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It’s getting warmer and warmer out and when the temperature is around 80°F by the time you get to the office, you know it’s time to update your summer outfits. Or, if you are more like me, then it’s that exact period when you imagine your suitcase fully packed and mix and match in your mind all those gorgeous summer outfits you are bringing with you on vacation. No, I’m not trying to make you want to run away from the office and head to the beach. The complete opposite! I’m just willing to save you time when you are thinking of your summer outfits or even better, of all those styles that will make you pay an extra fee at the airport (don’t worry, luggage weight always a little bit more for fashion lovers). Because you always need an extra tee, or maybe two! Speaking of which, that’s the way you are going to make your fashion-life easier: Tees; this amazing summer piece that allows you to make up countless outfits! And the best thing of all is that tees are not that expensive compared to winter styles- when you need sweaters and jackets. Tees are the easiest way to be always in fashion and always in different clothes, whether you are a man or a woman. Also, keep in mind that graphic tees are also a way of expression, either through words or images. But, getting back to shopping -our expertise- I’ll share with you the easiest way to update your wardrobe in just two steps. First, you get online at where you will find an endless collection of unique graphic tees. Secondly, you use our exclusive 10% off Design by Humans promo code and you save big while shopping as many items as you wish since it won’t cost you a fortune! Yes, it’s that easy! And that being said, let’s get to my favorite part: the style tips!

As a girl, I can’t help but start with girls! I’m sure that some of you are already in your hot shorts and your brand new sandals and of course, you’ve matched that with a statement tee. Whether it has an animal or a “let’s sleep together” message printed on it, I’m sure you look hot! By the way, why don’t you put one side of the tee inside of your shorts and add a belt to give an extra something to your outfit!? Nice, huh? But tees are not only to be worn with your shorts. You’ve probably already seen it on the street, but my favorite new summer trend is definitely the graphic tee matched with a bright maxi skirt. And, of course, when you adopt this style you have to wear the skirt outside of the tee, and maybe add a belt too, in order to show off your beautiful waist- in other words, you don’t want to look like a shapeless body in fabrics. We’ve seen this new trend at top catwalks but also chosen by the most fashionable celebrities, so don’t you ever wonder if you’ll look good! You’ll look fabulous because you’ll have a unique tee and a stunning body that will get you all the attention! And if you don’t already have that unique top, I’ve picked up some of my favorites to share with you! A tee I’d love to see matched with a maxi turquoise skirt (fave summer color), brown sandals and a wide brown leather belt, is the Hawk Deco II in white with a wing printed on it. However, is not only with maxis that you can make the perfect tee-based outfit! You can do the same with miniskirts too and you’ll have a super girly outcome! For example, you can wear the Live View Mode tee (I chose the green one as you can see) which features a vintage camera on the front, with a brown skirt and similar sandals and accessories! And for all of the above, just change from flats to heels and you have an evening outfit too! And finally, don’t forget of the other summer 2013 trend, which is definitely the huge-necklace-on-top-of-tee one. Now you can decorate your shirt’s neckline with a colorful necklace that will add a more stylish sense to your cool outfit. For example, you can buy the I Love Music shirt in any of the 10 available colors and accessorize it with a big necklace in a matching color!

For men, things are getting much easier since 90% of summer days you are wearing a tee and jeans or shorts underneath. So, in your case, since you don’t have to do much to adorn your outfit and stand out in the crowd, you are in the amazing position to buy whatever you want from Design by Humans, put it on, add a bottom and you’ll just look fab! In fact, for you, it all depends on your color and graphic art preferences. For example, if you feel like the king of the world, you should get the No King tee which features a stunning lion with a golden crown design; a tee for you that refuse to be ruled! For the more romantic or maybe the more stressed out of you, I’d propose the Eastern Sunset shirt that will help you escape from your hectic routine and have an imagined escape in the sea. And finally, for music lovers, there is no better summer choice than the Sound Of The Ocean shirt with sol key and Poseidon printed on it; a perfect combination for a new summer tee! But as I said before, you men are lucky enough to choose whatever you want without even thinking of matching accessories and other fashion items; all you need is to get those tees that reflect your character, add a pair of jeans and you are all set!

To sum up, for art lovers, tee fans, style addicts or even for those of you that don’t want to spend much time matching clothes, Design by Humans is the top destination for men and women who want any –or all- of the above, but most of all, who want to shop a lot, stay in fashion but also save as much as possible. Just get online and choose among thousands of tee designs that promise to satisfy all tastes and all wallets!


Is it getting hot? Of course it is… It’s getting hotter and hotter so what about turning yourself into the next “hot topic” because of your incredible style? It “sounds” good, can’t you tell? I can already “listen” to the admiring comments you’ll get on the street, at the office, at the party, in the tube or anywhere you’re gonna step in, full of confidence, when you are into your brand new outfits. From where? Hot Topic of course! So, let’s unfold together the fashion music project and become the talk of the town- I know you love it, I do too!

Also, what about getting more and more hot stuff, letting everyone believe that you’ve spent a fortune on your style, while actually you’ve spent the minimum? That sounds good too, doesn’t it? And it’s equally simple, as getting the best outfits, to save tons when you shop at All you need is to take advantage of our incredible Hot Topic promo codes and coupons that will save you big time on your favorite outfits but also on a great collection of pop culture items. Like, at the moment you can use the amazing sitewide $5 off $50 Hot Topic promo code and save on anything you might want.

However, at Hot Topic you will also come up with countless deals on any product you might want; from swimwear and lingerie to shoes and wallets. At the time being, among others, you’ll come up with great deals on swimwear. For example, you can shop for the Moustache Swim Bottom for girls which is one of the latest worldwide fashion trends –I’m referring to the mustache of course- and save 30%. Also, another great one is the offer on shorts. Speaking of which you could get the Rude White Skinny Denim Shorts for guys which has a great fit and can be perfectly worn day or night by changing from flip flops to boat shoes. Now, you can get this one and a second one for just $10. Cool, huh?

Another super-hot offer that’s currently on, is the 25% off Hot Topic tees coupon. And this one, is a must-use! Because all you need to have many different outfits during this season, is to have countless tees. Not any usual, boring tees, but tees that stand out in the crowd! You need to shop for tops that are either funny, unique or make a statement. Let me share some of my faves on tees. For guys, I’d definitely propose the Marvel Universe Iron Man Tony Stark Slim-Fit T-Shirt which will definitely get you all the attention with this Stark inspired text. Also, don’t forget that the movie is out for less than a month so you’ll be so up-to-date; not to mention girls’ obsession with Tony! For girls, I suggest something like the Crown The Empire Crown Girls T-Shirt since whether you like post-hardcore music or not, we are all princesses after all and we know we look good in crown prints!

Last but not least, as it is with tees, the same have-tons-to-change applies to tanks too. And in that case it might be a bit better, since the warmer it gets the less fabric we want on our skin. And we surely know that to offer you a great 30% off tanks Hot Topic coupon. I’ve already bought one for myself and it couldn’t be other than the Fifty Shades Of Grey Keep Calm Girls Tank Top in grey, of course! OK, it might not be called Christian but we all have our Greys- hope yours is missing the original’s creepy habits too! Finally, for you guys –if you really wanna show off the triceps and biceps you’ve been working on all winter- I’d propose the Troll Face You Mad Bro? Tank Top which I wouldn’t say I love the troll but I like the irony in the message! Yes, I enjoy making people mad- but only for fun! I’m not that bad!Now, if you think that I got you all the best from Hot Topic, then you are absolutely mistaken. That was just a tiny little sample of stuff you can get while saving big. Just get online and choose among the endless list of pop culture stuff for any taste! I don’t know your exact taste to be 100% sure that you’ll get exactly what I like too, but I can guarantee you’ll definitely turn into the hot topic we talked about at the beginning!