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See & Be Heard with T&B

On November 25, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma


Trends come and go. Some of them are welcomed by few, some by all and others are absolutely denied access in our wardrobe. Me, when I first come up with a trend it takes me a while (5 seconds I guess) to incorporate it into my style. In other cases, I just close my eyes and pay no attention to it – you know, these moments when you prefer to go out naked instead of wearing a new piece that you would need to be bribed to accept it. But recently, I had a not-so-usual experience with a trend, since none of the above happened to me. I just went from shock to love. Here is how it all started…

A couple of months ago, me, with my pretend-to-be-modern-and-cool-as-hell attitude, and my, although not high degree but still existing, myopia, I couldn’t get this whole wear 24/7 eyeglasses even-if you have a 20/20 visual acuity or a superhero’s visual ability. You know… It really stroke me. I was always doing my best to have it good with my contact lenses so that I wouldn’t need to wear my eyeglasses when out, up to the moment that I came up with Tortoise & Blonde –and also realized that wearing your contacts too many hours can be harmful. This brand has something, how can I say… different! And I’m definitely one of these people that want to be extraordinary and wear unique pieces that will definitely make them “be heard” in the crowd. And T&B can absolutely offer you that. With unique designs of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are so comfortable and well-designed and deals (let’s say a BOGO 50% off Tortoise & Blonde coupon code) that allow you to shop for as many styles as you want without spending much, T&B came to make glasses the next big fashion thing!

Oh! And I forgot the most amusing part of this adorable brand. Have you ever heard of a Fashion-Music-Project? It’s quite common in the country I come from but let me explain. When fashion blends with music then you get something unbelievably cool and magical. And in our case, that happens! Tortoise & Blonde sponsors music bands like The Spinto Band, Ra Ra Riot and others who are not only absolutely talented but also have a super-hot style; accessorized, of course, with T&B glasses! Because don’t forget that, as I said before, it’s been quite a time since eyeglasses stopped being used only for eye problems; they are a fashion statement guys! And as every fashion item you need to have plenty of them in order be stylish. For example, why do you have a million handbags, shoes, scarves and just one pair of glasses? Either because you are not following the fashion trends or just because you haven’t been introduced to T & B before. And that’s why I’m here!  :)


Give me a second to hide my excitement and get rid of my bad rap habit. No! I can’t! I’m so excited with the recent deals I spotted for Tortoise & Blonde, together with all their upcoming events that I feel like I discovered electricity. And although at the moment, I have more than 20 eyeglasses (sun and optical) in my drawer, I want to get 2 more. And I’m absolutely guilt free about it. I will use the BOGO 25% off Tortoise & Blonde promo code and, as usual, I’m going to babble about it- see this exact moment. But I have a huge problem here! I’m so indecisive that I think I’m going to use this code twice. Because, after spending a day persuading myself that I need more optical eyeglasses than sun ones, now, I’m being obsessed with 4 different styles and I’d really need your help to decide. Because if you leave me like that for another hour then I’ll have to (oh, poor me) get them all. WOW! Please don’t pay attention to what I just said and don’t help me, I’ll do it my way anyway. So, just get online and use for yourself the to-fall-in-love-with Try On feature (see picture) and spend at least 3 hours trying different styles on your face.

And here’s how the story finishes…

-Jane in True Tortoise? Melrose in Ice? Katherine in Blonde Tortoise? Castor in Haze? (Clockwise)

-Add, add, add, add. And please be my face’s guest! ;)

Till this coming Friday that you should absolutely come back for unbelievable Black Friday deals from Tortoise & Blonde! See? Soon enough, you’ll love that trend too!

Eyes are undeniably the most honest parts of our faces (if not the most beautiful), and since they so effortlessly transfer feelings and emotions—a pretty huge task—we should be paying the utmost attention to their care. This time, I’m not just talking about beauty; rather, I’m referring to health and comfort. After all, healthy, gleaming eyes are so often the first thing people notice in a stranger!  I always pay attention to the eyes first, and I know that if you have a problem with your eyesight, in my case myopia, you’re encountering a number of difficulties. For example, you may love sunglasses but they’re usually just an expression of your style or protection against the harsh summer sun. Clear vision, however, is something you need regardless of whether or not you’re feeling fashion-forward on your daily sunny stroll. Wearing eyeglasses all day long can be very annoying for a number of reasons: you can’t watch TV while having your head turned to the side, you can’t put on makeup and properly show it off, you can’t match them with your outfits, you can’t exercise conveniently, and blah-blah-blah… The list is endless, but the point is only one—the most convenient way to see clearly is to get contact lenses.

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