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Party All The Time

On February 7, 2013, in Deal of the Week, Featured Merchants, by nbourma


There are many times when you get bored of everything in your wardrobe and you just need something to spice up your appearance. In order to do that, you surely don’t have to wait until the next Halloween. Actually, I believe that it is much more unique and much funnier if you dress up whenever you want, not only when you are expected to. The unexpected is always better! So, you don’t have to wait till next October to disguise your image. As far as I am concerned I can tell you that apart from my regular clothes collection I also have a couple of drawers full of costumes! And I never get enough of them, since if you wear it once it’s not funny anymore. So you have to update your costume collection too. You might think that you don’t have the money to get the latest on clothes and the latest on costumes at the same time, but that’s not true. You can look for great online deals and get a new costume without breaking the bank!

Here is the way to do that… Costume Kingdom is the fanciest online store for those of you who love dressing up as much as I do. Whether you love costumes for yourself, your sweet little child, your cute pet or your partner, at you will find the widest collection of costumes and accessories ranging from animal and cartoon character costumes to super sexy and pimp costumes. Also, apart from the lovely discounts you get at the sale section, you can save even more with Costume Kingdom coupons and online promo codes from Speaking of which don’t forget to use the Couponology exclusive promo codethat will save you 10% off any costume you might buy! So you see? Fun is almost costless at Costume Kingdom!Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of the usual and quite boring heart/ rose/ candy related gifts and atmosphere? Do you want something different and unique for this Valentine’s Day? Then follow the same path as me! In order to surprise mysweet Valentine next week, I decided on something more unique and amusing than what I did the previous years. This year, I will welcome him home dressed like a fairy that even if I won’t be able to make a wish come true, I’ll definitely make his day. So, I bought the hot Tinkerbell Fairy costume which includes the dress, skirt, sleeves wings, pouch and headpiece and saved more than $10. However, if you want to challenge him even more, you can buy a costume from the “super sexy” category, like the Sexy Military costume that comes with an almost 50% off discount or the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume for just $54.95. Now if you and your other half are more into role playing, then you should go for the super discounted couple costumes and choose among a huge list of categories. You can both dress up and have your own private Valentine’s Day party at home. And even if your costume doesn’t look like the expected God of love costume, you will definitely laugh to tears with each other! After all, that’s what you want from a celebration!

Throw a Theme Party

I love parties! We all do! We all look for a chance to throw a party but we sooner or later ran out of motives and places. Also, it can be quite boring to go to the same-styled parties again and again. But, I’ve figured out a way that you can throw an incomparable party whenever you want! And I say incomparable because ideas for theme parties can be endless; especially if you choose your costume from the hundreds available at Costume Kingdom. Theme parties are absolutely amazing since they are full of surprises, funny appearances and you can have them for anyone, from toddlers to adults. As far as adults are concerned, and because of the current vampire trend, a quite cool idea is a vampire themed party. From sexy to scary, Costume Kingdom has a great collection of vampire costumes for men and women which can save you big. For example, you can shop for the Black And White Royal Vampire costume and save $13 and the Black And White Royal Vampiress costume and save more than $10. Also you can have them both shipped for free with the Costume Kingdom free shipping coupon. For a cute and funny kids’ theme party, I would definitely decide on a cartoon one. For girls, I propose something sweet and cute like the Adorable Minnie Mouse costume for less than $20 or the Belle Ballerina for less than $30. For the adventurous little boys, go for the Captain America Classic costume or the Young Justice Kid Flash costume, both for less than $30. Make your little ones feel like superheroes and enjoy their happiness!

To sum up, for any occasion, age, gender, style or type if you want to be entertained and have tons of fun, shop online now for the widest collection of costumes. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is to fight your indecisiveness because of the number of costumes, because as far as money is concerned you don’t have to think about it at all. I told you again: fun is not expensive at Costume Kingdom!

Valentine’s Day is less than 15 days away and we are all in this difficult position to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. It is the perfect day to show  your love to your other half and you want to do it the best way. Your feelings are so strong and you need to find the right gift to represent them. But nothing is good enough for your one and only. True! Nothing is good enough for your sweet Valentine except for a stunning piece of jewelry. But again, no piece of jewelry is representative of your feelings if you are not looking at the right place for it. But if you have a look at Jared’s Valentine’s Day Gifts section then I guarantee you will come up with the best possible gift for your love. And trust me, because I’m a girl and I’ve done a lot of research on jewelry! In fact, Jared is the most divine online gallery of jewelry with the best value for money little treasures but also with additional savings thanks to the frequently provided Jared promo codes, coupon codes and free shipping from Couponology.

Put a Ring on It

In my opinion, a ring is the most easily worn piece of jewelry. And I can justify that. In fact, a ring can be worn under any ircumstances and it can’t be affected by the occasion, our outfit, our style or even our hairstyle. Unless you are going skiing and you need to wear gloves, rings can be worn whether you are on your sweatpants or if you have your hair down. And of course you can always wear more than one ring- and still have free fingers to get even more. That being said, I believe that a ring is the best choice of gift. So, let’s get to the point since I really want to make your choice much easier. At you will find the widest collection of chic and classy rings including wedding, engagement, solitaire, birthstone, fashion and stackable rings. Speaking of which, I have to admit that I love them since they are easily matched with other hand jewelry and can be worn all day long.

First off, at Jared Valentine’s Day collection you will find the absolutely adorable and affordable Stackable Heart Ring with lab- created ruby and diamonds in sterling silver. Apart for its amazing price of just $84.99, this ring is suitable for any age, from teens to older women and the color of the heart is so feminine and cute that it definitely makes it a great choice. Now, if you want something even more affordable, you should go for a stackable ring from the gold and silver collection. If you aim at something classic or even a combination of rings you should go for the Sterling Silver Stackable Ring for just $14.99 which can also be combined Stackable Ring Green Enamel in Sterling Silver (for less than $25) which has an amazing green color that makes the first ring look like a completely different ring when they are worn on the same finger.

Under $100 Valentine’s Day Gifts

However, if you are not a ring fan or if you just want another gift for your lovely lady, you still don’t have to look anywhere else but only at Jared. Indeed, Jared has an adorable collection of gorgeous necklaces, pendants, earrings and charms for Valentine’s Day and you can get all of them at prices less than $100. For example, for the pure romantics, I propose the Sterling Silver Necklace which has engraved the “Here and now I promise to love faithfully” phrase by Luther Vandcross and costs less than $100. You can also shop for and personalize the gorgeous Open Hearts by Jane Seymour engravable Angel Necklace and get prices starting at just $73.44. This necklace is an adorable gift since you can give your own touch on it.

Get Him the Best Gift

Finally, Jared is also here to help us choose the most gorgeous gifts for our male Valentines too. I picked up just for you two great pieces for men that won’t only amaze him but will also save you big. Firstly, I chose the beautiful titanium and rubber Men’s Bracelet that can be engraved and you can put your Mr. Perfect’s name on it for just $57.15. Secondly, you can go for the Men’s Jewelry Bracelet with Stainless Steel and black Carbon fiber squares for less than $90. The choices on men’s jewelry at Jared as endless as women’s, so you can have a look for yourself and choose what fits you or him better.

I may not be able to know your loved one’s exact taste in jewelry but I know for sure that if you get it at you will definitely get the best Valentine’s Day gift at the best price!

Post-Valentine’s Wishes

On February 15, 2012, in News, by Tom Herrmann

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day, yesterday! We had so many deals for sweet shops like David’s Cookies and Fannie May, florists like 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers, and jewelers like Arhaus Jewels and; you would have to try to avoid saving on a gift for your sweetheart.

I had a great time not participating, but not out of spite. I had a single guy celebration of the day, getting some bad movie time in by watching the original “My Bloody Valentine” from the 80′s. I like bad movies the same way most women would like a nice dinner out.

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DotW #3 – Thomas Laine Coupons

On January 22, 2012, in Deal of the Week, News, by Krystal

Love is in the air, and in the Deal of the Week! I have the destination, just in time for Valentines Day, for all things precious for the gem in your life. Okay, so you might be thinking “Valentines Day is just another Hallmark holiday”, and “How much money do I have to spend to show him/her how much I love them?” If these questions haunt you all the way until the 14th, cupid is about to make you fall in love with Thomas Laine’s jewelry.

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