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Are you still missing the incentive you’ve been looking for to start exercising? Do you still prefer to visit your local Starbucks instead of jogging in the park? Does your little boy still prefer to play NBA 2K13 instead of playing in the great outdoors? None of the above dilemmas need to be like that anymore, since I can tell you a way to do both in each case while being motivated enough to never face them again! All you need is to do some online shopping at for stuff that your fellow football players will envy, people walking at the park will freeze to look at you, the barista will make you a latte instead of a mocha (he won’t be able to take his eyes off you) and you won’t be able to take your kid home since he’ll love showing off his new possession to his peers! Do I sound like I’m exaggerating? I’m not! I’ve just witnessed similar situations. And if you think that you can’t spend a fortune to get rid of your dilemmas, you are absolutely wrong! Eastbay with Couponology are always offering you the best promo codes that can save you big!

First off, you can all see the sun out there, and there is no better timing than now, to put a check next to the “go jogging every morning” note on your fridge! I mean, you might had the excuse of the chill or the rain before, but now what? Now, you choose a gorgeous new pair of running shoes among an endless list of popular brands and then you go out there to prove me right when I say that Eastbay has the best collection of athletic shoes! For example, you can shop for the men’s Nike Air Max +2013 in a super bright poison green color or the one in fuchsia for women and hit the park pathways in style and absolute comfort. Now you can get both of them -it’s so adorable to see couples dressed similar- while saving big with the Couponology exclusive $20 off Eastbay promo code. And of course, you also need some shorts since it’s getting too hot out there. In that case, I’d propose the Under Armour Heatgear Fly-By Compression Run Short for women that comes in four different color combinations but I already chose for myself the hot black/ fluo pink one. For men, I’d go to something more simple but extra comfortable, the Adidas Climacool 7” Performance Running Short. And remember, I never said that you can’t enjoy a venti frappuccino with a lot of syrup after running!
Second, for those of you that love sports but never make the decision to engage to some practicing with your friends (or not), there is also a way to move from words to action. Be it baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer or any sport you love, Eastbay’s variety and prices will definitely make you wanna get into the action. For example, if you are more of a football guy and want something new to kick off your new training season, then you can shop the Nike Team Defender Pant with the maximum degree of comfort and ventilation plus top protection. You can combine this with the Eastbay EVAPOR Sleeveless Compression Crew, which promises to keep you cool and dry, for just $11.99. Then, for women that are into track and field athletics, Eastbay has a great variety of clothing and shoes for any taste! You can now shop for anything you want and use the amazing 20% off Eastbay promo code. So, why don’t you get yourself a new speed suit like the gorgeous Eastbay Speedsuit with moisture management technology and ten colors available? This piece offers great comfort since it hugs perfectly the body! And before you go to checkout, remember that this time you should go for bright spring colors- not only because of the season but also because they are very uplifting!

Finally, if you are desperate to get your kids to do some training or even go out to the park to play instead of turning into couch potatoes, the solution is simple. Kids love gifts, parents love making their kids happy and Couponology loves saving parents’ bank balance with the exclusive $15 off Eastbay promo code. For boys, I’d propose the Jordan SC-1 boys’ grade school that comes in six different colors and offers great comfort and style. Or you can get the Nike Free 5.0 in a beautiful color combination that offers a glove- like fit and promises traction and durability. After that, are you sure he’s gonna prefer staying in with his video games instead of running to his friends to show off his new shoes? No way! Now, for your little lovely girl you should definitely go for a more girly and cute style like the Adidas Originals Hard Court Hi shoe in vivid pink, light onix and white. A super trendy shoe that will give your girl a great style! Now, if your little fashionista loves standing out in her schools’ yard then get her the retro- styled Osiris NYC 83 Slim shoe that couldn’t offer a more distinctive style that it already does! Who wouldn’t love this shoe, anyway? And yes, this one is also available for women! You got the underlying meaning, didn’t you?

Do you still have dilemmas? I think you don’t… But if you do, just get online and solve them for yourself! Happy Eastbay shopping!

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On March 12, 2012, in Deal of the Week, by Tom Herrmann

Have you looked outside lately?! I know I posted about how nice it’s been in those garden blogs I did last week, but now it’s getting serious. It’s getting to the 70′s this week; it doesn’t get much better than that.

There hasn’t even been a real winter yet, and we’re already getting spring! At least in NY, I hope it’s been just as nice wherever you spent your weekend. So shut down your computer and head outside – once you’re done shopping with Couponology, of course.

The last purchase you make before you should embrace the wild outdoors is Eastbay. Don’t forget about the Deal of the Week when you make your purchase, because it will save you $15 to $20. Your discount will depend on how much you spend: orders of $75 will get $15 off, and orders of $120 will get $20 off.

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