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You always want to be at the top end of the list of the best dressed and most fashion-forward men and women in your circles. And that’s absolutely acceptable because I’d think that somebody is troubled if he/ she didn’t want to be fashionable. Also, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand in order you to shop for the latest trends while not breaking the bank. But what about your little princes and your little princesses? Is it fair to have the latest styles for you and not for your little royalties? No, it’s not! Thus, this time I’ve decided to lend another hand but not for you, but your beautiful little babies. Or, maybe it is for both sides, since the following deals will make both kids and parents jump for joy! After all, with all those celebrity kids putting on the latest styles from top catwalks, it’s not news that kids have taken up the reins in setting fashion trends for their equals.

Before anything else, as it is for adults but much more for kids, shoes have to be of top quality and extremely comfortable. And in kids’ case, I’m not speaking only of appearance but also for the best feet support and safety. After all, it’s all about their first steps or if not only their first steps, the formation and protection of their feet and consequently of their whole safety. That being said, I can’t but suggest you to get your little treasures’ shoes from From tiny infant shoes, toddler, preschool and grade school kids’ shoes, at Kids Foot Locker you will find only the best in terms of miniature stylish footwear. And together with our amazing exclusive promo codes, you will get all you want for your lilliputian trend-setters. Kids Foot Locker has a great collection of clothes too, but although I don’t have kids, I have nieces and a nephew and I know for sure that shoes are much more important than clothes. Not in terms of style, of course, but in terms of fit, ease and comfort.

What did I say one sec ago? Not in terms of style? That doesn’t apply of course to the cutest of all shoes on earth: infants’ shoes. I love them so much that I could even have them decorated in my wardrobe- impossible, since my dog would think they’re toys, so I wish! So, I can’t but start with my top picks in infants’ ornaments- oh! Sorry, I mean shoes! Pink is on top of my favorite colors and since it wouldn’t be very convenient to wear pink shoes at my 20s (although I’ve done it), if I were you, I’d definitely get only pink shoes for my little baby princess. In other words, I’d get the Converse First Star Crib in pink. Or maybe, the Nike Air Force One Crib shoe in white/ fusion pink color; which also comes in wolf/ grey/ university red/ black/ white color for your little prince. And since I promise to get you the best deals, keep in mind that you can now shop for any of the above super cute shoes and save big with the unbeatable 15% off Kids Foot Locker promo code.


Eventually, your little baby needs the most beautiful pair of shoes to make his/ her first steps. And it is exactly at that case, that you ought to get the best footwear on earth; the most 
comfortable and feet supportive shoes. In that case, Kids Foot Locker has again all you need to make your gorgeous toddlers enjoy their first steps into this world to the maximum and be as stylish as possible. Before, I share my top picks, look at that; Couponology offers just for you an exclusive $15 off Kids Foot Locker promo code. Firstly, because of the season you need to get the brightest of colors, and also it’s all about cuteness and joy so you can’t get dark, depressing colors. So, for your little boy you should get the shiny Nike Air Max Lebron X basketball shoe which offers maximum protection and breathability. I’d definitely get the crystal mint/poison green/fiberglass one since as we said, you have to follow the fashion rules for your baby too. For girls, I’d propose the cute and comfortable New Balance 990 running shoe that promises stability and cushion. Then, if you need something more summery you should definitely go for the Jordan Hydro II with a massage footbed that will give your little boy the best feeling. This one comes also with pink details for girls. This Jordan style will allow your kid enjoy the spring heat without compromising his/her feet’s hygiene.


Last but not least, the time goes by and your little baby is ready for school. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t love him/her be the subject of discussion for his/her one of a kind style. And now again, we come back to style and not only comfort. At grade school ages, kids have already started stating their opinion for their outfits, and you can’t but help them develop their styling abilities from now. Also, another thing I adore, is to have kids and parents dressed with identical pieces. So, for these ages I think you’d definitely shop for shoes that can be found at your size too. My sister does it with her son and I tell you, it’s cuter than you think! But let’s get to the point! For his time at school and his first engagement into sports, your little prince should have the amazing Nike Air Max Lebron X basketball shoe which will keep his feet safe and offers maximum movement abilities. Another great shoe for boys, that can be definitely be found for adults too, is the Nike Air Max 2013 running shoe for top cushioning and support. You can now shop for any of the above while using our exclusive $20 off Kids Foot Locker promo code. Lastly, for dad’s princess you can get the Adidas Originals Adi High EXT shoe in vivid pink/ white color with a lot of details for a more modern style. Now, if your girl is more athletic you should get her something like the Reebok ZigLite Run shoe for maximum flexibility, soft feeling and comfort. At the moment, you can shop for this one while saving $40, so run for it before it disappears!

In the end, as I said before, kids have to be equally stylish and up-to-date as their parents. And beyond any doubt, you all want the best for your kids, even if you have to sacrifice your own needs- or better said, wants. But we, at Couponology, aim at having you all, from 1 to 101 years old, as happy and satisfied as possible. And you just witnessed the proof of our commitment!


Timberland: A brand that definitely doesn’t need to be introduced. You all know it, you’ve all worn it and you’ve all enjoyed it to the maximum. Be it the comfort, the quality, the countless steps in manufacturing, the attention to detail, the popularity or even the fact that Rihanna has worn it, it’s not a coincidence that Timberland is dressing our grandparents, our parents, our kids and, of course, us! People all over the world vote for it and Timberland wants to reward its customers’ loyalty. So, today Timberland is offering a 30% off everything promo code, because after all a couple of new clothes, handbags, belts, pants and most of all a new pair of shoes is always welcome! Unless, you’ve already rented an extra room for your Timberland shoes; but again, in that case, you have to manage your space better because this one- day offer can’t be missed.






However, with its undeniably successful history, Timberland has other trademarks too, like the boat shoe- which is without question my favorite. First of all, from personal experience, I can tell you that a pair of boat shoes from Timberland can last forever and it always looks like it’s the first time you are wearing it- even mine, that I’m not the most careful person. Also, because of the leather quality and the design of the shoes, you enjoy comfort at its most. Finally, thanks to the unlimited variety of colors, combinations and materials, you can never get enough. Whether you like bright colors like the royal blue women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe, colorful combinations, suede leather like the women’s Earthkeepers Classic Unlined Boat Shoe in dark brown, combined full- grain and nubuck leathers like the men’s Classic 2- Eye Boat Shoe or more easily- matched colors like the youth Peaks Island 2-Eye Boat Shoe, at you can shop for any kind of boat shoe or even design your own unique style which will be handcrafted just for you! Who wouldn’t love a unique piece?






But! Don’t let my shoe obsession mislead you! Timberland also offers gorgeous collections of clothing and accessories. Whether you are looking for a job, a gym, a beach or a yachting outfit, there are countless choices for any taste. For example, I’d propose the eco- conscious men’s Earthkeepers Oakham Chino Short which has an amazing fit and flatters all men’s bodies. This one can be perfectly matched with an aforesaid pair of boat shoes. For women, I wouldn’t propose a piece of clothing, because I’m one of them and I know that bags is one of our hobbies- you can call it that, can’t you? I’ve already bought for myself the Earthkeepers New Rawnie Handbag in a super convenient cocoa color and, apart from the shoulder strap that is absolutely useful when you hold all your shopping bags, it’s only my bedside table that I can’t fit in it! And also, this bag can be held all year long! I know you won’t stay with the same bag for that long, but I’m just saying…

Now, I’m going to be a bit tough. The list is endless and since I want to enjoy this sitewide 30% off deal as well, I have to go; so, just get online and I promise you’ll definitely find a way to say “thank you” to this amazing offer you’ve been given by your favorite brand! I’ve already said it once today, but I love being grateful, so see you there… at