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Trend Spotting at PacSun

On December 10, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

Today, I switched on my computer with one single wish! To talk about fashion. Haha! You got me, I do that every single day. But! Last night, when I was dressing up for a girls’ night out, I was quite surprised with myself when I decided to put on my cheetah print booties, AGAIN. And when I got to the gym this morning, I put on my leopard Burton jacket. And from those two moments, there is something spinning around my head. What is that? I’ll tell you what… Usually, when I see trend being circulated too much around I’m getting so sick that I can’t even stand looking at it. You know, I get this eye-hurting feeling of boredom and lack of originality. So not-acceptable by an Aquarius- for those of you who know a bit about birth dates. :) And to my surprise, this is happening to me this season (and maybe the previous one too). I’m getting this fashion-routine attitude that makes me choose styles that look so much alike and to be honest, I’m just lovin’ it! And after a lot of brainstorming and put-the-blame-on-others situations, I got it. It’s not just that prints whether animal or camo is an ongoing trend, it’s mostly that PacSun deals are also timeless that I can get as many similar outfits as I wish. So, yes, I put the blame on the unbelievable PacSun coupons available on our site. You see? I’m not actually boring, I never wear the same items but they just look similar!

pacsun leoSpeaking of similarity let me show you my next targets, all based on similar patterns. And I promise, after that I’ll stop shopping for this kind of prints. You know I love to shopping-lie sometimes, don’t you? So, starting from top to toe, the number one on the list is the LA Hearts Animal Mesh Cropped Top, which I would wear as shown in the pic or with my black joggers or maybe my brown harem pants. Tip: don’t you try this top with leggings unless you are on the catwalk. Next on the list is the LA Hearts Leopard Printed Leggings, which come with the perfect fit and can be worn with flats, sneakers or high heels, depending on your mood- or your height, kidding! Then, the second variation of the trend, the camo print should definitely be welcomed to your dressing room. For me, the best you could choose is the LA Hearts Camo Printed Leggings and as for matching it: see the previous one! Finally, if you are sick of your little black dresses, you can wear them with the With Love From CA Leopard Tights and a pair of flats and you’ll have a whole new morning look. And the best of it? Now, you can get all of the above and save big with the 30% off PacSun coupon code. See? Shopping doesn’t always mean spending!

pacsun leo2

Now, as I said before, when we talk about shopping we need to have a complete plan- otherwise we are wasted. Don’t you ever go to the checkout without a new pair of shoes. And in our animal-instincts-awakening case, it couldn’t be other than the Qupid Ritzy Leopard Mesh Flats which come in two colors, black and pale pink (for which I’ll definitely dedicate a whole article next time). This pair is so cute but also so hot because you already know how hot transparent textiles are- even if it is on shoes and feet (another story). LOL Also, it’s quite cool to wear them at a night out so as to make a difference of all these sky-high heels around- my Aquarius nature is awake again! Also, for those of you who are more Jessica than Victoria, then you can go for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Flashee Hi Top Sneakers which can be called anything but sporty (you know, in that messy, non-pompous-just-comfy sense). Hey wait! I’m not done yet! How many times do I have to say that an outfit is nothing without a nice accessory? And in our days, we know that the most easily-shown accessory is our iPhone’s case- it’s ringing 24/7 anyway, so there is no way you won’t show it off. And here comes the cats again and the lovable PacSun iPhone 5 Case with Ear Buds. I fell for sure! Especially now that I can get it for less than $12.

pacsun menOmigod! Are you a man reading this? If you are planning on making your girl happy then it’s fine! Otherwise, I’m so sorry! You see, I’m overwhelmed with excitement and I forgot that I and my fellow fashion addicts are not the only people on earth. So let me pay back and share some shopping ideas with you too. I know you are not that much into following trends –although you should do sometimes, no offense! So in your case I’d just go for the items I’d love to see worn by my boyfriend. And you’d better trust me because I’m paying too much attention on clothing so you bet I got it right. You need a new pair of pants, I know, but not a usual, boring one! You need a BANG (!) one like the –God I love its fit- Levi’s 511 Corduroy Surf Blue Pants. Yes you do and you’ll get all eyes on you! Even the ones that force you to light a flare to turn! :)  And also, you need a new top. What about following a trend yourself and getting the Ezekiel Now You See Me Cardigan in black camo? Yes, you’ll look handsome my dear and you’ll also save 30%, so let her drink champagne tonight. :) Wasn’t that too easy my dear boy? You know it was! Oh! And before checkout, get something for her too! You got some tips from above so don’t screw it up. No! Photoluminescent clothing is not in vogue!

Seize the Deals at PacSun

On October 27, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma

When I was younger, my dad used to remind me to “seize the day”. Carpe Diem is his favorite phrase I guess, not his actually since it comes from August’s time and Horace words- not that my dad is not wise enough to say something similar of course! But that’s not a biography neither a poetry class so let’s go on… Growing older he decided to stop telling that to me for a very simple reason. Being stubborn and spoiled enough to do as told, I made a small paraphrasing and decided to “seize the deal” (!), keeping just the “seize” part of it. See dad? I’m not that bad! Haha! So I went on digging all the fashion deals I could and taking the most out of them. Brilliant high school girl!

The expected result? My dad could go bankrupt and me wanting a second house for my clothes only.

The actual result? Me having a job that allows me to get and share all the best deals on fashions nobody could resist. So you see? I’m actually seizing something! I catch all the deals and sharing with all of you! After using them for myself first. ;) What kind of spoilness allows for the opposite?!


So let me show you the way that you can also seize the opportunity to do something great! You will get new clothes, inspired by the latest fashion trends, while saving big time with promo codes that will make you jump from joy! Yes! Exactly like that. You just need to follow some steps. First and foremost you need to get online at PacSun, our favorite lifestyle clothing store. Then you need to add as many items as you want to your shopping cart. And finally, add one of the Couponology exclusive PacSun promo codes and save up to 25% off your order. And that’s it! Updated wardrobe, full wallet. Good job! :)

pac1Hey, wait a minute! I’m not here just to share the deals, I’m also responsible of giving a helping hand that will get you out of this (so sweet and adorable) indecisive position before going to checkout. There are so many styles that you’ll need a day to decide. Unless you already have a room dedicated to your fashion babies (as I call my newly bought styles). Enough with the talking! Let’s see some fashion here and as it’s a Holiday week, we have to see styles that can get you through the gatherings and the trips to the countryside.

For you my fellow fashion lovers, I chose to share (and buy of course) the hottest trend of the season: animal prints. And if you tell me that you don’t just fall for them, you’ll absolutely surprise me! Anyway, let’s start with a piece that can get through the entire winter, the Billabong Shaggy Strolls Jacket that can be worn day and night and matched with almost everything. Second on the list comes the hot Afends South of Sahara Leggings which promise a super feminine outfit whether you want to wear it with your sheepskin boots or your flat ballerina shoes. And finally, since no fashionista can go to checkout without a new accessory, you have to get too the multi-color print Vans Idylwild Snapback Hat, a so cool add-on to your outfit. And remember, hats are not only for the sun!


Now, for my male friends, I decided to start with every man’s favorite piece: denim. But, before I start with my top picks, let me tell you that: long gone is the time that men didn’t were slim fit or colored jeans. And to prove my point I chose two adorable pieces that combine both! The first one is the Bullhead Denim Co Dillon Skinny New Twill Pants in gray and the second one is the Bullhead Denim Co Dillon Skinny Colored Pants. Both items come with the perfect fit, are very comfortable and also you can get them both for just $69! And one small tip here: wear them with leather shoes for a more formal styling or with trainers for a more casual one; their style serves both needs! And for the cold days of the week, my favorite sweater is the AMBIG Baylor Sweater in heather grey color, which can be worn even with sweatpants for the braver of you- love this style and my favorite jacket, the Hurley Biker Jacket.

pac4I guess now you got the way to seize a deal/opportunity/day – call it as you wish – when it knocks on your door, right? I’m sure you did and together with it, keep that in mind! This week PacSun decided to blow our minds and offers a BOGO 50% off everything coupon. What are you waiting for? Go!!! :)

The PacSun Type Of Man

On August 26, 2013, in Featured Merchants, Spotlight, by Couponology

Summer might be at its sunset; however my thoughts still travel back to reckless moments by the sea, enjoying the sun and chatting with friends. This time, there were no short telephone calls, but one-on-one lengthy conversations with my beloved girl friends about the – what else- no1 hot summer subject: men. At least I’m honest enough to admit it.. Yes, half of our time, or even more is surrounded by thoughts of you. Especially if we’re single and in search of the “perfect” male companion. And in this case, all of my friends were so you can imagine the consequences.. pure chaos! Tall, dark, short, pale, blond, sporty, chic, all kinds of different men types were suddenly found under the microscope of feminine analysis. And the results even more chaotic! But before we get there, let me share a short story with you.. It was late at night when me and my girl friends finally decided to quit our never-ending going out preparations and head to the island’s center (Naxos island, Greece). We decided to walk till there as the traffic was impossible when I had a small accident.. I suddenly started to feel my wedges loose and they went useless in no time.. Lesson no 1: don’t put too much effort preparing yourself because it can get back to you eventually..  Let me tell you that we had to walk back to the hotel (20 min in destroying wedges and lots of pain- only a girl could understand) where I had no flats to wear and had to borrow a friend’s flats 2 sizes bigger.. That was it. My going out mood was declining with a stock speed. But I had to overcome this styling tragedy.. It was summer after all and my friends were ready for another going out adventure! So here we are eventually at the beach bar, ordering cocktails.. I had a few quick drops to forget that my sandals were literally expanding 2 inches away from my feet when someone gently touched my back saying: “What’s that drink you’re having?”






The time stopped there for a second.. He was the man of our conversations. Not too sporty, definitely not sharp and formal, in other words ideal. He was what I later described as the PacSun type of man. We all know PacSun’s clothing so you probably get the picture: casual sexy with his own personal style. Lesson no 2: no matter how you feel, fortune is sometimes stronger than the vibes you’re transmitting.. We kept talking for 3 hours non stop and I was literally fascinated by his charming yet effortless style.. He was wearing a plain branded tee like the Vans Palm Tower Tee from PacSun. Mainly monochrome with a discrete stamp that made all the difference. It’s one of those tees that you men wear 99% of the time; however a few of you only pick the right designs. Extremely versatile and easy to wear with almost everything, this tee can easily be added to a man’s wardrobe essentials. In a more playful mood, the PacSun type of man could also wear something like the Riot Society Higher Learning Tee and have the same effect to women: sporty and plain but also mysterious. There’s a whole theory with stamps: it’s like the jokes you choose to say. Wearing a funny but smart stamp says something about your character: you’re definitely not the boring type, therefore your chances with women rise. If you agree with the author, then find out that PacSun is offering a BOGO 50% Off PacSun Men’s Apparel Coupon through Couponology so that you’re able to get both tees at a great price!

Back to our charming story guy: it was the first picture that struck to me. He was the daring-confident type. And that was obvious from his pants:ruby red. That could actually make me fall in love with him (if I didn’t have a boyfriend.. oops!). He was wearing something like the Bullhead Denim Co Gravels Slim Solid Chino Pants, the newest way to wear colored pants, even if you’re a bit more conservative with color. They have a great fit, they’re more comfortable compared to skinny that most of you fiercely deny. The bottom line is that they’re comfortable for you and stylish for us aka perfect. I still remember how these colored jeans popped the grey plain tee that guy was wearing and bAy the way, he had the same interesting character like his outfit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d bought his jeans from PacSun and bought another one for free with the BOGO Free Bullhead PacSun Coupon. The finishing detail was his shoes.. unlike mine which were a complete styling tragedy, his shoes were of an athletic style like the Diamond Supply Co Marquise Leather Shoes in grey. Don’t get me wrong, but we all women emphasize on shoes, some of us I can tell you is the first thing we notice on a man’s outfit.. so take care of that small detail! If you want to keep the other outfit vibrant, then leave shoes neutral for a perfectmatch. If you like these shoes like I do, you can get them at a discount with Couponology’s 20% Off PacSun Exclusive Promo Code.

They only thing I didn’t notice that night was his jacket or hoodie – if he had any with him. So that will be my own small addition to the story: I will imagine a playful and summery hoodie like the On The Byas Tie Dye Palm Hoodie, a long sleeve allover multi color print hoodie with colorful palm trees and a pouch pocket. Ideal for me as well if I get the chills.. and too cool to resist to.. Don’t you agree? The coolest part, however, is its price when using Couponology’s Extra 30% Off Markdowns PacSun Coupon.

As for the story, it ended up to be the best summer night out! Especially for the girls as it was a proof that the PacSun type of man truly existed and he was sexier and cooler beyond any imagination…

Brandishing Our Brands!

On January 31, 2012, in News, by Tom Herrmann

We don’t exactly have an attention grabbing decor in the office. Some bare walls, white tile and that’s about it. It’s fine; an office doesn’t need or top-notch interior design. What really matters is that we keep bringing you the best coupons from the best brands.

Those best brands could be the simple solution to our bland, business headquarters. PacSun just sent us a HUGE poster that will definitely add a little flavor to our cream-colored walls. This isn’t the only one we’re expecting either. Hopefully, we’ll be getting more and more posters to brandish our brands. 

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Bringing West Coast Style Across the Nation

On October 7, 2011, in Featured Merchants, by Tom Herrmann

From East Coast to West Coast, everyone knows PacSun. You can find them in pretty much any mall across the country, and their skate/surf style stands out among other brands. It’s not just about the clothes either: Pacific Sunwear offers an outlet to the skater/surfer sub-culture and music.

From their modest start in 1980, the once small Newport Beach surf shop has evolved greatly over the past thirty years. boasts that they are, “…one of the top names in teen fashion with over 800 stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico.” That’s no feat to take lightly.

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