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And here comes the day that we are all celebrating our mom! She is precious for every and each one of us and she is absolutely unique in her kids’ eyes. That woman needs nothing more than your love. And we all know that it’s impossible to give her back all she’s doing for us. But, we can show her just a bit of our endless love by offering her something unique. Something that can accompany her every day, and will keep on reminding her that nothing usual or ordinary could match her place on our hearts! In other words, if you want to get your mommy a gift you should make her a unique personalized one, a gift that she’ll love, not only because of the actual product but because it will make her think of you! And for that very reason, this year I’ll get my mom a gift from Exposures. Or maybe more, since the prices are so attractive that it makes it the least that matters. The only problem is the variety that will make you spend hours on it. :)

exp1So, this year, I decided to get my mom three gifts that are associated with her top three habits. The first one, is a photo mug since I know that she is even more caffeine addicted than I am, and I’m sure she’ll make the most out of it. I was thinking to print mine, my bro’s and sis’ face on it but I’m not sure, I might print a family photo instead. You know, with all her grandchildren, daddy, us and our countless pets, so that I make it more extravagant and inclusive. She’s a “mom” to us all anyway.


The second one, is something that she will hold in her hands 24/7, as my mom is so into her phone – I tell you, it rings at least 100 times a day. Yes, this same phone that she uses to call me 10 times a day just to check that I’m fine (oh! I love her). So, I’ll get her a personalized iPhone case, but no, I won’t add my #selfie on it, I don’t want her to look so obsessed with us – even if she is! I’ll print her favorite leaf on it, which is the maple one (big story behind that). I guess that will look more grown-up and a bit more appropriate for a mama. Ha-ha!

exp3And last but not least, as my mom’s (and mine as well) favorite place on earth is anywhere by the sea and since she goes swimming all year round, I couldn’t think of anything better than the Beach House tote. She will absolutely use it, she loves the colors of the sea and the beach and she will also be able to think of our summer house all year long. Now, the best part is that I will get all of the above, without spending a fortune but also by using the free shipping promo code that will save me even more!

All in all, my point here is not that you have to get your mom the same gifts (although i’m absolutely fine with this ha-ha), but that in order to make her feel as special as she deserves to feel, you have to think of her favorite things and create unique gifts for her from Trust me, there is nothing better than knowing that someone spend some time on your gift than just getting you a mass-produced one. And also, there is nothing better than making someone happy while you save big time!

Mother’s Day is less than 10 days away and you are probably still on the search of the perfect gift for your gorgeous mom. But we wouldn’t blame any of you. Even we here at Couponology, having so many brilliant gift ideas right under our noses, still can’t decide on the best way to surprise mom. And the reason is simple: with so many unbeatable promo codes and savings available this time of year, it’s almost impossible to make a choice! But, our beautiful Krystal Cordova hits home again and gives PIX11 Morning News viewers some impressive Mother’s Day deals. So, if you missed yesterday’s show but you still want to put a big smile on your stunning mom’s face and save some bucks, you’d better follow Krystal’s directions. She is, after all, always there to save you time and money!

Diamonds are for…Moms! 

Your mom is unequaled and jewelry is the best way to show her how invaluable she is for you. Diamonds are forever and you can easily parallel the endless love you have for her with a timeless piece of jewelry. After all, it’s the only gift she can keep forever! So, first off, Krystal presented the dazzling Mom Heart Necklace which has the word “mom” inside a heart which is decorated with diamonds and comes with a chain. A perfect piece of jewelry featuring love, time and value; everything you want to keep reminding to your mommy every day! You can now get this amazing pendant from, the number #1 jewelry store in America, while using our exclusive $30 off Kay Jewelers promo code. Show mom how much she means to you and let her shine a little bit brighter than she already does, with a stunning gift she will definitely love!


Sweeten Her Day

Next up, Krystal showcased the best gift ideas for moms that have a sweet tooth. In other words, for almost all moms on earth; who would resist to some delicious candies and sweets? None! So, from this segment you might get some ideas for yourself too- I did for myself, I love adding something gourmet to my morning coffee! Especially when it comes from Wolferman’s which has an experience counting over a century. Hence, if you want to get your mom something from the most “decadent selection of baked goodies”, we have just for you an exclusive 20% off Wolferman’s Promo Code. At Wolfermans, you can choose among almost 30 gift baskets made for mom, but since we’ve done a lot of tasting, you should trust Krystal’s choices. First up, she shows off the delightful Lemon Lavender Gift Basket with cake, tea bread, cookies and scones. A delicious mix of baked goodies that will make your mom’s teatime as royal as it is supposed to be! Next up, for moms that love making their breakfast a grand ritual. Krystal picked up the Deluxe Sunrise Breakfast Tower with a divine selection of English muffins, scones, cake, apple butter and, of course, coffee. A gift tower, made of four beautiful boxes she can decorate in the kitchen, that will make her seize the opportunity to wake up early to taste it! Caution! Wolferman’s delicacies are so enticing you should try to leave the scene when she opens her gift–otherwise, she will be left with nothing when you leave the house!

Words that Count

Finally, if you want to add something unique and completely personal to your mom’s gift, you should definitely add a card to it. But surely enough, you don’t want to give her a boring, common card she might find in her local bookstore. You ought to give your mom a unique card, because after all, she is unique as well. Therefore, to make your life easier, Couponology and PIX cooperated with to offer an exclusive 25% off CardStore coupon code. You can make your mom feel special by personalizing a card with photos and any message you might think of! Let your creativity awaken on a greeting card that will make her day. Also, don’t forget that apart from money, Cardstore will save you time as well, since you can create and send the card directly to your mom’s house- no need to go to the post office yourself!

To sum up, with Krystal and PIX 11 by your side, there is always a great way to get only the best for your mom while saving big time! And, it’s a fact that on this year’s Mother’s Day, thanks to our invaluable merchants – Ice, Wolferman’s and Cardstore – we will make all moms in the States feel as happy, unique and gorgeous as they worth to be—and all kids feel less stressed out on their quest to accomplish that! Ha! Because we love moms as we do kids!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re all vying to get the best gift for mom—she is, after all, every woman’s best friend and every man’s first love! You’ve already marked your calendars for May 12th to give yourself plenty of time, but we know searching for the perfect gift can be stressful so  our lovely Krystal ventured out to NBC Studios to make the treasure hunt a piece of cake, sharing our best Mother’s Day deals with NBC viewers and New York Live co-host Jacque Reid. If you missed the segment (or if you want proof that the deals are for real—we won’t blame you!) we’ve got a recap for you: three Couponology exclusive deals from Murad, and RST Outdoor that’ll put a smile on mom’s face without making your wallet cringe!

First off, we all want to feel our best, but for women especially, this means looking our best—and youthful, glowing skin can work wonders on confidence! We may spend more time caring for our faces than for any other body part, and for good reason! It’s the first thing others notice, so Murad’s award winning skincare line is the perfect way to pamper mom this Mother’s Day. One way to go is Murad’s Essential-C Skincare Regimen, a 3-step system, delivers radiant, young and fully moisturized skin. Its SPF-formula is based on antioxidants and Vitamin C, and is perfect for city moms as it reverses environmental damage. Bonus: this gift does minimal pocket damage with our exclusive $20 off $100 Murad coupon code, and comes with a free full-size Essential-C Toner valued at $28! With Murad’s skincare systems, it finally makes perfect sense to get rid of those countless little bottles in the bathroom cabinet. Did someone say spring cleaning?

However, apart from beauty products, there is no woman that wouldn’t love some new jewelry- you all know there’s a special bond between a woman and her diamonds! But, in case you decide to get your mom some jewelry, you have to choose the best, and that’s, where you can find any kind of jewelry you might think of. Krystal’s picks included a timeless classic set—a gorgeous pearl necklace with matching earrings, a steal with the 25% off sitewide plus free shipping promo code! Of course the deals don’t stop on pearls. You can use the code for everything from gold to diamonds, to silver and gems. Now, if you watched the New York Live segment and fell in love with a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring on Krystal’s finger, you’d better leave a comment and ask for details—there are some things a girl’s got to keep secret!

Finally, if your mom is among the lucky ones that have a backyard, a garden or even a swimming pool then you should definitely pay attention to our exclusive savings from RST Outdoor. Krystal showed us how to save big on premium quality outdoor furniture, like the super-comfortable and modern 5-piece Bungalow club chair and save with our exclusive sitewide 15% off RST Outdoor coupon code. Think of the good times to be spent here when you’re visiting your parents, sipping cool drinks in the backyard and talking over the soft light of a summer lantern—that’s one Mother’s Day gift that benefits the entire family!

To sum up, whether your adorable mom is a beauty addict, a jewelry devotee or if she just likes chilling under the sun, with these Couponology exclusive deals you have no excuse showing up to her door with just a plain bouquet of flowers in hand! So, stop procrastinating and get online to choose a gorgeous gift for the best mom in the world; and of course they are all the best, no doubt about that!



RST Outdoor wants to give one lucky winner the gift of quality family time by giving away the 5-piece Bungalow Collection club chair set, a $1200 value! To enter, sign up for our weekly newsletter at, or Tweet us what makes your mom the absolute best at @Couponology and hashtag #NBCMOM. Winner will be announced Friday, May 3rd!