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SomaLife for a Better Life

On March 24, 2014, in Featured Merchants, News, Reviews, by nbourma

I usually write about style and appearance because, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems as though that’s all that matters. But as I get older and closer to my third decade of existence, I’m suddenly realizing the importance of other aspects of life. Yes, style is great, but what about health? What about the factors that affect our vitals, aging, brain capability, and physical performance? You have that awesome collection of clothes, accessories, shoes, that cozy home, the car you love but what would it all mean without your well-being? Substance matters here, and it’s merely an added bonus that a healthy lifestyle is noticeable in your appearance.


My first encounter with this way of approaching life (and, eventually, shopping) was stumbling upon SomaLife natural nutraceuticals. I was intrigued by the variety of supplements, and (truthfully) by the 11% off coupon on The first encounter kicked off an affair that’s here to stay. Now when I think of a good night’s sleep, glowing skin, one-hour TRX training without complete exhaustion, and remembering the tiny details of my personal and professional life, I think in terms of the nutrients my body needs, rather than idealistic daydreams.

Age Management

When you are young you might not perceive age as your enemy, but it’s always better to act proactively rather than attempting to undo existing damage when it’s too late. Save yourself the expensive face creams and Botox injections, and arm your skin with anti-aging weapons early on. Tr out SomaLife’s Youth Formula, a unique formula that will not only make you look younger but will also improve your sleep, skin, hair, body fat, nails and mood! Amazing huh? Just don’t forget that diet and a healthy dose of exercise matter too!

gHP SportAthletic Performance

You don’t have to be a professional football player to care about your everyday performance. We may not all be athletes but we are people who care about our bodies and our health. We may even spend hours at the gym for “just the right body”, whatever that may mean. The bottom line is a natural boost of energy, like the NSF “Certified for Sport” Athletic Performance Enhancer, gHP Sport can be all you need to supercharge performance, no matter what the activity. Who said you need to be at the gym to get a little tired?


Brain Health

Did you miss that meeting because you just forgot about it? Did you buy the same jacket at the mall because you couldn’t recall having already purchased the same one last year? Does your phone always run out of battery because you forgot to charge it once again? Did you introduce yourself to the same person again, only to be met with the awkward, “we already met”? I’m absolutely with you, and so is SomaLife’s IQ150 (that’s dangerously close to Einstein’s IQ of 150 so prepare for some spurts of genius). IQ 150 improves focus, concentration, memory and clarity of thought with natural ingredients like turmeric root, ginkgo biloba, green tea extract, and Spanish sage. Even better news? You don’t have to be in your pension years to have troublesome memory–it happens to the best of us!

No matter which aspect of your life could use a bit of nutraceutical attention, keep in mind that these supplements alone can’t do the job of keeping you healthy and happy. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and avoid bad habits, whatever those may be. And if overspending is one of them, save 11% with an exclusive Couponology coupon!


Be Nutri-Health(y) Every Day

On April 22, 2013, in Featured Merchants, by nbourma

When somebody asks you if you are fine, the first thing you think of is your health. And it’s so uplifting when you can say “I’m fine”. In fact, health is the most important aspect in our life. And it’s this aspect that keep us spending hours in the park, in the gym or in the grocery store to get the best food. However, the pace of our lives is hectic and it’s not always possible to spend hours in the kitchen in order to prepare the best meal for us and our family. Also, there are cases in which people need extra help and need to enhance their diet. Depending on someone’s needs (pregnant women, athletes etc.), diet (diabetes, high blood pressure) and life stage (osteoporosis), supplements might be an essential part of his/ her everyday life.

However, you have to be really careful when you shop for vitamins, supplements and other health promoting pills. First off you have to be sure that you are not going to harm your body and, secondly, that you are getting what you paid for, and not some useless pills. In other words, you should definitely trust the source of your vitamins; and if you want to swear on that, you should choose Nutri-Health Supplements, “Your Every Day Premium Health Source”. Nutri-Health provides us with the best nutrients and offers a range of products for any health concern; from immune and heart to sleep and memory health. Also, apart from the exceptional quality of products, at you can shop while saving big with frequent promo codes and coupons from Couponology.

To begin with, most of us suffer from high levels of stress that badly affect our mood, our memory and most of all our sleep. Be it from our job,  be home or even no reason, stress can’t be completely eliminated from our lives. After all, we live in a super stressful environment that will, at some point, affect us. However, you can absolutely limit the effects caused by stress and anxiety and gradually decrease them to an unnoticed level. You can shop for the Sleep Wave Rest & Relax which targets most reasons that don’t allow us to enjoy our sleep. Whether you had a bad day or you think of the day coming, whether you don’t feel like sleeping or you are too tired to relax and sleep, Sleep Wave can help you have the sweetest sleep and start your new day relaxed and refreshed! Also, you don’t have to suffer from chronic sleep problems to use this product; you can use it even if you have a rare sleep problem. Then, as I said before, stress and tension can also affect our memory. Again, you don’t have to suffer from a disease to ask for nutritional support. In fact, even the youngest of us have moments when they can’t remember even the simplest of things. So, if you want to keep all your memories alive, and mostly the place of your eyeglasses even when you are wearing them, you must try the Nutri-Health Memoril for memory and mood health. You can now shop for both of them and save big with the Couponology exclusive 20% off everything promo code.

Except for the great sitewide promo codes, Nutri-Health offers customers unbeatable discounts on specific products. For example, at the moment, you can get the best joint health product, the Physician’s Comfort Formula with a 20% off coupon. The natural ingredients of this product – ginger, black pepper and more – provide daily joint health and comfort. It enhances our body’s response to stresses and guarantees good mobility and, consequently, great mood. And after all, who wouldn’t enjoy maximum flexibility and comfort in order to be able to enjoy every part of the day to the maximum. Try this product and maximize your body limits, go for a long walk, play with your kids at your backyard, play football or any other sport that would previoulsy annoy your joints, avoid the elevators and climb the stairs or do whatever you might not were able to do before without feeling the uneasiness of your joints. Finally, if you want to make everybody’s eyes blink when you smile, you should get the FloraBright oral probiotics for teeth and gum support with a 20% off discount. FloraBright protect your gums, offers a fresh breath and whitens your teeth with natural ingredients. Take one mint every day and then show off your shiny smile without worrying of your teeth color or kiss with your new truly fresh breath; thanks to the bacteria-eliminating probiotics.

To sum up, there are many cases that we need nutritional support in order to look and, most of all, be healthy. However, you should keep in mind that health is not found only in a pill; for the best results, you have to combine vitamins and supplements with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.

The ancient Greeks used to say that you need a healthy body to have a healthy mind. In fact, we always need to pay attention to our health by adopting a series of good habits. And that’s even more imperative during the winter months when our immune system is fragile and we are keen on catching a cold. Of course there are countless factors – lifestyle, diet, age, stress and more- that affect our health but there are also numerous ways to build up strong defenses that will protect you from all those unwelcome microorganisms that seek to make you sick. But among them, the best way is the Puritan’s way.  Puritan’s Pride has the widest and the best selection of vitamins and supplements at unbeatable prices that will certainly boost your immune system and let you enjoy winter to the max.

First off, the most popular winter vitamin is C, widely used for the support it provides to our immune systems and overall well-being. Indeed, we always think of orange juice when trying to fight our cold. Now, you can get all the amount of vitamin C your body needs with Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C- 1000 mg capsules with bioflavonoids and rose hip which are absolutely critical for the absorption and use of the vitamin by our body. Shop online for this product and save big with the BOGO free Puritan’s Pride coupon code to get two bottles for just $6.99!

However, a single vitamin is never enough. Our bodies are entire systems, and therefore need an array of vitamins to function at their very best. The Vita-Min multivitamins do just that, and contain more than 50 beneficial ingredients in each capsule, with no colors or sugar added. Those multivitamins are an invaluable addition to any adult’s everyday dietary habits. Plus, they’re eligible for Puritan’s Pride BOGO offer that will boost your wallet just as it boosts your health!

Finally, nothing is more enjoyable and suitable for the cold winter days (or nights) than some delicious green tea. Apart for its ambrosial taste, green tea is famous for the benefits of special disease-fighting antioxidants called catechins, and has even been used as medicine. Bring out the catechins in your tea by steeping for 3-5 minutes for a healthier you. So, why not adopt this great daily habit and offer yourself the best green tea in the market? I snagged 5 boxes of Puritan’s Pride 100% organic and freshly harvested green tea for just $7.38 with the Puritan’s Pride B2G3 free coupon.
Last but not least, while you are online shopping for the best vitamins and supplements that will help you avoid the plague of catching the flu this winter, don’t forget to use the Puritan’s Pride promo code that will save you $10 on your entire purchase. And remember, nothing is more important than your health so it is definitely worth it!
Couponology's Krystal Cordova with PIX11's Sukanya Krishnan

Couponology’s Krystal Cordova with PIX11′s Sukanya Krishnan

Last week we headed to PIX11 studios to deliver our most exciting health & beauty deals yet, featuring coupon and promo codes from award-winning Murad skincare, organic discounter Vitacost, and the ever-relaxing Spa-Week. One by one, Krystal and PIX11′s Sukanya Krishnan revealed the beauty bags’ contents and brought on the savings. Watch the segment here.

The first bag was from Murad, a global leader in skincare science. Murad is renowned for acne, anti-aging, age spot and cellulite treatments. Krystal showed off the E-Shield Radiant Skin Renewal and Resurgence Youthful Skin Renewal kits. The E-Shield kit is a must for everyone under the sun (literally!), protecting the delicate skin from the harsh sun, wind and cold, revitalizing your natural radiance. The Resurgence kit exfoliates and boosts hydration, turning back the clock on aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Our exclusive Murad coupon code will get you $20 off any $80+ order; looks like Christmas morning came early this year!

The next bag’s contents from Vitacost, an organic and cruelty-free beauty & supplement provider, are all about youthful revitalization. From the Avalon Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum which reactivates cellular renewal with antioxidants to the Devita Eye Lift Cream, looking youthful has never been easier (or healthier)! Another featured gem was argan oil from Acure Organics. We love argan oil for just about everything–its abundance of Vitamin E makes it perfect for moisturizing, preventing split ends, and healing blemishes. Use our Vitacost coupon code for an extra 15% off any Wellesse Supplement, and keep your eyes peeled for more savings!

Rounding off our beauty showcase is Spa Week, with a super exciting promo code for 15% off all Spa & Wellness gift cards. Give the gift that offers universal appeal and unlimited spa-tential to celebrate this year’s Spa Week. From October 15-21, more than 5,000 spas nationwide will offer their most exclusive treatments for just $50 each. Anything from massages and facials to medical, hair, nail and fitness services are available during Spa Week. Visit today to find a participating spa near you. Although the celebration is time-sensitive, the gift cards are valid year-round and never expire. We certainly have some loved ones in mind for an overdue pampering session!

Huge thanks to our merchants and friends at PIX11 for bridging the gap between health & beauty. Whoever said that pampering is a guilty pleasure?!

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