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Tips For Neat Freaks

On February 13, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, Spotlight, by nbourma

Some people tend to have weird and unusual hobbies, and I happen to be one of those people. Actually, that’s what my friends, my old roommates and my boyfriend are telling me. That’s how it all started… From a very young age, I got obsessed with my stuff and especially with my clothes and shoes, so whenever I could I was trying to put them in order according to color, style etc. And somehow I also started collecting various wooden or paper boxes and eventually starting putting in stuff like my jewelry, but also my accessories and every other thing I could fit in them. But since I was too little at the time, I was making up my own space saving- items so I ended up with numerous useless boxes, handmade bracelets trees and the list goes on and on.

Now, that I’m grown up, I’m still obsessed with my stuff and I can’t stand things being out of order around the house. But now, when I manage to get some spare time and getting everything out of the closet, the cabinets or from wherever, in order to put them again back in order (yes, that’s one of my hobbies that I practice even in the middle of the night) I have bought the best storage items to put them back in place easily and without just moving the mess in the inside of my furnishings. And since I have more than 20 years of home organizing experience in my resume, I can surely share some organization strategies with you too- in case you love putting everything in order or even if you are obliged to, because your stuff can’t fit into your house.

First off, you have to get rid of all those crooked hangers from your closet, the rotten boxes in your garage, the jewelry boxes that sound like ancient treasure chests when you open them, the impossible-to-clean plastic containers from your fridge and your cabinets and everything that seems to be helping your organization plans but is actually occupying more space than it needs. Now that you got rid of all the useless stuff in your house, get online at Get Organized store and shop for the most convenient space- savers on the market at extremely low prices, but also with unbelievable deals, coupons and online promo codes that enhance not only your space- saving but also your money- saving plans. So, now I’ll share with you some tips you need to follow in order to have everything and everywhere in your house lined up!

I’ll start with my favorite place in the house, the closet or, for the luckier ones, the dressing room. First of all, to have everything well arranged in a closet, you need to have both shelves and racks because if you have only one option then there is no way that your clothes will be positioned correctly. Another rule I follow is to have my clothes arranged according to type (jeans, tops, shorts etc), style (formal, casual, sportswear etc) and then according to colors. This way you can always know where to look when you are going to a party or when you are off to the gym. It can be really nerve racking to look for your skinny jeans and coming up only with sweatpants! Let’s bring on some examples here. Firstly, you should shop for suitable hangers for each kind of clothing. For trousers you need the Slack Hangers that come in a pack of 12 – don’t worry if you need an extra pack since they are way too cheap to care. Secondly, for shirts and blouses you should go for the Wood Hangers with Non Slip Bar that come in a pack of 24 and they have the perfect shape so that they won’t destroy your clothes’ shape on the shoulders. Those are just 2 examples among the huge collection of closet organization stuff available at Get Organized, like hooks, covers, boxes or even overdoor organizers if you have already filled the inside space. And the best part is that you can now shop for everything you need and save 10% off your entire order with the Couponology exclusive promo code.

Another huge storage issue in a house is the kitchen. Be it the fridge, the cabinets, the recycling containers, space is never enough in a kitchen; especially if the family is big. However, thanks to the incredible products from Get Organized, you can put in order even the most stuffed kitchen you can think off! In fact, it was only at Get Organized that I could find really useful products and also get some ideas for getting over the mess in my kitchen. Again, you have to put everything, from food to containers into categories. For example, one problem is to find the spice you need while cooking without creating a chaos and that chaos is guaranteed if you don’t have all spices in one place. Nevertheless, that can be easily done with the Spice Stack that can fit up to 54 spice bottles in its 3 drawers that can be pull out and lower in order to allow you to easily choose what you want! Then, for the mess in the fridge that can hide even non-eatable stuff (it has happened to me), you can buy the Rolling Clear Fridge Trays and organize your sauces, vegetables, food or whatever you want according to categories. Or, to save space by all those wine bottles in your fridge, you can get the Clear Fridge Binz Stackable 2 Bottle Wine Holder that arranges the bottles horizontally and you can also add units to store more bottles. The list is endless, so look for yourself and get what you need while saving big with the Couponology exclusive 15% promo code!

To sum up, although that’s quite impossible due to the endless list of space- savers, Get Organized online store has all you need in order to get the best storage and organization ideas at the greatest prices. Always according to your needs and your budget, look for organizers for your bathroom, garage, home office, kitchen, bedroom or whichever part of your house and your garden. And even if home organization doesn’t end up to be your strange hobby, I bet you’ll have the most tidy and clean house – and fullest wallet – on earth!

It is too difficult and often impossible to be cool and relaxed in any surrounding that is messy and cluttered; especially, if that setting is our very own home. It’s a fact that most of us possess more items than our home space can handle. And we also don’t have the time to sort out the chaos that we, on our own, create at our place. However, we owe to ourselves to live in a well- organized home that helps us feel at ease. As a matter of fact, it is vital to get together your stuff and set up your place in the most convenient way and we have an expert to help you do that. Couponology cooperated with Get Organized, the best online store with outstanding home organization solutions and space- saving products. Our brand new partnership will also offer our visitors the best online deals with Get Organized coupons and promo codes, so stay in touch.

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Get Organized is that exact unknown “force” you are talking to and begging for help when you are looking for the tools in your chaotic garage’s shelves while your broken tap has filled your bathroom with water or when you are late for work and you can’t find this blue tie you just saw a second ago in the messy drawer of your closet or even worse when the baby is crying –endlessly- because you can’t find that specific bowl he wants in order to eat his biscuit cream in the ready-to-explode cupboard in your kitchen. It is this aid you need when you are trying to organize all the paperwork at your home office when you realize that you have lost the receipt of a huge bill you paid because you messed up the boxes and put it in the recycling one or the wish you make when you swear to God that somebody has stolen your diamond ring because you can’t find it in that overcrowded jewelry box of yours even if it is certainly there.

I guess you don’t need my help recall those nerve- racking everyday situations since I bet they sound familiar to you too. None of us has spare time to waste on this mostly fruitless “treasure chase”. But, with the Get Organized home organization products we will have plenty of free time because, believe it or not, a well organized place can save you a lot of time and here is the way to have it! At you will find anything you need for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, family room, home office, laundry room, garage, garden or even your car. The online store offers the widest collection of space savers to tidy your closet, the kitchen’s cupboards, the cabinets, drawers, shelves and more. Moreover, Get Organized has a vast selection of outdoor products like address signs, cooking accessories, covers, décor, lighting and folding (or not) patio and garden furniture but also various As- Seen- On- TV products. Finally, you can also shop online for personal care products and even car seats, beds, pillows and more for your adorable pets.

Don’t waste your time anymore. We gave you the solution, so you will soon run out of excuses for that mess! Get Organized now!!!

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