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Do you remember how gorgeous Daisy Duke looked in her hot pants and boots? It doesn’t matter which one you are thinking of, since both the 1980’s and the 2000’s version was equally hot! What about Hugh Jackman as Drover who could take your breath away in his tight t-shirt and wide leather belts? And finally, can you recall Daniel Craig with his brown cowboy hat and vest showing off his Western acting abilities? Yes, he was good, but his style was better! And eventually, you would state that all of the above are movie characters and not real people. True! But those characters derive from an era defined by tough beauty and unique style. So, do you ever wonder if you can steal a bit of the 19th century American West allure, glory and handsomeness? Of course you can! Western wear is an all-time-classic style and most of its characteristics are in-fashion till today. However, because of its distinctiveness you have to be careful and look for experts because otherwise your outfit will look like a Halloween costume!

So, speaking of experts, I’ll share my favorite one which is not other than with an experience of almost 150 years that can speak for itself. Oh no, sorry! There is one more thing you don’t wanna miss! We cooperated with Stetson and we are pleased to offer you an amazing exclusive 10% off Stetson promo code, to be used on anything you might want; from Western inspired clothing and shoes to pillows and whiskey! Because if you want to live like a cowboy or his girl you have to do it right! However, since I don’t drink whiskey and my house looks more like a mall than an open landscape, I will discuss the aspect that I love and know for sure; the Western incredibly hot style. More specifically, I’m gonna focus on the best Western wear for both my male and female friends.

Ladies first, and hats first too, since they are absolutely my favorite Western wear piece. I love hats to a degree that I can piss off my sis when I’m going at her place wearing one like I was supposed to find a horse in there. Yes I’m that bad with hats. But I truly believe that they give an extra something to any outfit; whether in your furry coat or your bikini you can look super stylish with a hat. No! Not if you wear your graduation hat on the beach, but if you choose a nice fedora one like the gorgeous Linen Blend Fedora in natural color then you have a guaranteed style success. This linen piece can be worn all year long and can be successfully combined with your summer styles. Also, another piece that I love, is the Madrid hat with brown leather and turquoise details. And this is definitely the hat you should be wearing at the beach this summer!

Now, for our modern day cowboys, I’ll focus on the current season, so I can’t but share my top picks on tees. So, firstly, I’d propose the Stetson Discharge Eagle Print Tee with a very detailed and beautiful screen print. Also, another tee I like, is the Stetson Seal Off-Centered Tee which features Stetson seal. But, you also need a new pair of jeans to match your brand new tees. In that case, I’d say you should go for the 1120 Slim Fit Jean in dark destruction wash with unique Stetson details. And if you think that you shouldn’t go for a slim-fit piece, then you haven’t read the latest trends and you definitely haven’t watched “Australia”; so just do it. Finally, adorn your jeans with a nice and top quality belt, like the Grinnell one in black. Apart from its Western style, this belt comes with a removable buckle so that you never get bored of it!

Last but not least, this “conversation” wouldn’t be complete without the most popular and outstanding characteristic of Western style: the boots! Stetson offers an amazing collection of boots for men and women which are so unique and well-designed that even if you don’t add any other Western bit to your outfit, you’ll look like you just came out from a movie. For women, as I said at the very beginning, there is nothing hotter than wearing your shorts with a pair of boots, and if you think of the vivid contrast it will make (girly vs. tough) then you’ve got it. You should get something like the handmade leather Cherry Creek boot. This one comes in a gorgeous brown color that can be perfectly combined with a white tee and denim shorts; in other words, hot! Finally, for men I’d propose something dark and simple, like the Chandler in black. And don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code to save big time!

To sum up, when we talk about Western we think of tough and beautiful style and when we think of ways to achieve it we think of Stetson. Get online and look for yourself the best collection of Western wear on the market. I wouldn’t tell you what you to choose since subjectivity is way too strong in fashion but I’ll definitely tell you to choose it from there! And be careful! The fact that you’ll buy a lot, doesn’t mean that you have to wear them all at once- unless you are going to star in a movie!

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