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“Wait wait, somebody is on the door, give me a sec to open!” BOOM! “Hello? Are you still there? My cell just fell on the floor”! 

“Hold on, let me find it in my bag! Oh come on, where is it? I can hear it ringing!” The phone stopped ringing and “Oh great! I missed the call and just scratched it with my rings!”

“No baby, no that’s not a toy, that’s auntie’s tablet!” BANG! “Gosh! Look at the scratches now!”

“I’m so bored of my phone, I wanna get a new one soon!”

Do you feel like I got these scenarios from your everyday life? It could be so! They are part of mine for sure! I’m so clumsy that I’m constantly throwing my phone and my tablet on the floor, I search for them in my bag (I could also call it a suitcase) without any success and I run after my nephew who steadily wants to makes his farm bigger on my iPad (yes, this app has put my tablet on danger many times). And the greatest of all, my phone runs out of battery when I use it as a navigator while driving! And of course, it was always my fault that I was going through these situations! But I don’t anymore! Now I’m fully equipped with all I need to protect my most valuable devices; my phone and my tablet! After all, we are so used to them that we value them high! So let me share, step by step how I made my life easier, so that you can do it too!


The first and most important step was to get online at; where I could find the greatest variety of top quality cases and accessories but also the most stylish ones too. Because I need protection as I need style. So, first off, I decide to stop worrying about the boring look of my phone.  So I bought the soft silicone case FlexGrip Punch for iPhone 5 which is very convenient for holding and because of the way it wraps the front part, it protects your screen too when you throw it on the table! Also, for the days that I’m more cheerful I bought the tiger case from the Animal Parade Case Series which is so funny it can easily make your day even when you get your phone on your hands to click on snooze at 7am! Yes really! You wouldn’t want to harm this cute tiger! So, it’s a trick too, so that you never throw your phone again in the drawer to avoid getting up! Finally, when I know that kids are coming along or when I’m going to the gym and know for sure that I’ll send a million texts while walking on the treadmill, making the possibilities of my phone falling on the floor countless, I got something for tougher situations! The the tough Survivor Custom Case for iPhone 5, which can be completely customized! And since, obviously, my shopping plans were big, I wouldn’t be able to get all these – and the ones that follow- without some extra help. So I used the Couponology exclusive 15% off Griffin Technology promo code that saved me much, and most of all my new phone!

Then, for those totally disturbing moments when you really need your phone or your tablet on and you realize that you have only 8% off battery, plus hearing this nerve racking beep, I got you the solution! Just buy the PowerJolt for iPad, iPhone and iPod with detachable lighting cable that is both a space and an energy saver! Now, you’ll never need to worry again about losing your way or missing that important call or email! And since we are talking about cars, don’t forget to have a look at Griffin earbuds’ collections that range from unique and serious (like the WoodTones earbuds) to funny and childish (like the adorable Crayola MyPhones earbuds) ones. Finally, before going to the checkout, I couldn’t but get some style and protection for my tablet too. And that’s what I did! I bought the Outfit Ice case in orchid color with a matte finish, which is super- slim and stylish and protects my iPad from spots and scratches! However, if you are the clumsiest of us all, you should definitely go for the toughest of all cases, the Survivor Custom Case which will protect your iPad from the worst case scenarios- rain, dust, drops and even your 3-years-old nephew! And again, don’t forget to use our exclusive code to save big time!

To sum up, Griffin has the best collection of cases and accessories for your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop at the greatest prices, that get even better with the frequently provides promo codes from
So don’t risk it anymore, shop whatever suits your needs and style to adorn or protect your devices with the aid of the experts!

If you were one of the first to get your hands on the new iPhone 5 in September (or even worse, camped outside of the Apple store overnight just to make that new technology yours) then this article is just for you! Well, I can perfectly understand your enthusiasm: who wouldn’t be excited about the iPhone 5′s new A6 chip clocked to 1.6Ghz (offering a 2x performance bump over iPhone 4S’s A5 chip), the 3G plus LTE radio, 1GB RAM or 4″ IPS display producing 1136 x 640 resolution images!

I could go on and on with the specs but seeing as Apple’s got you covered on the inside,  someone’s got to take care of the outside! When it comes to iPhone 5 accessories, Couponology has great variety (and great discounts!) to choose from to really make your device stand out from the crowd. I’m here to provide you with all the trendy and functionally robust accessories at the highest discounts in the market to help you dress up your iPhone without spending a fortune.
Number one on the list is the Survivor Case by Griffin. As its name states, the Survivor case has been designed to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F, in this case extreme dirt, rain, unexpected falls and unauthorized control or other hostile environmental conditions. Manufactured from shock-absorbing silicone in a shatter-resistant poly-carbonate frame, the case includes a built-in screen protector and hinged plugs protecting the dock connector, headphone port, hold switch, and volume controls. Seal your precious iPhone 5 with a selection of frames and color combinations and save with Couponology’s 20% off sitewide Griffin promo code to get your favorite case at a discount! I would definitely go for the camo/military case to emphasize my fragile device’s resistance to extreme environmental conditions! 

Next on the list is SmartTalk Solar (also from Griffin)–a smart device that enables you to drive safely by keeping your eyes on the road through a window-mounted unit synced to your iPhone. This device allows you to receive incoming calls as you drive with the press of a large button. The exciting part about this unit is that it uses a built-in solar panel to keep the internal battery charged for extended talk time! Stay safe and pay less using Couponology’s coupons and promo codes to make this tech savvy device yours.

Now, a very important accessory for your safety against electromagnetic transmissions and also your hearing pleasure: ear buds. As an iPhone user, if you expect the best screen resolution from your phone, you’ll certainly expect premier sound quality that only the Tonic Series earbuds can offer. Love watching fast action movies or listening to your favorite band? Then Tonic Series earbuds featuring silicone tips and hyper-sensitive drivers will certainly do the trick. Designed for optimum sound, they deliver crystal-clear highs and perfectly-low lows. Available in 3 sizes of tips they can fit even the smallest ears, and block outside noise for an optimal listening experience. Find them online at BodyGuardz and use Couponology’s 20% Off BodyGuardz Advantage Coupon to get the best sound quality of the market at a large discount!

Last but not least is the Privacy ScreenGuardz from BodyGuardz is a must have accessory featuring an ultra-slim privacy film that protects your iPhone from both scratches and wandering eyes! Gone are the days of awkwardly turning your phone’s screen away while a stranger tries to steal a peek at your screen (or worse, shamelessly stares right at the thing)! Your screen will be crystal-clear to you when viewed straight on, but won’t be visible from the sides (the guard works the same way as UV films on car windows). 

Shop these smart accessories and check out our vast variety of additional savings on everything for your cell phone in the Couponology Mobile Phone section and, as always, happy shopping!


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