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plow hearth3September… You can already feel it in the air, you are already in the new-season-update mood and you surely need a motivation to be happy about it! None of us wants to let summer go, but it’s not up to us. So, as I’ve said before, the best way to cheer up is to do some shopping; all-time-classic-guarantee. But after your gorgeous self and your wardrobe, you also need to update your favorite place on earth: your home! Because after the cloudy fall days spent at work, all you need is a beautiful atmosphere to relax with your friends and family. It’s time to get rid of all those summery decorations and lift the spirits with some new add-ons to your cozy palace. J And since I just love making people smiling – and shopping – I’m gonna share with you the way I chose to make my home’s transition from summer to fall easy; with the aid of Plow & Hearth of course!

plow hearth 3

When summer comes to an end, the first image I create is my buddies gathered in my living room, me sat on a rocking chair with a glass (monogrammed of course) of wine and the smell of burning wood all over the place. And for this simple reason, when I start thinking of fall home shopping, I unconsciously start from the fireplace. So, I started from a couple of accessories, because honestly, it’s much easier to get new ones than trying to clean and maintain the old (burnt and dirty) ones. Also, if your days are as hectic as mine and you are not in the mood of mixing and matching, then you’ll probably also get the Portfolio Fireplace Screen, Tool Set, Wood Holder and Hearth Center set which is absolutely gorgeous and combines both traditional and modern tastes. Now, you can get this one and save big with the Couponology exclusive 15% off Plow & Hearth promo code. Also, if you want to avoid all that dirt from the charcoal spreading around your house, then you need a nice and high-quality rug, like the hand- tufted Fire-Resistant Wool Pine Cone Rug that comes in green and chocolate colors.

plow hearth1

Now that you have updated the fireplace, you understand that you need to do some changes to the rest of the room too, right? You can’t enjoy the warmth of it while sitting on light blue covers or drinking your tea in a mug with a fish on it. So, first off you need to get some new throws and pillows for your sofas and armchairs. Here, I can’t but share my favorite one, which is the Luxurious Faux Fur Pillow and Throw set, which is absolutely amazing. I don’t know if it had to do with the luxurious image of fur (faux of course, because we love animals), the relaxing color or just the photo that has a Yorkie in it, that I chose to buy it, but now I can proudly (since it was my choice) tell that the pillow is so comfortable and the throw so soft (plus it has again a Yorkie on it) that I just love it! But since pillows are never enough, especially if your puppy needs at least three to settle down, you might also like the Autumn Leaves Hooked Wood Pillows that will certainly get you smoothly into the new season mood.

plow hearth2

But wait! Shopping needs no rush! Focusing on the fireplace doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make some changes to the other rooms or to your garden as well. If you want to let your home “wear” its autumn collection then you have to do it right. So just get online at and choose among an endless collection of indoor and outdoor living products that won’t only make you love September but also save you tons while allowing you to have the cutest house on earth! After all, it is your very own palace, so, shouldn’t it be as stylish and cool as you are?

It is too difficult and often impossible to be cool and relaxed in any surrounding that is messy and cluttered; especially, if that setting is our very own home. It’s a fact that most of us possess more items than our home space can handle. And we also don’t have the time to sort out the chaos that we, on our own, create at our place. However, we owe to ourselves to live in a well- organized home that helps us feel at ease. As a matter of fact, it is vital to get together your stuff and set up your place in the most convenient way and we have an expert to help you do that. Couponology cooperated with Get Organized, the best online store with outstanding home organization solutions and space- saving products. Our brand new partnership will also offer our visitors the best online deals with Get Organized coupons and promo codes, so stay in touch.

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Get Organized is that exact unknown “force” you are talking to and begging for help when you are looking for the tools in your chaotic garage’s shelves while your broken tap has filled your bathroom with water or when you are late for work and you can’t find this blue tie you just saw a second ago in the messy drawer of your closet or even worse when the baby is crying –endlessly- because you can’t find that specific bowl he wants in order to eat his biscuit cream in the ready-to-explode cupboard in your kitchen. It is this aid you need when you are trying to organize all the paperwork at your home office when you realize that you have lost the receipt of a huge bill you paid because you messed up the boxes and put it in the recycling one or the wish you make when you swear to God that somebody has stolen your diamond ring because you can’t find it in that overcrowded jewelry box of yours even if it is certainly there.

I guess you don’t need my help recall those nerve- racking everyday situations since I bet they sound familiar to you too. None of us has spare time to waste on this mostly fruitless “treasure chase”. But, with the Get Organized home organization products we will have plenty of free time because, believe it or not, a well organized place can save you a lot of time and here is the way to have it! At you will find anything you need for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, family room, home office, laundry room, garage, garden or even your car. The online store offers the widest collection of space savers to tidy your closet, the kitchen’s cupboards, the cabinets, drawers, shelves and more. Moreover, Get Organized has a vast selection of outdoor products like address signs, cooking accessories, covers, décor, lighting and folding (or not) patio and garden furniture but also various As- Seen- On- TV products. Finally, you can also shop online for personal care products and even car seats, beds, pillows and more for your adorable pets.

Don’t waste your time anymore. We gave you the solution, so you will soon run out of excuses for that mess! Get Organized now!!!

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