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And here comes the day that we are all celebrating our mom! She is precious for every and each one of us and she is absolutely unique in her kids’ eyes. That woman needs nothing more than your love. And we all know that it’s impossible to give her back all she’s doing for us. But, we can show her just a bit of our endless love by offering her something unique. Something that can accompany her every day, and will keep on reminding her that nothing usual or ordinary could match her place on our hearts! In other words, if you want to get your mommy a gift you should make her a unique personalized one, a gift that she’ll love, not only because of the actual product but because it will make her think of you! And for that very reason, this year I’ll get my mom a gift from Exposures. Or maybe more, since the prices are so attractive that it makes it the least that matters. The only problem is the variety that will make you spend hours on it. :)

exp1So, this year, I decided to get my mom three gifts that are associated with her top three habits. The first one, is a photo mug since I know that she is even more caffeine addicted than I am, and I’m sure she’ll make the most out of it. I was thinking to print mine, my bro’s and sis’ face on it but I’m not sure, I might print a family photo instead. You know, with all her grandchildren, daddy, us and our countless pets, so that I make it more extravagant and inclusive. She’s a “mom” to us all anyway.


The second one, is something that she will hold in her hands 24/7, as my mom is so into her phone – I tell you, it rings at least 100 times a day. Yes, this same phone that she uses to call me 10 times a day just to check that I’m fine (oh! I love her). So, I’ll get her a personalized iPhone case, but no, I won’t add my #selfie on it, I don’t want her to look so obsessed with us – even if she is! I’ll print her favorite leaf on it, which is the maple one (big story behind that). I guess that will look more grown-up and a bit more appropriate for a mama. Ha-ha!

exp3And last but not least, as my mom’s (and mine as well) favorite place on earth is anywhere by the sea and since she goes swimming all year round, I couldn’t think of anything better than the Beach House tote. She will absolutely use it, she loves the colors of the sea and the beach and she will also be able to think of our summer house all year long. Now, the best part is that I will get all of the above, without spending a fortune but also by using the free shipping promo code that will save me even more!

All in all, my point here is not that you have to get your mom the same gifts (although i’m absolutely fine with this ha-ha), but that in order to make her feel as special as she deserves to feel, you have to think of her favorite things and create unique gifts for her from Trust me, there is nothing better than knowing that someone spend some time on your gift than just getting you a mass-produced one. And also, there is nothing better than making someone happy while you save big time!

No one can resist the astonishing, bright smile on a gift receiver’s face. And no one can stay patient enough not to unwrap the gift that they just received! So whether you’re the gift giver or the receiver, there’s plenty of joy to go around! But in both cases, to raise the spirits you need to find that one perfect gift. In fact, gifts should definitely have a bit of involvement, exclusivity and individuality. Speaking of which, what can be more unique for a person than a photo of him/her or his/ her beloved people? And here comes my main point… Mixing a photo with a gift is the recipe for that bright smile!

You can get the most simple and usual gift but if you personalize it with a photo, it becomes distinctive–a special memory to hold near and dear. And all you need to get rid of this find-the-perfect-gift anxiety is to get on and choose among countless photo gifts that will definitely bring on a bit of awe! I’ll share with you some personal thoughts that made me decide that a photo gift is the best choice for everyone. Not to mention how amazing the prices are considering the countless feelings the gifts can evoke. Be it a mug, a frame, a piece of clothing, PersonalizationMall has the best selection of gifts for every taste but also unbeatable offers thanks to coupons and online promo codes from Couponology, like the 30% off all photo gifts coupon.
First off , for all of you lovebirds ,don’t tell me that you don’t want to make your better half think of you 24/7. And if you do, I know you are lying! So, I can help you solve this problem right away… Whether there is an actual occasion or a just-because non-reason for buying a gift, you can make your love look at your beautiful face and your sparkling eyes a little more each day with the Photo Collage Personalized Travel Mug which is made of stainless steel and comes with a convenient lid that will keep the content at its initial temperature. This mug can be personalized with 5 photos that will keep him/ her company while stuck in traffic on the way to work. As for the countless hours spent at the office, you can get the Photo Memories Personalized Mouse Pad for less than $10. Best of all, you can print either one photo or add many copies of it around the main one as a frame.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your family–be it grandmas, kids, aunts, (you name it) you should definitely go for the Our Loving Family Personalized Photo Frame on which you can print your family members’ names, either horizontally or vertically. Now just add a photo and you’ve surely got the one and only present for that picky relative. And since, they already have hundreds of photos in the living room, why not help them make their décor more unique? Also, I picked out just about the best gift for parents–I bought this one for mine and they absolutely loved it–the Photo Collage iPhone 4/4s Cell Phone Case with mine, my brother’s and sister’s photos on it and they just jumped for joy! Now they can easily show to everyone how gorgeous their children are without even accessing their photo gallery. And just think, you are the one who chose which photo will be shown at least 20 times a day. I love deals that double up–this one’s a steal AND a strategy for ensuring that embarrassing snapshot of you in your pajamas devouring chocolate cake, which your mother thinks is “just adorable”, never sees the light of day again.

Last but not least, at you can also buy gifts for you and make your home or your days unique and full of memories. I’ve already bought some stuff and I can tell that they really make a difference. First off, I just love the Sweetheart Personalized Photo Scented Glass Candle that comes in two amazing scents are so beautiful that I just don’t want to light them- just stare at them. Secondly, the Picture Perfect Photo Wall Calendar, which lets you print 24 photos, makes every morning special. I look at the photos, recall beautiful memories and do my best to make this month even better than last. It’s such a fun game! Finally, you can decorate your sofa with one (or more) Picture Perfect Personalized Keepsake pillows. This way you will feel that you have your adorable nephew, your friends or even your boyfriend (while he’s away on a business trip) sitting next to you. Amazing!

To sum up, whether you are looking for a birthday, an anniversary, an Easter or a just-because gift, PersonalizationMall promises to help you create and get the most unique and thoughtful gifts for the ones you love or for yourself while saving big time with the Couponology exclusive 20% off gifts promo code. And it’s certainly no coincidence that the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has stayed around so long!