorgeous and most of all, timeless. In other words, I’d propose my favorite Tag Heuer watch which is no other than the women’s Diamond Pink Textured Dial Stainless Steel which offers the unique combination of diamonds (girl’s best friend), pink (which color could express femininity best?) and quality (if it’s not stainless steel for a watch, then what it is?). You can now get this one of a kind piece while getting a 46% off discount. Yes, indeed! However, if your mom is more keen on gold tones than silver ones (same here, but the aforesaid watch is another story!), then you can go for the Michael Kors women’s White MOP & Silver Dial Rose Gold Tine Ion Plated Stainless Steel watch which comes with a 38% off discount. They are both adorable so don’t waste time, get any of them and she’ll be absolutely pleased! Oh! And don’t forget to add the $100 off sitewide The Watchery promo code at checkout because we want you to be pleased as well!


Sporty Mom

If your mom spends more hours at the gym or engaging in any athletic activity than you do (in women’s case, walking in the shopping mall can also be considered exercising!), then you should go for a more casual and sport-looking watch. In that case, I’d suggest the stunning Swiss Legend Neptune Ceramic White Diamond White MOP Dial White Silicone watch that comes with a 68% off discount. But trust me, it’s not the price-cut that matters here, it’s the diamonds, the silicone strap that allows for more casual outfits and the gold! This watch is just a must-have. Now, if you are looking for something less expensive, I picked a very nice piece for you; the Swiss Legend Women’s Neptune Beige Dial Beige Silicone that comes with an 84% off discount and promises to match with any outfit because of its super convenient color. Add the Couponology exclusive $20 off The Watchery promo code at checkout for an extra saving!

3Fashion Mom

If you are lucky enough to have a mom that can share her clothing and accessories with you (adorable situation), or better stated, if your mom has more magazine subscriptions on her iPad than you do, then you should go for something more flashy and unique. Something like the dazzling Swiss Legend Women’s Keramika White 341 Diamonds Pave Dial Cream High-Tech Ceramic in gold tone, with 116 diamonds (give me a sec, I just faded on the number) and a cream high-tech ceramic bracelet that adds a modern touch (not that it needs it, it’s already adorable), and last but not least, with an 86% off discount. And finally, if you want to make your mom look like she just jumped out of a fashion magazine’s page, then you should get her the Glam Rock Women’s SoBe Mood White Dial Yellow Leopard Genuine Leather watch in gold tone and a 58% off discount, together with the latest fashion trend: animal print.

All in all, you got a tiny bit of the way you can make your mom the happiest mom on earth. However, that was only just a small selection I made (I guess they are all my future possessions), so just get online at and choose the one that would suit your mom’s style and your wallet best!

ReUseIt & Save the Environment

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Over-consumption might be well satisfying our inclination towards spending-shopping-wasting or even our smugness but in most cases, our ego neglects the environment’s needs and threatens not only the external factors we might think of, but also our very own selves. Be it the lack of awareness or just our ignorance towards the environment in favor of materialism, we tend to forget that apart from our homes and everything in it, it’s mostly the environment that keeps us going on. And if we continue acting only according to our shopaholism and wastefulness, then we’ll reach that point when we won’t be able to do anything to protect nature.


This whole introduction is not to make you feel sorry, but to remind to myself too, how wasteful I used to be –not only in terms of actual dollars, but also in terms of actual waste. Because, when me and by hubby decided to turn “green”, it was at that moment that we realized that our garbage volume was diminished to more than half off what it used to be. In fact, we realized that there are countless everyday products we are using that don’t have to be thrown away but be used again and again. And after some research, we found out that we can turn our whole household green by just shopping at where every single product provided is according to high environmental standards and values. And as for me, I can still satisfy my over-consumerism habit without affecting neither the environment, nor our wallet thanks to the Couponology exclusive 15% off ReUseIt promo code and much more other deals available at the most environmental-friendly online store.


And to be honest, it’s so easy to turn your sweet home to a sweet eco-friendly one that once you do it, you’ll love it. You’ll save so much time, money and energy (just think of all these litter bags you carry) that you’d never go back to your careless behavior. Let me share some of the things we did at the beginning of our eco-plans. First off, one of the most important and simplest one was to buy reusable bags. There is no need to use plastic or even paper bags that will be destroyed from the very first use and they are not even biodegradable. It’s much more convenient to buy bags like the BlueAvocado Chil Clutch Insulated Reusable Bag or the ChicoBag Nature Collection Vita Reusable Shopping Bag that can be used for any kind of shopping and apart from eco-friendly, they look so much better than the usual plastic bags- I’m sure women know exactly what I mean!

Another absolutely wasteful routine you can change in a blink of an eye is your napkins. During a usual day, you might catch yourself throwing away a great number of them. There are even studies showing that an average person in the States uses around 6 per day. Now, make some calculations and think of the garbage that threatens the environment- napkins can’t even be recycled, it’s raw waste. Given the fact that most of us have a washing machine at home, isn’t it a shame not to use reusable napkins? They are more convenient, healthy and much more beautiful. So, why don’t you try too, the ReUseIt Hemp & Organic Cotton Napkin “I’m Not A Paper Towel” which comes in set of 4 for less than $9 or the Organic Cotton Napkins for Kids by Fabkins which are so cute and your kids will definitely love them- I do too!


Now, just thing of the number of electronic devices in your house. Not the ones that are plugged in. Think of your alarm clock, your portable DVD player or just think of the devices that need a remote control- almost all in my case. And then think of the number of batteries you throw away every month or even worse the money you spend on them. The numbers can make us feel ridiculously guilty because we all know that we can use rechargeable batteries that will diminish that misuse to a very high degree. But, most of us think that chargers and these batteries are too expensive to bother; and that might be true. However, thanks to ReUseIt, you can now get the eneloop Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries, 4-slot with 4 AA for less than $23; and you’ll never be mad at your partner again for forgetting to buy new batteries- you’ll always have at least 4 ready to use with this device.

The steps described above were just the very initial ones for our be-responsible-plan and we have more to achieve for the time to come. You can also get online at and change your attitude towards the environment by changing every single routine from destructive to thoughtful. It’s too easy, I promise!

You always want to be at the top end of the list of the best dressed and most fashion-forward men and women in your circles. And that’s absolutely acceptable because I’d think that somebody is troubled if he/ she didn’t want to be fashionable. Also, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand in order you to shop for the latest trends while not breaking the bank. But what about your little princes and your little princesses? Is it fair to have the latest styles for you and not for your little royalties? No, it’s not! Thus, this time I’ve decided to lend another hand but not for you, but your beautiful little babies. Or, maybe it is for both sides, since the following deals will make both kids and parents jump for joy! After all, with all those celebrity kids putting on the latest styles from top catwalks, it’s not news that kids have taken up the reins in setting fashion trends for their equals.

Before anything else, as it is for adults but much more for kids, shoes have to be of top quality and extremely comfortable. And in kids’ case, I’m not speaking only of appearance but also for the best feet support and safety. After all, it’s all about their first steps or if not only their first steps, the formation and protection of their feet and consequently of their whole safety. That being said, I can’t but suggest you to get your little treasures’ shoes from From tiny infant shoes, toddler, preschool and grade school kids’ shoes, at Kids Foot Locker you will find only the best in terms of miniature stylish footwear. And together with our amazing exclusive promo codes, you will get all you want for your lilliputian trend-setters. Kids Foot Locker has a great collection of clothes too, but although I don’t have kids, I have nieces and a nephew and I know for sure that shoes are much more important than clothes. Not in terms of style, of course, but in terms of fit, ease and comfort.

What did I say one sec ago? Not in terms of style? That doesn’t apply of course to the cutest of all shoes on earth: infants’ shoes. I love them so much that I could even have them decorated in my wardrobe- impossible, since my dog would think they’re toys, so I wish! So, I can’t but start with my top picks in infants’ ornaments- oh! Sorry, I mean shoes! Pink is on top of my favorite colors and since it wouldn’t be very convenient to wear pink shoes at my 20s (although I’ve done it), if I were you, I’d definitely get only pink shoes for my little baby princess. In other words, I’d get the Converse First Star Crib in pink. Or maybe, the Nike Air Force One Crib shoe in white/ fusion pink color; which also comes in wolf/ grey/ university red/ black/ white color for your little prince. And since I promise to get you the best deals, keep in mind that you can now shop for any of the above super cute shoes and save big with the unbeatable 15% off Kids Foot Locker promo code.


Eventually, your little baby needs the most beautiful pair of shoes to make his/ her first steps. And it is exactly at that case, that you ought to get the best footwear on earth; the most 
comfortable and feet supportive shoes. In that case, Kids Foot Locker has again all you need to make your gorgeous toddlers enjoy their first steps into this world to the maximum and be as stylish as possible. Before, I share my top picks, look at that; Couponology offers just for you an exclusive $15 off Kids Foot Locker promo code. Firstly, because of the season you need to get the brightest of colors, and also it’s all about cuteness and joy so you can’t get dark, depressing colors. So, for your little boy you should get the shiny Nike Air Max Lebron X basketball shoe which offers maximum protection and breathability. I’d definitely get the crystal mint/poison green/fiberglass one since as we said, you have to follow the fashion rules for your baby too. For girls, I’d propose the cute and comfortable New Balance 990 running shoe that promises stability and cushion. Then, if you need something more summery you should definitely go for the Jordan Hydro II with a massage footbed that will give your little boy the best feeling. This one comes also with pink details for girls. This Jordan style will allow your kid enjoy the spring heat without compromising his/her feet’s hygiene.


Last but not least, the time goes by and your little baby is ready for school. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t love him/her be the subject of discussion for his/her one of a kind style. And now again, we come back to style and not only comfort. At grade school ages, kids have already started stating their opinion for their outfits, and you can’t but help them develop their styling abilities from now. Also, another thing I adore, is to have kids and parents dressed with identical pieces. So, for these ages I think you’d definitely shop for shoes that can be found at your size too. My sister does it with her son and I tell you, it’s cuter than you think! But let’s get to the point! For his time at school and his first engagement into sports, your little prince should have the amazing Nike Air Max Lebron X basketball shoe which will keep his feet safe and offers maximum movement abilities. Another great shoe for boys, that can be definitely be found for adults too, is the Nike Air Max 2013 running shoe for top cushioning and support. You can now shop for any of the above while using our exclusive $20 off Kids Foot Locker promo code. Lastly, for dad’s princess you can get the Adidas Originals Adi High EXT shoe in vivid pink/ white color with a lot of details for a more modern style. Now, if your girl is more athletic you should get her something like the Reebok ZigLite Run shoe for maximum flexibility, soft feeling and comfort. At the moment, you can shop for this one while saving $40, so run for it before it disappears!

In the end, as I said before, kids have to be equally stylish and up-to-date as their parents. And beyond any doubt, you all want the best for your kids, even if you have to sacrifice your own needs- or better said, wants. But we, at Couponology, aim at having you all, from 1 to 101 years old, as happy and satisfied as possible. And you just witnessed the proof of our commitment!


How much time do I need to get ready for the gym? OK, I don’t mean to make a strong impression here, but honestly it takes me a lot. And yes, it’s definitely my choice to lose half an hour from my sweet morning sleep and wake up at 7am in order to have time to get ready for the gym before work. And of course, that doesn’t mean that I need half an hour to put on makeup and another half to do my hair. No! I mean that I need an hour to choose what to wear and to put it on, because I want to be as stylish and as gorgeous as possible even when I go to the gym, or to state that better, at every single moment of the day! And it’s not that I’m bad at making decisions that takes me so long, but that I’m updating my sportswear every season – yes I love being up-to-date too – and then I can’t decide on what to wear first; so I’m probably lying a bit- indecisive for sure! And before you make your conclusions on how posh and extravagant I might be, I have to tell you that for this spring I updated my athletic styles from and using our exclusive promo codes, I saved big time! So I might be all of the above but not in terms of spending much! Yay!


And since I’m a good girl and I love endorsing my good karma, I’ve picked up just for you my fellow trendy athletes the top athletic styles of the season together with the best online promo codes that will save you tons. So, if you trust my style –which you’d better do because I spend hours working on it – follow up… And before you start staring pitiful at your debit card, I’ll give you something to hold on! An amazing Couponology exclusive $20 off Lady Foot Locker promo code! So let’s get it started, and of course I’ll start with my favorite spring addition; shorts! Spring is here and we can finally get rid of long sweatpants and go for our cute and hot shorts. After all, we’ve spent much time working on our quadriceps and calves and it’s the perfect moment to show it off! So, in that case I propose the super-hot and cute Under Armour Heatgear 3” Stretch Woven Short which comes in 15 different colors. This is a piece that offers maximum comfort and mobility because of its fabric which is light and allows your skin to breath. Also, it’s not only for exercising but it can be also worn when you go to the beach or for your dog’s walk. Then, if you want the best of comforts when you are on the gym machines – where many clothing accidents can happen- you should go for something like the Nike Pro 7” Compression Short that guarantees to stay in place even when you are horizontally hanging from the TRX straps. Also, that kind of shorts are also way too convenient when you go bicycling.


Now that you got the bottoms let’s see what’s new and hot in tops at Lady Foot Locker at the moment. First off, when you shop for athletic tops you should always take into consideration that most of them can also be matched with your casual styles. So, that’s a part we should definitely pay more attention! And again, one more karma point for me and one more way to save for you: our exclusive $15 off Lady Foot Locker promo code. So, relax, don’t think of your wallet and enjoy the presentation… As I said before, whenever I shop for athletic tops I always make up casual outfits too in my mind, and especially when it’s spring that can be easily done! For example, I got the Under Armoun Heatgear Charged Cotton Undeniable Tank in a beautiful bright high-vis yellow/ white color that, apart from sports, it can also be combined with a pair of jeans or leggings when you go for lunch or shopping. Also, you can wear it with a pair of denim shorts and your high heel sandals for a night out! So many outfits with just one piece.

Now, if you are more of a t-shirt girl, then you can shop for over 250 t-shirts at any color you might want. When it comes to t-shirts, I usually choose something plain and simple because I prefer making a statement with my pants or shoes. Also when you have a lot of one-colored and simple t-shirts you can make countless outfits out of them with scarves, necklaces etc. So, now I’d propose pieces like the Adidas Boyfiend Double V-neck T-shirt, I chose white because I love the classics, with a rather casual and airy fit and feel.



And finally, the peak of my good deeds! Starting today, you can use the amazing sitewide 15% off Lady Foot Locker promo code and I can’t even imagine what will happen to your shopping bag! Take advantage of this offer for the hardest of all parts of our outfit: shoes. As far as I’m concerned, I’m so picky when I choose shoes that looks like I’m gonna buy a house. Yes, I pay that much attention to shoes, and not only mine but shoes of people around me. So watch out! You have to make the best choice, especially now that I’m mad at you, since you’ll be the first to use this offer! I’m kidding… Almost! So, what I would shop for right away if I wasn’t working at the moment? I’d definitely go for the Nike Air Max 90 which comes in two extra summery color combinations; I’d choose the one at the photo! Or if you are more of an “impossible is nothing” than a “just do it” girl, then get the Adidas Supernova Sequence 5 that offers anatomical fit and comfort. This one comes in four different colors and promises durability and cushioning! Whichever your style, your training habits, your wallet’s weight, Lady Foot Locker has all you need in athletic footwear.


 With all the aforesaid gorgeous products and unbeatable discounts don’t tell me that you still think of giving me a bad nickname as the one we said at the beginning. Just get online, shop and I’m sure you’ll change your mind. Because you don’t have to be extravagant to be in style and you don’t have to be penniless to get new clothes once in a while- or more often! After all you owe me a good word, I’ve shared it all for that karma anyway!