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It’s not you. It’s all of us. After a holiday, a short vacation or just a crazy night out we feel sad it’s over. And you have every right to feel that way–who doesn’t like a couple of days off anyway- but there is a quick and easy way to get over it and cheer up! Just do some online shopping and your post-holiday sadness will be absolutely gone! I swear to my brand new sandals! A new tee, a pair of shoes, a huge hair bow, or even a new mug for your morning coffee, can absolutely make your week (or your day, for the shopaholics among us). If you think my idea will uplift you but give your wallet the blues then you are wrong. You can brighten up while saving big time, but only if you choose the right store, in other words Hot Topic. The place to be when you want to update your wardrobe, your flat or even your fragrance, while saving with unbeatable discounts plus our Couponology exclusive $10 off Hot Topic promo code. That easy!

swimYou might be surprised but I decided to start with accessories rather than clothes. To make matters a bit stranger, I also decided to start from summer essentials–a new pair of sunglasses, a hat, or maybe a swimsuit. But before I start, let me share my speculation. May is just around the corner, and that means that summer is almost here. No, it’s not that we don’t have much time left, it’s just that even preparing for summer can make you as happy as looking at your calendar and realizing it’s the 1st of June. My favorite for the season is matching Misfits gear. So, for her, I chose the Misfits Fiend Skull Flounce Swim Top for less than $20, resonating the latest flounce (or fringe) bikini top trend. For him, I chose the Misfits Swim Trunks, lightweight and simple to make enjoying your favorite watersport that much easier! sunglasses

When you prepare your daylight outfits, there is one thing you can’t leave aside, your sunnies. And as it happens with most women (and men in some cases) we have different ones for the beach, the pool, the party, the working days, the car, vacations and so on. For that very reason, you can’t spend a fortune on every single pair. You can do it on one or two (perhaps the pair you bring on a cruise vacation), but not on all of them. And in comes Hot Topic, to rescue you from the embarrassment of having one hundred selfies with the same sunnies! With less than $13 you can get two pairs that are super fun and in vogue (I would never want you posing with last season’s styles)! For example, you can get the Mint Clear Front Retro Sunglasses for her, in an all-time classic design and the hottest summer color: mint. For those looking to adopt a trend-setter attitude (and pose of course), opt for the Pink Glitter Round Sunglasses, the season’s round and bright must-have! For the guys, I picked up 2 simple, classic styles. First up are the Black Soft Touch Aviator Sunglasses and the second, much more modern option, the Two Tone Faux Wood Retro Sunglasses. You can get both of them for less $16. Unbelievable, huh?

After browsing Hot Topic’s summer accessories and Couponology deals, don’t tell me you aren’t ready to jump in your car and drive to the nearest beach. Just don’t forget the sunnies!


Is it getting hot? Of course it is… It’s getting hotter and hotter so what about turning yourself into the next “hot topic” because of your incredible style? It “sounds” good, can’t you tell? I can already “listen” to the admiring comments you’ll get on the street, at the office, at the party, in the tube or anywhere you’re gonna step in, full of confidence, when you are into your brand new outfits. From where? Hot Topic of course! So, let’s unfold together the fashion music project and become the talk of the town- I know you love it, I do too!

Also, what about getting more and more hot stuff, letting everyone believe that you’ve spent a fortune on your style, while actually you’ve spent the minimum? That sounds good too, doesn’t it? And it’s equally simple, as getting the best outfits, to save tons when you shop at All you need is to take advantage of our incredible Hot Topic promo codes and coupons that will save you big time on your favorite outfits but also on a great collection of pop culture items. Like, at the moment you can use the amazing sitewide $5 off $50 Hot Topic promo code and save on anything you might want.

However, at Hot Topic you will also come up with countless deals on any product you might want; from swimwear and lingerie to shoes and wallets. At the time being, among others, you’ll come up with great deals on swimwear. For example, you can shop for the Moustache Swim Bottom for girls which is one of the latest worldwide fashion trends –I’m referring to the mustache of course- and save 30%. Also, another great one is the offer on shorts. Speaking of which you could get the Rude White Skinny Denim Shorts for guys which has a great fit and can be perfectly worn day or night by changing from flip flops to boat shoes. Now, you can get this one and a second one for just $10. Cool, huh?

Another super-hot offer that’s currently on, is the 25% off Hot Topic tees coupon. And this one, is a must-use! Because all you need to have many different outfits during this season, is to have countless tees. Not any usual, boring tees, but tees that stand out in the crowd! You need to shop for tops that are either funny, unique or make a statement. Let me share some of my faves on tees. For guys, I’d definitely propose the Marvel Universe Iron Man Tony Stark Slim-Fit T-Shirt which will definitely get you all the attention with this Stark inspired text. Also, don’t forget that the movie is out for less than a month so you’ll be so up-to-date; not to mention girls’ obsession with Tony! For girls, I suggest something like the Crown The Empire Crown Girls T-Shirt since whether you like post-hardcore music or not, we are all princesses after all and we know we look good in crown prints!

Last but not least, as it is with tees, the same have-tons-to-change applies to tanks too. And in that case it might be a bit better, since the warmer it gets the less fabric we want on our skin. And we surely know that to offer you a great 30% off tanks Hot Topic coupon. I’ve already bought one for myself and it couldn’t be other than the Fifty Shades Of Grey Keep Calm Girls Tank Top in grey, of course! OK, it might not be called Christian but we all have our Greys- hope yours is missing the original’s creepy habits too! Finally, for you guys –if you really wanna show off the triceps and biceps you’ve been working on all winter- I’d propose the Troll Face You Mad Bro? Tank Top which I wouldn’t say I love the troll but I like the irony in the message! Yes, I enjoy making people mad- but only for fun! I’m not that bad!Now, if you think that I got you all the best from Hot Topic, then you are absolutely mistaken. That was just a tiny little sample of stuff you can get while saving big. Just get online and choose among the endless list of pop culture stuff for any taste! I don’t know your exact taste to be 100% sure that you’ll get exactly what I like too, but I can guarantee you’ll definitely turn into the hot topic we talked about at the beginning!

Let Out That Angst at Hot Topic

On October 12, 2011, in Featured Merchants, by Tom Herrmann

The first rule of… well, most things, is to know your audience. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or trying to sell something, you have to know your demographic. If there is any retailer that knows it’s target shopper, and what they’re interested in; it’s Hot Topic.

The mecca of hard-rock stores for angst ridden adolescents  can be found in mall throughout the country, and online at their robust website. Their

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