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Taking the opportunity from Mother’s Day, I was thinking that our grandparents as invaluable to us as our parents. But, don’t you think that we often forget that they might have more needs than we do but missing the ability to satisfy them? Shouldn’t we give them more of our time and give them the same opportunities that we have? Shouldn’t we try to make their lives much more beautiful and safer since after all, we owe our existence to them? Of course we do, and that’s why we shouldn’t let them miss all these great online shopping opportunities and comforts that we get. You wouldn’t expect your pap or your nana getting online and buy something for themselves, right? I neither, and that made me feel quite guilty; so, I decided to spend this day shopping exclusively for my grandparents! All of them; after all, I won’t spend much because I found the most money-saving website for seniors:


I’m not a doc and also I can’t know if your grandparents have any specific concern to focus on, but I know for sure, that there are those small things that can make every old person’s everyday life much easier and convenient. And as everyone knows, a good day starts with a good sleep, and as you might have witnessed, it is quite hard for older people to get up of their bed if it’s not at the suitable height and if they don’t get a kind of support. And since getting a higher bed is not that money- and time-saving, you can get them the Cushioned Bedside Support Rail that secures to any bed and helps getting in and out of bed, together with the Wood Bed Risers, that except for making the bed more suitable for elders, it also adds storage space under the bed- you know, for all these useless stuff your grandma keeps on saving; but that’s another story.


Bedroom all set! Now, you can focus on bathroom, another everyday action that looks so easy for us, but not so for seniors. The most serious safety issue we have to focus on when thinking of taking a shower is slipping. And that’s not only for seniors, it’s for all of us and for any age. But, since I’m not that much into bath mats (I can’t stand so much plastic in my bath), I’d propose either the Shower Steps Slip Resistant Footwear or the Bathtub Safety Treats which are much more easier to clean and remove than mats. The former is more suitable for old people, since they won’t need to lean over to put them in place and then remove them and so on. Lastly, since older people can’t be standing for long, I would propose the Plastic Corner Shower Seat, that comes with an over 50% off discount and you can get it shipped for free with the free shipping promo code from

ec3Last but not least, since summer is just around the corner, I can’t think of anything better than getting my grandparents something that will make them enjoy their time in their garden. So, first off I’ll go for the Pressure Reducing Chair Cushion that can add comfort to any chair, and reduces friction. And since there is nothing better than reading your book, in your comfortable armchair while having your legs stretched on something –preferably not on a table or on another chair – you can get the Foldable Rocking Footrest, which comes with a pillow to support your legs, is lightweight, space-saving and it can moved very easily. Looks so good that I should get this one for my house as well! Quantity: 4. Done!

You see? So easy-to-think and get little things that can make your grandparents life so much more beautiful. And yours too, because you’ll know that they are having a safe and pleasant everyday life! Not to mention that giving gifts is one of the biggest joys in life, especially to grandparents that we love them to the moon and back!