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He is one of the two reasons of your existence. He’s every princess’ prince and every boy’s role model. You are so in love with his style and character that you always try to find someone like him, either for a friend or a date. You can even ‘hate’ him for setting up the standards so high! He is your number one inspiration and the reason you ended up so spoiled! And so much more, I would need a whole book to talk about mine and I guess your daddy too! And for all of the above and the ones to follow you have to remind him once more how much you love him and appreciate everything he’s doing for you. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get him that gift you wanted to, and make him happy! But apart from the best dad on earth, your dad is a man too; and we all know that men –be it fathers, brothers, boyfriends- are so obsessed with gadgets and techno stuff that they can even ignore your existence when they have them on their hands!

If you are a man, I’m sure you’ve already got my point for this strange men-technology relationship. If you are a woman, just remember that no, your dad won’t appreciate that much that cute teddy bear or a pink tie! No! I’ve  tried that and it didn’t work; the teddy ended up into his Labrador mouth. Yes, really! And from that moment, I decided to respect his wants and get him gifts he would really love to have! To be honest, I think that my dad is a special case, since he knows and has more gadgets and electronics than me and my siblings have all together! Also, his behavior is like he’s in his twenties- always in a good sense. But I’m sure there are countless modern and trend-following dads out there so let me give you some great gift ideas for Father’s Day together with unbelievable promo codes from Couponology that will save you big time!

First off, if you really wanna make your dad happy and his life easier you should get him the iPhone Photo Cube Printer which allows you to connect your iPhone and process your photos without a computer. An amazing gift that will not only allow your dad to print out all those photos he constantly takes of you, but also it will save him time because he won’t need to connect his iPhone to his PC again to make printouts. And luckily enough, you can now get this printer and save with the $10 off Sharper Image promo code! Then, another great gift for dad from is the Adjustable Tablet Stand. If your dad spends hours with his tablet, either to read the news, play games, talk to you on Skype or even uploading photos of you on Facebook, he will definitely love this gift. This stand allows for hands-free use of your iPad (or any tablet) even when you are lying on your bed, sofa or on whatever crazy idea you might have! Also, this stand can be folded so it won’t need much space while in storage! And the best part is that you can get this gift while saving with the $15 off Sharper Image promo code!  Hey! Wait! You are supposed to get those two for your dad first and then for you! Although, to be honest, who would resist this stand?! None!

Secondly, another store I find super cool for Father’s Day gifts is And again, my focus is on gadgets; I guess my dad influences me a lot. Has your dad ever told you “how on earth can you click on these tiny letters?” He probably has, and if not, I’m sure he’s thought of it. It’s a matter of size and gender probably, but you still can help him send texts without writing “wekk” instead of “well” or something! You can get him for example the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer iPad accessory that has a 3-in-one functionality and also comes with a $20 off discount. Then, to avoid these cases in which you desperately want to talk to your dad while he’s run out of battery, you should get him the TuneFlex Aux Hands Free which is super convenient since it combines charging, hands-free comfort and stand and save big with our exclusive 15% off sitewide Griffin Technology promo code. Now, you can call your dad whenever you want, even to ask him when was the first time you ate an ice-cream; yes, I’d do that! But, anyway, in any case, at Griffin Technology you’ll definitely find something useful for your daddy’s everyday life that want only make him happy but also help him have a device that doesn’t look abused; aka get him a case too!

That been said, there is no intention to suggest that all dads are the same, but that kind of dads I’m talking about are pretty much the same. So, you might not want to get any of the above for your own dad but I promise that you can get the best deals on dad friendly gifts from our endless list of merchants! Just have a look at our special Father’s Day offers and I bet you’ll enjoy shopping for your one and only dad a lot! Oh! And also, since men’s tastes and preferences are endless, and even the same dad might be similarly obsessed with gadgets as he is with gardening, music, cars, pets or all at the same time (my case), I’m sure we’ll have a similar find-the-best-gift-for-dad discussion soon enough! So, see you shortly!


“Wait wait, somebody is on the door, give me a sec to open!” BOOM! “Hello? Are you still there? My cell just fell on the floor”! 

“Hold on, let me find it in my bag! Oh come on, where is it? I can hear it ringing!” The phone stopped ringing and “Oh great! I missed the call and just scratched it with my rings!”

“No baby, no that’s not a toy, that’s auntie’s tablet!” BANG! “Gosh! Look at the scratches now!”

“I’m so bored of my phone, I wanna get a new one soon!”

Do you feel like I got these scenarios from your everyday life? It could be so! They are part of mine for sure! I’m so clumsy that I’m constantly throwing my phone and my tablet on the floor, I search for them in my bag (I could also call it a suitcase) without any success and I run after my nephew who steadily wants to makes his farm bigger on my iPad (yes, this app has put my tablet on danger many times). And the greatest of all, my phone runs out of battery when I use it as a navigator while driving! And of course, it was always my fault that I was going through these situations! But I don’t anymore! Now I’m fully equipped with all I need to protect my most valuable devices; my phone and my tablet! After all, we are so used to them that we value them high! So let me share, step by step how I made my life easier, so that you can do it too!


The first and most important step was to get online at; where I could find the greatest variety of top quality cases and accessories but also the most stylish ones too. Because I need protection as I need style. So, first off, I decide to stop worrying about the boring look of my phone.  So I bought the soft silicone case FlexGrip Punch for iPhone 5 which is very convenient for holding and because of the way it wraps the front part, it protects your screen too when you throw it on the table! Also, for the days that I’m more cheerful I bought the tiger case from the Animal Parade Case Series which is so funny it can easily make your day even when you get your phone on your hands to click on snooze at 7am! Yes really! You wouldn’t want to harm this cute tiger! So, it’s a trick too, so that you never throw your phone again in the drawer to avoid getting up! Finally, when I know that kids are coming along or when I’m going to the gym and know for sure that I’ll send a million texts while walking on the treadmill, making the possibilities of my phone falling on the floor countless, I got something for tougher situations! The the tough Survivor Custom Case for iPhone 5, which can be completely customized! And since, obviously, my shopping plans were big, I wouldn’t be able to get all these – and the ones that follow- without some extra help. So I used the Couponology exclusive 15% off Griffin Technology promo code that saved me much, and most of all my new phone!

Then, for those totally disturbing moments when you really need your phone or your tablet on and you realize that you have only 8% off battery, plus hearing this nerve racking beep, I got you the solution! Just buy the PowerJolt for iPad, iPhone and iPod with detachable lighting cable that is both a space and an energy saver! Now, you’ll never need to worry again about losing your way or missing that important call or email! And since we are talking about cars, don’t forget to have a look at Griffin earbuds’ collections that range from unique and serious (like the WoodTones earbuds) to funny and childish (like the adorable Crayola MyPhones earbuds) ones. Finally, before going to the checkout, I couldn’t but get some style and protection for my tablet too. And that’s what I did! I bought the Outfit Ice case in orchid color with a matte finish, which is super- slim and stylish and protects my iPad from spots and scratches! However, if you are the clumsiest of us all, you should definitely go for the toughest of all cases, the Survivor Custom Case which will protect your iPad from the worst case scenarios- rain, dust, drops and even your 3-years-old nephew! And again, don’t forget to use our exclusive code to save big time!

To sum up, Griffin has the best collection of cases and accessories for your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop at the greatest prices, that get even better with the frequently provides promo codes from
So don’t risk it anymore, shop whatever suits your needs and style to adorn or protect your devices with the aid of the experts!

iPad Survivor Case Winner!

On April 23, 2012, in Events, by Tom Herrmann

Our most recent #couponPIX Twitter giveaway has come to a close. Just like last time, we asked you tweet us an answer to a simple question: Why are you a survivor?

We got a lot of great and inspiring answers from our followers, but there can only be one winner. It was a close call, but our pick is from Kacie Phillips (@kacie_phillips).

Kacie wrote, “I am a survivor because I live each and every day with the upmost optimism to make things happen!” That’s nothing short of the best attitude a person can have toward life, and the best way to combat adversity!

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iPad Survivor Case Giveaway!

On April 16, 2012, in Events, by Tom Herrmann

We are holding another contest on Twitter, and this time we’re giving away the incredible Griffin Technology Survivor Case for the iPad. Anyone with an iPad 2 or 3 will love having this protective accessory for their Apple tablet.

The rules are simple: Tweet why you’re a ‘Survivor’ and you will be entered to win. Just make sure you mention @Couponology and hashtag #couponPIX. There are a few other regulations you have to abide by, which you can find on the contest rules page.

The cases are amazing to say the least. Not only are they fashionable, coming in a variety of colors, but they’re also the best protection you can offer you iPad.

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Couponology Corner Saves Again!

On April 12, 2012, in Couponology Corner, by Tom Herrmann

Like most thing these days, “Couponology Corner” has a sequel. Unlike most sequels, this one lived up to the original!

Back by popular demand: we unveiled three new ways to save on our PIX11 “Morning News” segment. Our own Krystal Cordova delivered the deals for Griffin Technology, Vision Direct and CCS on this week’s “Couponology Corner”.


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