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May is the last month of spring, and probably one of the best ones. We are already into the much-loved summer mood but we still have the time to enjoy this awesome summer-is-near feeling. New clothes, new mood, home redecorations (no, velvet is not acceptable in May) and the best of them all: garden makeovers. And if not garden, then patio, backyard, called it as you wish, it’s all outdoors and it all has to be beautiful and joyful, full of colors and aromas. In other words, whether you are a vegetable, flower, herb or even a barbeque person you have to make your home’s outdoor look stunning. And you have an amazing partner for the accomplishment of that exciting assignment: with an endless variety of gardening products together with an incredible Couponology exclusive 20% off Burpee promo code.

Gardening Essentials

burpee1The good gardener starts by gathering all the equipment needed before starting the action. You know, that equipment that you’ve probably missed somewhere in your garage, or these tools that spend all winter lost in your garden because you never minded storing them properly (look who’s talking now!). Trust me, starting over with dust and stain won’t get you anywhere. So, first off, you need a good pair of gloves (my fellow ladies out there wouldn’t dare to damage their mani) and a garden tool bag – with a 10% off discount – otherwise all these new tools you are going to buy today, will have the same end as the ones you bought last year: lost, stained, useless.


Then you need some tools to prepare but also to maintain your garden. I started with the Garden Tool Set that includes a dibbler, planter, fork, trowel and weed puller for just $43.95; but to be honest, it’s not only the great price that made me choose it, it’s just that is so much better having someone else collecting the five essentials tools for you. Then, I bought a spade, a pruner and a hedge sheers, which I think are the main tools you are going to need while planting and afterwards. All set to move on now!


burpee3You got the basics and it’s time to get into action. Start from preparing the soil, removing all unwanted plants from your garden, clean up the space so that it looks beautiful and ready to welcome all of your new seeds and plants. Now, it’s time for you to decide if you are going to move one with seeds, plants or maybe a combination of them. I chose the latter; plants to get a little bit of color and optimism that there is something growing in your garden and seeds so as to feel proud when the first leaves appear on the scene. For example, you can get some garden ready vegetables like the Baby Boomer Hybrid tomatoes which are not nice to see but they are also much easier to be consumed (you know, no cutting, just washing and the salad is ready). You can now get 3 pants for less than $17, and except for that, tomatoes is one of the easiest vegetables to plant and grow plus the current season is perfect for them. If you prefer vegetables that can grow in containers, you can go for the Burpee exclusive, the Pepper, Sweet, Tangerine dream that comes in a 3-plant package for just $15.95.


Vegetables and fruits are good, and they may look more useful than flowers – as long as you like a healthy diet – but for me, flowers is all that matters. A beautiful garden needs to be soaked by flowers of all colors, sizes and types. One tip here! I always choose to plant flowers that grow in different seasons in order to make our garden look nice all year long. The same can be done with planters on your terrace. The choice of the flowers is absolutely subjective so you can just have a look at the endless list and choose the ones you love. Me, I chose the gorgeous Sunflower Ms. Mars (another Burpee exclusive) because I love it when something is extraordinary and the color of this one, it’s absolutely that. Then, I got a couple of bulbs of one of my faves which is the Calla. I know a bulb can grow a bit slowly but it absolutely worth it! Also, this flower can be decorated indoors since it looks stunning in vases. No! Of course I didn’t stop here, but if I go on I’ll won’t stop.

That being said, just get online and choose among the greatest variety of plants and seeds. The day is longer, the sun is out and it’s the perfect period to start your gardening adventures. Boots, hat, gloves and here we come garden darling! :)

When you passed the first half of August then you know that you need to do some shopping that follows both the summer but also the new fall trends. Actually, at this time of the year, although you want to make the most out of summer sales, you have to keep in mind that fall is just around the corner and you have to be prepared for these chilly summer nights and these cloudy mornings in the city. And as I already know that you are totally fashion-respectful, I’ve decided to share some of the trending fashion styles for the new season together with the best deals from which is the top destination for trend-setting girls that love uniqueness and originality.

Flowers Everywhere

One of this summer’s trend that will stay in our wardrobe for the season to come, is definitely floral designs. Be it on playsuits, trousers, shorts, tops, dresses or on jackets, flowers are just everywhere and are there to remind us that autumn styles can be colorful too. One of my favorites, for the rest of summer but also for next season is the Motel Molly Long Sleeve Playsuit in Tiger Rose Print which can be worn with sandals or for colder temperatures it can be combined with ankle boots and a huge scarf! Another floral style I’d choose is the Motel Mizzy Short in Wild Daisy black and white which can be also worn from now till the early autumn. Finally, for the colder days, I’d propose the beautiful Motel Bomber Jacket in Canton Night Print with can be worn day to night, with shorts, leggings, jeans or whatever you might choose. Now, you can shop any or all of the above and save big with our Couponology exclusive 25% Off Motel Rocks promo code.


Sweet as Baby Pink

Another hot trend for the new season is pale colors in any outfit. Although, we usually parallel fall with darker clothes, we’ve seen in major catwalks a great variety of designs based on pink, light blue and similarly pale colors.  So, we gradually move away of the bright and fluo colors of summer and focus on sweet girly ones like the Motel Jilly High Waisted Jean in Pink Wash which makes a great contrast with a dark top or shoes. Or, you can also try the super cute and feminine Motel Kimmy Bodycon Skirt in New Check Pink; and keep in mind that we’ll also see a lot of check-styles on the upcoming fashion shows. Finally, if you are not that into pink, you should go for the Motel Printed Legging in Mint Palm Leaf –perfectly matched with a loose white tee or a white sweater later on – or the Motel Kimmy Mini Tube Skirt in Mint Palm Leaf Print. Again, I’ve picked up just for you an amazing sitewide 20% off Motel Rocks promo code that will save you tons!


The Old is Always Cool

No big story that vintage styles are welcomed by every single generation. I’m not sure if it’s because we know that they were hot at some point and we just trust them, or because they are just gorgeous and so much different than modern ones that we love them; but Motel has a whole section dedicated to vintage styles that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do! As I’m speaking of new fall trends, I’ll start with an all-time-classic one that’s still on the catwalks, the check skirt; for which you absolutely don’t have to be Scottish to love it. For me, any check skirt manages to combine style, femininity and girls’ innocence at the same time- and that’s just adorable! As of my advice on which one to get, that’s a tough task. Katy Check Circle Skirts are all gorgeous so just get online and choose for yourself! (I bet you won’t get just one though) Secondly, my second favorite vintage style is the Motel Vintage Kelly Tie Tops. An incredibly easy-to-wear top that can worn all day long; at the beach with hot shorts or at the party with a high waisted maxi skirt or high waisted loose trousers. These tops also come in a great variety of colors, prints and patterns so again the choice can be yours. I’d chose many of them since except for fashion issues, this kind of tops give you the opportunity to show off your much-worked-out body! You don’t spend countless hours at the gym for no reason! :)

To sum up, whether you are a rock girl, a vintage fan, a business woman or a party girl, Motel has all you need to be fashion-updated all year round!

DotW – Coupon Code

On March 4, 2012, in Deal of the Week, by Tom Herrmann

It hasn’t been long since our last blog about gardening supplies, but hey, it’s the season to get everything ready. Just step outside and find out for yourself! It’s undeniable that the winter has been warmer than usual, and it seems like we will be getting into the spring season faster than we usually would.

You can’t let mother nature get ahead of you. Your garden needs to be ready for when the flowers start to bloom. To do that, you’ll need to have all the right equipment, and that’s where this Deal of the Week comes in.

The DotW will help you get everything you need to work your green thumb’s magic to it’s greatest potential. For our fantastic merchant,, you can take $10 off any order of $99 or more!

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Post-Valentine’s Wishes

On February 15, 2012, in News, by Tom Herrmann

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day, yesterday! We had so many deals for sweet shops like David’s Cookies and Fannie May, florists like 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers, and jewelers like Arhaus Jewels and; you would have to try to avoid saving on a gift for your sweetheart.

I had a great time not participating, but not out of spite. I had a single guy celebration of the day, getting some bad movie time in by watching the original “My Bloody Valentine” from the 80′s. I like bad movies the same way most women would like a nice dinner out.

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